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Mail Bag: Errol Flynn & Frank Sinatra Obsessed with a Four Letter Word

16 Jan

The Mail Bag brings an interesting question from Mike Harwood. Whst is the 4 letter word Errol Flynn and Frank Sinatra were obsessed with?

Hi there,

Did you ever find out what the four-letter word beginning with M was that Flynn & Sinatra were supposedly obsessed with?
There’s a copy of the Saga magazine on abebooks but the international postage would be twice the cost of the magazine for me.  The seller does include a picture of the article but the answer is evidently on the next page!
I’m wondering if it is a woman’s name like Mary, possibly an actress, but it would be a funny way of referring to a person!
Mike Harwood.
Thanks, Mike!

— David DeWitt


Quiz Time! Name the Errol Flynn Movie!

10 Nov

What final title did this film have when it eventually reach theatres?


Hotel Prince De Galles, Paris, France

— David DeWitt


An En Guarde Quiz

28 Apr

What person that Errol greatly admired had once taught fencing?


Fencing is not what he’s famous for.

It’s not certain whether he taught Errol.

He was very accomplished and respected in his profession, in which fencing skills were not required.

The below photo is not him. It is Aldo Nadi, who Errol also knew, but did not admire in the way he admired this quiz’s mystery man.

Photo below posted Wednesday, April 29, 1:23 pm:

Photo below added 1:45 pm Friday:

Photo below sdded at 4:44 pm Friday:

— Tim


Overboard Like Flynn — April 7

08 Apr

Who was he?

– He deliberately looked a lot like Flynn.

– He was to be thrown overboard from the Bounty

– He received a last-minute gubernatorial pardon

Two imsges immediately below added 6pm Thursday. April 8:

— Tim


Flynn Digs Quiz

28 Mar

Errol rather notably stayed at a home where two Hollywood megastars later lived, one fictionally, one in real life.

Where was that home?

Three photos below added Monday, March 29, 2021, ~2:30 am:

Below photo added ~ 11pm, Monday, March 29,,2021

— Tim


Quiz Lite: What Movie was It?

09 Feb

February 8

Was filmed largely in a city where Errol once lived.

Two of the stars knew Errol personally, but in very different ways.

One first met him in the 1930s. The other first met him in the 1950s.

One starred in movies with Errol. The other did not.

Both also knew Lili, but in very different ways.

Images Added Wednesday, ~ 3:33 PM EST US

— Tim


An Inside Quiz

02 Feb

February 1

He was a close friend of Franklin and Eleanor.

His name is sometimes brought up in connection with Errol’s.

— Tim


January 23, 1942 — Who was She?

23 Jan

She was famous, and so was her husband.

On the evening of January 23, 1942, she had dinner with friends and watched “They Died with Their Boots On” and found it very thrilling. They also watched news reels.

Who was she?

— Tim


Errol’s First Child? …….Who was She?

17 Jan

It’s been reported that Errol had a daughter before he married Tiger Lil’. What was her name, who was her mother, and where was she born????

An island named after this island was involved…

Her first name means “Lily” in Hebrew…

(This clue added Sunday morning, 8am, January 17, 2021)

Her mother was from an island named on this map.

(This clue added Sunday morning, 9am, January 17, 2021)

Humming this will help yield her name…

It’s by one of America’s greatest songwriters…

(This clue added Sunday morning, 11:48 am, January 17, 2021)

The mother was from Selapiu Island, near New Hanover Island. (See the map above)

After the birth of the daughter, she went to Ranmalek Mission and disappeared during World War II.

(This above set of clues added Sunday evening, 6:30 pm, January 17, 2021)

A man named Wilkie Wilkin is said to have cared for the mother and daughter at a copra plantation, apparently beginning after Errol left for England. He is thought to have been captured at Albatross Passage by the Japanese following their famous air raids on PNG during January 1942. His name is on the plaque above. …It is not nown to me, nor clear from the accounts I read, that Errol ever knew of the pregnancy, never mind that it allegedly resulted in a daughter.

The daughter, _________, was said to have strikingly stood out in PNG because of her complexion and beauty.

(This above set of set of clues added Sunday evening, 6:45 pm, January 17, 2021)

Years ago, super Flynn-researcher Tina Nyary published the below image, stating “Here is an image of what most likely could have been Tuperselai”. I am not certain, but, if Errol did have a daughter in PNG, there’s a good chance the mother would have been Tuperselai, who he very highly praises in MWWW:

(This above photo was added Tuesday morning, 11am, January 19, 2021)

— Tim


A Flynn Film Quiz

23 Dec

To which film of Errol’s is the below image relevant and why?

— Tim