Behold Errol Minus Hokum

02 Dec

December 1, 1934

Behold Them Minus Hokum
by Peter Pry

Errol Flynn, newly arrived Irish actor, will have to call out the police reserves for protection when the local gals discover he’s independently wealthy and doesn’t need to act for a living. Flynn has lots of that appeal too,, and is a husky specimen. He hewed a fortune out of a gold mine in New Guinea, he represented Ireland as a boxer in the Olympic Games in 1928, he has braved cannibals, is 25 and has never been married! He has only been acting for two years. And he refused the role of Oberon in A Midsummer’s Night Dream because he didn’t want to start his career playing the king of the fairies.

Errol, goldmining:

— Tim


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