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The February 2011 Errol Flynn Marina Newsletter!

30 Jan

Please find attached the February 2011 issue of The Errol Flynn Marina Newsletter! Thanks to Dale Westin who provides us with his newsletter:

Dale B. Westin
General Manager
Errol Flynn Marina
Box 188 – Ken Wright Drive
Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica
Tels: 876-715-6044  876-993-3209
Fax: 876-715-6033 Cel: 876-832-4765 Skype: Westin8

— David DeWitt


Paul Picerni

30 Jan…

— Kathleen

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More from the Errol Flynn Mailbag!

29 Jan

Here are two photos that our pal Chris Driscoll says may be a bit grainy but show the outside and a room inside of a house that Errol lived in with his parents in Hobart. Chris writes:

David, I found these photos of one of Errol's childhood homes in Hobart. Don Norman originally showed me the house from the street and on another occasion I returned and asked permission to photograph the house from the street and the current owners asked me in and showed me up to Errol's bedroom. His bedroom was upstairs and facing the street.
Apologies for the grainy quality of the bedroom shot, but at least you'll get ( I hope ) a feeling or some resonance of Errol's journey.

The street shot is better quality though. It was really exciting to be in his home. It's not the home
where he set fire to the garage though. I cant exactly remember which Hobart suburb it's in but suffice to say it's walking distance to the city centre. I think it's in the vicinity of Sth Hobart. It was definitely south of the central business district.

— David DeWitt


From the Errol Flynn Mailbag Sepik River Video!

26 Jan

Our chum, Chris Driscoll, has send me a link to his video “…highlights of my time spent in PNG cruising the islands and Sepik River. Music Pila Pila by “Not Drowning, Waving” Thanks, Chris!


— David DeWitt


From 1938

24 Jan

— Kathleen


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From Ventura Sala, a wonderful Flynn docu!

20 Jan

Ventura Sala appears in a wonderful docu about Errol Flynn in Majorca, Spain, with some very rare footage and stills I'd never seen before. The docu is 25.44 in length and you can view it by following this link: Ventura Sala Docu

There are shots of Flynn aboard the Zaca, clips of Zaca under sail, Errol at the local Bullfights, and scenes of Majorca. Also, seen is a film being made by other Hollywood stars, and clips of noted visitors such Charles Chaplin, Ava Gardner, and Rita Hayworth. But most of the recollections and stills are about Errol Flynn. The docu is all in Spanish but for those of us who don't speak Spanish it is still a worthy and fascinating docu to watch…

— David DeWitt


Errol's astrological chart

18 Jan

Hi everyone,

1) I don't know if this ever has come up before but I came across… where you can search for either your own astrological chart or go for the famous. Simply look for Errol Flynn and you get a whole breakdown of what material he was made of.  And also the Astro profile, quite interesting to say the least!!

2) I am now releasing some of my Hollywood memorabilia items, some of  Errol's cufflinks and high profile sterling silver cigarette case from the late 1930's, also from Barrymore, Welles, Muni and others (all with CoA). I thought I put this info on the blog before I go global. I aim that at least Errol's items go to another fanatic Flynn fan like myself.

Good luck!



— Don Jan

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Paul Picerni Passes Away…

15 Jan

Jack Marino sent us this very sad news…

I just want you all to know about the sad news I got from John Gloske yesterday.  Paul Picerni passed away on wed night.

had a heart attack on the 12th and he was rushed to the hospital in
Palmdale where he died. I will talk about him tonight on my radio
show.   John had seen him on Sunday and Paul was doing great, but he
became ill after dinner on Wed and they rushed him to the Hospital.
feel honored to have him at my home and I can't thank Steve Latshaw enough for
bring Paul for all of us to meet him at the Flynn party. Later Paul
came on my radio show and he really enjoyed being there. I had planned
to bring Paul back with this brother who is a director in Hollywood.
Paul brought his brother out here to make it in the films.
We have lost a great raconteur and a hell of a guy….   Bung ho, Paul…  we hardly knew ye…

Warmest regards,

Paul Picerni graduated from Loyola University, and after one movie with Warner
Brothers, got a seven year contract. He got the romantic lead in “The
House of Wax,” which was the biggest money in 3 D until recently. He
played Elliot Ness’ sidekick “Lee Hobson” and gained international
famr]e because of the popular series “The Untouchables.” In films he
made other “easterns” including The Desert Song, Omar Khayyam, and
Flight to Hong Kong. Westerns he appeared in include Saddle Tramp,
Cattle Town, The Bounty Hunter, and The Scalphunters. Another of his
productions, along with his wife Marie, is having eight children, four
girls and four boys..

Errol Flynn Turns One Hundred Robin Chapman News – Guest Post by Steve Latshaw

— David DeWitt


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09 Jan

We've added a FeedBurner link to the Main Page (left hand side) of the blog at the top under the Welcome Message! You may now subscribe to our latest content via email! Just click to begin your free subscription! Never miss a thing that is going on here at the Errol Flynn Blog again! If there is no new content, no email for you!

Look for Subscribe to This Blog by Email!

— David DeWitt


Cader1dris Channel down the drain!

09 Jan

I just wanted to say to my youtube friends on the Errol Flynn blog, that my channel is slowly being restored after it being terminated by youtube because of a video i made 4 years ago to a supertramp song. Losing over 300 subscribers and 200 uploaded tributes to Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Bette Davis and many more was, lets say, a kick in the teeth. This is the new channel which over the next month or two will hopefully have most of the tributes uploaded onto it again.…

Thanks & I hope you are all well,


— Sam


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