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23 Apr

As reported in the April 23, 1949, issue of PIX Magazine, shown below, Errol threw a party at Mulholland full of “his filmland friends”. During this A-list event: Errol conducted “white mice races”; Shelley Winters was arrested by a bogus police officer, and a guest was caught and evicted for stealing a revolver. For the record, I find the photos captions rather stupid and insulting. Despite so, the article is valuable because its candid photos capture Flynn with other Hollywood celebrities he was rarely, if ever, photographed with before or after.

— Tim


LOOK 🎯 Errol Kissing Olivia

13 Apr

LOOK Magazine – April 12, 1938
The Adventures of Robin Hood


– The Rockefeller Women, wives of the John D. Rockefeller clan, the former Blanchette Hooker, Mary Clark and Mary French.

– Blind persons learn how to row at European school for the blind.

– Confidentially column includes Francisca Gall, Yehudi Menuhin, Barbara Huckins, May McAvoy, Will H. Hays, Lora Marlo, Sidney Skolsky, Anthony Averill, Mary Margaret McBride, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., David and Joseph Maddox and two unrelated men named Joseph John Toth.

– Auto driver Wilbur Shaw in an ad for Camel cigarettes.

– Photographic manipulations proved pictures do tell lies, samples by photographers Henry Clay Gipson, Bill Ries, and A.J. Sockoloskie.

– A photo study of who collects taxes and where they go in Peoria, Illinois; carpenter Homer M. Lynn and family buy shoes from Harry Frankel, groceries from John Frasco, discuss taxes with city assessor Dan Goggin. Other businesses include Hiram Walker, Rock Island railroad, Caterpillar Tractor, young Russell Deal at the Pea Ridge School, Marjorie Frye at the Proctor Recreation Center, Tildon Cecil at the relief office.

– A magician saws a woman in half using Horace Goldin’s trick.

– Boycott against Japan.

– Dorothy Wender Heizer of Essex Falls, New Jersey creates the world’s most expensive dolls.

– Passion play in Oberammergau, Germany.

– Is Paulette Goddard your choice for Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind”?

– U.S. Navy builds biggest aircraft carrier, the Yorktown, illustration by Logan Reavis.

– The table manners of Mable Tanners.

– The camera trains diver Herta Schieche of Berlin.

– Hollywood off guard, Carole Lombard, Ginger Rogers, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Marlene Dietrich, Gary Cooper.

– Climbing the pyramid of Gizeh is a workout.

– Movie tricks, including Henry Fonda.

– The private life of Louisiana’s governor Richard Leche.

– Flash Gordon returns to Earth.

– Bill Klem, the umpire who never made a mistake.

-Girl archers at Long Branch Junior College in California.

– Ruth Law, first woman stunt flyer.

– 60-year-old Grace Logan of Los Angeles is skilled at jujitsu.

— Tim


Another One for Olivia

24 Mar

Olivia holding her two Oscars following the Academy Award ceremonies on March 24, 1950. She won for her performance that year in “The Heiress,” and in “To Each His Own” in 1946.

— Tim


The Virginia City Premier — March 16, 1940

16 Mar

— Tim


Mardi Gras 1939

23 Feb

February 22, 1939

Hollywood Citizen News


New Orleans – Errol Flynn, the film actor, gave an interview here today — and gave back the film pack he snatched from a photographer last night when the cameraman snapped a picture with a local girl at a Mardi Gras parade.

Flynn was watching the parade with a New Orleans sub-deb. He jumped at the photographer’s flash. He gave it back to a reporter and another photographer this morning. Flynn came here from Florida on a vacation trip.

— Tim


Happy Valentine’s Day to All Errolivia Fans

14 Feb

— Tim


Can’t Cook – Cheap to Feed – Loaded with Charm – Knows No Lawyers

12 Feb

February 11, 1950

— Tim


Did He Tie the Knot or Not?

04 Feb

February 4, 1945
Sunday Times, Perth, WA

— Tim


Lili and Bruce (and Not Errol) at the World Premier of The Good Earth

30 Jan

January 30, 1937

Premire of The Good Earth

Joan Crawford with Franchot Tone..

Surprise arrrival of the evening was this.. Lili Damita with Bruce Cabot!

Miss Data has been reported reconciled with Errol Flynn, and Cabot reconciled with Adienne Ames.

Bruce Cabot and Tiger Lil’ circa the World Premier of The Good Earth

Bruce Cabot and his wife, Adrienne Ames, apparently having a not-so-happy day at the track

“The film’s premiere took place in Los Angeles at the Carthay Circle Theatre on 29 Jan 1937, followed by a New York premiere at the Astor Theatre on 2 Feb. News items reported extensive preparations for both premieres, especially in Los Angeles where art director associate Harry Oliver supervised the decoration of San Vicente Blvd. (the street on which the Carthay Circle Theatre was located) in a Chinese style. A fifty-foot replica of the novel was also constructed on a corner of the intersection of Wilshire and San Vicente Blvd. near the theater. Prominent writers P. G. Wodehouse, Rupert Hughes and Jim Tully were present at the premiere to write impromptu reviews and immediately send them across the nation via wire service. The premiere was broadcast over radio via the Mutual System and, according to a 29 Jan 1937 HR news item, was the first premiere to be covered on a national network.”

So it might have been broadcast nationwide that Lili attended with Cabot?

Photos including Bruce Cabot above are from the approximate timeframe of The Good Earth World Premiere, but not from the premiere

— Tim


On the Last Day of Christmas – Eleven Years Ago Today ………..🎁x12

06 Jan

January 5, 2010

Beverly left for a better world………….

— Tim

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