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making a woodland paradise

Create your own woodland paradise in the backyard This fellow attributes his love of nature to Errol a good read. Love Genene — tassie devil

Weekend Cruise with Errol Flynn!

\   Heritage Auctions — David DeWitt

A quantum of flynnboyance

Dear Flynnmates, Daniel Craig paraphrased Errol in an interview he recently gave to Candis magazine. He said he found it “distasteful” to leave much money behind and is planning to get rid of his fortune during his lifetime. “Dying rich, means dying a failure” mimics Flynn`s quote ‘Any man who dies with more than $10000 to his name is a… (more…)

Mail Bag! Nice Photo of Zaca!

We Appreciate Ricardo Cortez-Lopez Sending in this great looking photo of Errol Flynn’s Zaca … “Happened to stumble upon her during a sailing cruise at the Côte d’Azur, we “scorted” her for two days …” … thanks, Ricard! — David DeWitt

Yacht once owned by Errol.

Dick McNish Just Sailed in the 43rd Annual McNish Classic Yacht Race Thought this may be of interest. love Genene. — tassie devil