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Errol is Irresistible — “Because He Keeps His Mouth Shut” 😃🤐

19 May

May 19, 1950

The Barrier Miner
Broken Hill, New South Wales

— Tim


Bonjour, Irene, Bonjour

18 May

May 17, 1950

Errol, Princess Ghica, Margaret Eddington and Marelle Flynn

— Tim


One, Two, Three – Kick!

15 May

“Beginning in the late 1930s and booming in the 1940s, conga dancing became wildly popular in the US.” Errol occasionally joined in the Congamania – in Cuba, in Hollywood, and in New York. Here is some evidence, beginning with a news report of a wire from Cuba, where Errol had just been, or was very soon to be, involved in a “free-for-all” Dodge City-like fracas at a famous nightclub in Havana, details of which I will post tomorrow.

May 16, 1938

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express ba

Errol Flynn has wired for reservations at La Conga for the night of May 21.

The La Conga in Hollywood

Errol was still kicking more than a year later. Here he is sitting with his sister Rosemary (and Randy Burke) and in a conga line led by Desi Arnaz on tumbadora at the La Conga in Manhattan, on August 5, 1939:

La Conga, Manhattan

The conga craze continued in Hollywood (and around the world) into the Forties. Here’s Desi Arnaz leading a huge line in Too Many Girls (1940) during which he and Lucy fell in love, leading to groundbreaking television history, in the form of I Love Lucy and Desilu Productions, etc. Look for Lucy near the end of this wildly fun conga clip.

— Tim


Most Exciting Costume Play of This or Any Other Era

13 May

The Adventures of Robin Hood; Released May 14, 1938

Quotes from Louella O. Parsons’ glowing review of The Adventures of Robin Hood

The Adventures of Robin Hood is the most exciting costume play of this or any other era. Cunningly combining melodrama, romance, and colorful adventure, it romps along at Twentieth Century speed, making us forget we are seeing legendary characters who lived in the swashbuckling of early England.

Robin Hood comes to us in the person of dashing Errol Flynn, whose performance tops anything the young Flynn has yet given to the screen.

There couldn’t be a lovelier Maid Marian than Olivia de Havilland.

Basil Rathbone gives one of his topping performances as Sir Guy of Gisbourne.

Claude Rains reaches new heights.

Ian Hunter is the perfect King Richard the Lionhearted.

You’ll like the kittenish Una O’Connor, the prankish Eugene Pallete, the hearty and lovable Alan Hale, the weak, spineless Sheriff of Nottingham played by the sterling actor, Melville Cooper, merry crew member Herbert Mundin, and Patric Knowles.

Much credit goes to that splendid director, Michael Curtiz, and William Keighley

The music, by Erich Wolfgang Korngold, is enchanting.

Costumes by Orry-Kelly are beautiful.

The photography, by Tony Gudio and Sol Polito, is poetic.

Perc Westmore, may I say, did a great job on makeup.

The Technicolor adds materially to the beauty of the picture.

Joe Mantegna, who sought and received a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star next to Errol’s, gives a Flynntastic interview about the greatness and importance of both Errol Flynn and The Adventures of Robin Hood. He is a true fan.

— Tim


For Young People of All Ages

07 May

Released May 8, 1937

Based on Mark Twain’s Classic

Released just in time for the Coronation of King George V, four days later, May 12, 1937

In celebration of which this beautiful couple had their first real-life dance, at the Coronation Ball at the Cocoanut Grove in Los Angeles, attended by the Hollywood Rajah:

— Tim


London: May 6, 1958

07 May

Errol and Beverly at the Lido Club

— Tim


Cinco de Mayo, Flynnamigos

05 May

Hola, Flynnamigos.

Errol was a very frequent and famous traveler to Mexico. He drove, he flew, and he sailed there: to Tijuana, Ensenada, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, all along and off the coast of Baja, Acapulco, Mexico City, Cuernavaca, and numerous other locations. Plus, he dated and was married to there.

Here is a representative sampling of photos, articles, and videos in predominantly chronological order documenting Errol’s Flynnsational travels and adventures South of the Border.

From Mexico to Calexico — May 9, 1936

Labor Day in Mexico, 1937

The Whereabouts of Flynn

Zacapulco – Welles Done

— Tim


Night and Site of the Fight

30 Apr

April 29, 1945

Olivia in 1946 (WOW!) – Over whom Errol and Huston fought.

Site of the Fight! David O. Selznick’s “breathtaking” home and gardens Summit Drive in Beverly Hills. The fight took place in both the the famous gardens and the then gravel driveway.

— Tim


“[Errol’s] First Screen Kiss”

29 Apr

April 28, 1948
Canberra Times

— Tim


Road to Mulholland

24 Apr

On Sunday, February 13, 1949, Flynn Flung a Party Up at the Farm on Mulholland.

See, Flynn Flings a Party on the EFB

On the list of luminaries invited to that A-list soiree was the fum and gorgeous Dorothy Lamour. Here she is that party, just her and Errol.

It’s been said that Errol and Dorothy dated. They certainly appear to have enjoyed each other’s company very much and could have been an extremely attractive couple. Circa their being together in ’49, Dorothy recorded ‘Moonlight Becomes You’, a sensational song that became an instant classic when Bing Crosby sang it to her years earlier in Road to Morocco.

Seen in a different light, the title ‘Moonlight Becomes You’ could also be interpreted as ironically applying to the rape trial turning point in Errol’s life, though I’m sure Dorothy never had that in mind. …Here she is singing the song that (rightfully) helped make her famous. (I know I’ve had a major crush on her since the day I first her in that Hope-Crosby classic.) Background vocals by the great Crew Chiefs, known mostly for singing during the War with the Glenn Miller Orchestra.


Errol was going through a very difficult time in his marriage with Nora, one that sadly resulted in divorce. Nora was a beautiful and desirable woman, so much so that Dick Hames and John Ireland were both trying to win her affections in 1949. So much so that one of the world’s greatest songwriters – Jimmy Van Heusen – also fell in love with her, making his feelings known for all time in the ‘But Beautiful’ – a now-standard jazz gem which Bing also sang to Dorothy in a Road picture – the Road to Rio! – And which was also sung at Nora’s funeral ❤.

Here’s the beautiful ‘But Beautiful’, written for Nora, sang here to Dorothy Lamour:

— Tim

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