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Just Imagine if Errol Flynn Lived Longer?

If Errol Flynn had lived longer the great roles he could of played in tv shows .I could easily see him as The Cavalier or Two-face in Batman 66,or a protagonist in Columbo. Who wouldn’t love to see Errol going up against Batman and Old Chum, or opposite Peter Falk? — Smordon Cluce

Seven Errol Flynn Recipes!

Seven Errol Flynn Recipes! — Karl

Play Me Again Sam

Dear Flynnstones, in the vast universe of cinematic what-ifs and whatnots this picture of our man Flynn stands out. You see him conversing with Austro-Hungarian hotshot producer Sam Spiegel, also known as S.P. Eagle around Hollywood, with Pat Wymore looking on. Spiegel‘s work of course included “African Queen“, “On the Waterfront“ and “Bridge on the River Kwai“. These films were… (more…)

Shan‘t We?

Dear Flynnstones, yes we shall!…… Enjoy, — shangheinz

Welcome to The Lamarr

Dear Flynnstones, Anthony Loder, the son of Hedy Lamarr, revealed during his recent stay in Vienna that in 2024 the new KaDeWe-department store will open here and bear Hedy‘s Hollywood stage name. It will also host a café highlighting her career and a rooftop garden in her honor. The whole estate will be prominently on display on all levels of… (more…)

The Hill Flynn Climbed

Dear Flynnstones, there are recurring themes in staging Errol like for example him addressing his merry men from higher ground be it hill, ship bridge or else. Any other ongoing things that come to mind? What’s your favorite “Ah, here we go again“- moment in a Flynn film?? Enjoy,           — shangheinz

Mail Bag! Dana Stone Memorial!

The Mail Bag brings the great news from David Rocco that he has added after 2+ years work a memorial marker for Dana Stone next to that of Sean Flynn’s under Sean’s tree on Westchester New York’s Trail of Honor. He sends some photos! David thank you for all of your hard work on this project … For more background… (more…)

Liv and Niv plus some Div‘

Dear Flynnstones, Enjoy, — shangheinz

We Lost Errol Flynn on this Day, October 14, 1959!

— David DeWitt

From Aussie to Actor

  Dear Flynnstones, when the Australian photo model George Lazenby got the call up to follow Sean Connery as 007, he expressed an interesting take on acting in an early interview. “What about your Australian accent- do you think there‘ll be any problems as far as international filmgoers are concerned?“ “No, I don‘t think so. I saw a film recently… (more…)