Errol's astrological chart

18 Jan

Hi everyone,

1) I don't know if this ever has come up before but I came across… where you can search for either your own astrological chart or go for the famous. Simply look for Errol Flynn and you get a whole breakdown of what material he was made of.  And also the Astro profile, quite interesting to say the least!!

2) I am now releasing some of my Hollywood memorabilia items, some of  Errol's cufflinks and high profile sterling silver cigarette case from the late 1930's, also from Barrymore, Welles, Muni and others (all with CoA). I thought I put this info on the blog before I go global. I aim that at least Errol's items go to another fanatic Flynn fan like myself.

Good luck!



— Don Jan

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  1. Anonymous

    January 18, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    Funny that such horoscopes always pop up after a person's death and then, of course, bear many resemblances… the author seems to have read quite a deal about Errol. I have a French horoscope from the 50s somewhere, would be interesting to compare them. And look at the relationship quotient with Bev! No comment!!