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Thomas McNulty’s new Blog!

01 Oct

Check out Thomas McNulty’s new blog: Dispatches from the Last Outlaw! Way to go, my friend…

— David DeWitt


Hello Mr. McNulty

05 Feb

  Dear Mr. Mcnulty,

     My name is Jonathon A. vonTeitloff. I go by the name 'john teitloff' on the blog and am one of the new authors. I am currently writing a manuscript about Errol's last Five years or so and maybe it will be published. I have your book and it is very impressive. I am searching for Errol's autopsy record and doctor's notes, etc. and I have not had much luck with the B.C. authorities. Can you help, or steer me in the right direction? I would appreciate it very much and would be in you debt. My email is…

                                                 Thank You for your assistance,  Jon

— john