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New Kid On the Lot

Quiz on a Questionnaire Fresh from England in the Fall of 1934, Errol had his “first official” stateside interview. Conducted on Warner Brothers’ “Burbank campus” by Carlisle Jones, “dean of Hollywood press agents”, this debut interview revolved around answers Errol had recently provided on a WB publicity questionnaire. According to that questionnaire and interview: 1. Errol’s Schoolboy Ambition was: a)… (more…)

Little Christmas – 1947

In the News, Seventy Years Ago – Reported by Harrison Carrol “I got a kick out of Nora Flynn’s Christmas gift to Errol – slippers and a robe. Yes, sir, it looks as if the screen’s Don Juan is getting to be quite a family man.” “The Flynn’s home is practically in chaos. They gave Deidre a bicycle. Since they… (more…)

Any News Is Good News

Click to read the story from several months ago. You may not have seen it,…… — twinarchers

Merry Errol Christmas

— Tim

“Errol Flynn, the Face of Adventure”

If you’re in, near, or plannin’ on tourin’ Turin, you can join in to see Errol Flynn, il volto dell’avventura” celebrating (Italian Style) collaborations of Flynn and Curtiz, commencing in January with Captain Blood.… Monday, January 8, 2018 “The first review of the year in the bibliomediateca offers four films with Errol Flynn, led by the genius director Michael… (more…)

Looking for Lakshmi

What became of Lakshmi? She was a wealthy, upper-class, Balinese beauty, with brown skin and enormous mocha eyes. Her mother was a princess from Sumatra. Sean wanted to marry her, but her parents wouldn’t allow it. If Sean had married Lakshmi, he would have likely lived much longer. So, whatever happened to Lakshmi?…… She was named after the elegantly-gorgeous… (more…)

Mail Bag! Adventures of Robin Hood Mistakes!

The Mail Bag brings us this interesting list of mistakes in Errol’s classic The Adventures of Robin Hood from our fellow Flynnmeister Jan Vander vliet: Enjoy! Revealing mistake: When Will Scarlet finds the injured Much in Sherwood Forest about three quarters of the way through the movie, a white vehicle can be seen travelling from right to left in the… (more…)

Trunyon Bali Aga

“I first heard about Trunyan in the 1970s when I was a Time correspondent in Saigon. According to local lore, the village was “discovered” by war photographer Sean Flynn, whose swashbuckling reputation equaled that of his Hollywood father, Errol. Flynn heard rumors of a mysterious people, unwelcoming of outsiders, residing in the shadow of an active volcano on the far… (more…)

“The Most Celebrated Sex Symbol Since Errol Flynn”

In the early Seventies, a famous, Pulitzer-Prize winning writer declared him the most celebrated sex symbol since Errol Flynn. Who was he? He was a GREAT athlete. He died in the late Eighties. He was very famous very young. A major movie was made about him. The woman closest to him died this year. People paid huge sums for him… (more…)

The Good Doctor

“Many years ago, he met a man whose last name was Flynn. My Dad immediately said “Ah I know that name.” The man sighed and said, ‘you probably have heard of my son Errol Flynn, the film actor.’ My Dad replied, “No. But I do know an illustrious biochemist of that name.” The man put his arm around him and… (more…)