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To Those Who Knew Him When…

May 3, 1939 Wireless Weekly Glamor Man of Screen Errol Flynn Is Real Life Adventurer An Unbiased Biography To those Sydney people “who knew him when,” the screen success of Errol Flynn is just another adventurous lucky break of this incredibly adventurous but capable lad. Flynn’s “official” biography, as set down by himself and his employers, runs counter at several… (more…)

Errol’s Tasmania

This is what Tasmania was like when Errol last lived Down Under: — Tim

Errol Flynn and The Sword of Fate

“April 25, 2008 Coming soon: Errol Flynn and the Sword of Fate “The Amazing True Origins of Hollywood’s Swashbuckling Legend” “This new book by Bob Casey, a founder of the Errol Flynn Society of Tasmania, puts paid to many scandalous myths about history’s greatest Hollywood swashbuckler — and raises some interesting questions about his ancestry.” “Casey says ‘Earl Conrad’s book… (more…)

Flynn’s First in Tinseltown

The Case of the Curious Bride Released on Wednesday, April 13, 1935 — Tim

Mail Bag! Eddie Sotto & Captain Blood Call Sheets!

Hi, I enjoyed the Laguna Beach then and now pictures you posted. Very nice. Years ago, I came across to complete production records for that film, even down to who the sword fighting doubles were on the beach and when they lost the sun. Very interesting stuff, You can pretty much go day by day and scene by scene and… (more…)

Behold Errol Minus Hokum

December 1, 1934 Behold Them Minus Hokum by Peter Pry Errol Flynn, newly arrived Irish actor, will have to call out the police reserves for protection when the local gals discover he’s independently wealthy and doesn’t need to act for a living. Flynn has lots of that appeal too,, and is a husky specimen. He hewed a fortune out of… (more…)


In late November 1934 a leading Hollywood writer reported that the new Irish actor, Errol Flynn, somewhat resembled another Hollywood actor, only younger. Who was the actor they referred to? — Tim

Errol’s Wild Life — “There’s Never a Dull Moment When Errol Flynn’s Around”

A Sensational Series of Stories by Errol Flynn to be continued… — Tim

Sixty-Six Years Ago Quiz

Sixty-six years ago Errol selected the cover photo for a magazine because it reminded him of the location depicted below. Where is the location and why was it memorable to him?? Added Friday 10 p.m. EST — Tim

An A through Z List of Possible Libations for the Global Toast to Errol on June 20, 2020

Based on drinks and beverages Errol is known to have drank, believed to have drank, likely Drank, rumored to have drank, and has had created and named in tribute to him, here is an A through Z list of possible libations for the Global Toast to Errol Flynn on June 20, 2020: Absinthe – in Europe and New Orleans Bacardi… (more…)