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A Hamilton Quiz

19 Sep

What movie starring Errol includes a scene from a play about Alexander Hamilton?

Added Saturday, September 19 @ 11AM:

Glimpses of the the following Hollywood hotspots were also shown in this major black-and-white feature film.

Added Saturday, September 19 @ 7:30 PM:

A scene was filmed here:

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What is Errol Doing? — Where, When, and For Whom??

07 Sep

Added ~ Sept 7 – 9:45 PM EST

Added ~ Sept 7 – 10:45 PM EST

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Mutiny on the ?

30 Aug

In the last week of August many years ago. there was a mutiny on a ship that has a very strong connection to the history of Errol Flynn.

What ship was it, where was it, and who led the mutiny???

— Gentleman Tim


Figure This Quiz!

01 Aug

The following three sets of measurements were recorded as belonging to three Hollywood stars circa 1942. One set belonged to the mighty Flynn. Which set was it? To whom did the other two sets belong to??

Thank you to one of the world’s best Flynn researchers for finding these figures! Very few measure up to him!

Irish blood in all three.

All worked for Warners.

One was a star before Errol and later married a good friend of Errol. He, though, was not a good friend to Errol – likely out of bitter envy because he did not generate the sparks or voltage Errol did, either with women or on screen. In fact, even his wife liked Errol more than she liked him.

The other was a friend to Errol, but played enemies of him in two films. He became a big star after Errol did.

— Gentleman Tim


Producer? Movie? Role? Actor?

26 Jul

In the mid-1940s, a very famous personality and friend of Errol produced a movie in which he wanted Errol to play a key role. Errol, however, did not appear in the film, thus providing a very big break for the person who did play the role and went on to become a star.

Who was the producer? What was the movie? What was the role? Who played the role?

— Gentleman Tim


Sixty-Six Years Ago Quiz

17 Jul

Sixty-six years ago Errol selected the cover photo for a magazine because it reminded him of the location depicted below. Where is the location and why was it memorable to him??

Added Friday 10 p.m. EST

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“Destination Unknown” Quiz

05 Jul

July 4, 1936

Louella O. Parsons

Los Angeles Examiner

Errol Flynn away on a three-day holiday, destination unknown, just for a rest before he starts that new picture.


Where did Errol go? and What “new picture’ was Louella referring to??

Added @ 5:15 PM EST

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A Bust Quiz

03 Jul

Who is the man that inspired this bust?

Of all the wonderful busts that could be shown and talked about on an Errol Flynn site, why this one – what’s the Errol connection?

Image of statue below added at 1:30 PM EST:

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That Alleged Wretched Statue — Quiz!

03 Jul

Who protested and caused the alleged wretched statue above to be removed? Why?


The article below has been posted subsequent to barb’s solution of the quiz. Splendid work, barb!

Custer Statue Letter

— Gentleman Tim


Seventy Years Ago Quiz — June 27

26 Jun

Errol wrote this person a letter seventy years ago tomorrow, June 27.

Before Errol employed him or her, this man below employed him or her:

One of the two stars doing the heavenly dancing in this film clip also has a connection to our mystery man or woman:


It was one of these two people:

Errol wrote on stationary from this motel:

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