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A Bust Quiz

03 Jul

Who is the man that inspired this bust?

Of all the wonderful busts that could be shown and talked about on an Errol Flynn site, why this one – what’s the Errol connection?

— Gentleman Tim


That Alleged Wretched Statue — Quiz!

03 Jul

Who protested and caused the alleged wretched statue above to be removed? Why?


The article below has been posted subsequent to barb’s solution of the quiz. Splendid work, barb!

Custer Statue Letter

— Gentleman Tim


Seventy Years Ago Quiz — June 27

26 Jun

Errol wrote this person a letter seventy years ago tomorrow, June 27.

Before Errol employed him or her, this man below employed him or her:

One of the two stars doing the heavenly dancing in this film clip also has a connection to our mystery man or woman:


It was one of these two people:

Errol wrote on stationary from this motel:

— Gentleman Tim


June 6 – What Quiz is This?

06 Jun

— Gentleman Tim


Quiz 23 ’38

23 May

Two very significant events boosting Errol’s legacy took place on the 23rd day of two separate months in 1938. One was that LIFE Magazine featured Errol on their May 23, 1938, cover. What was the second event?

7pm Additional Clues

8:30pm Additional Clues

— Gentleman Tim



15 May

— Gentleman Tim


A Common Quiz about Uncommon People

09 May

What did Errol have in Common with these Uncommon People?

Alexander the Great

Christopher Columbus

Hernán Cortés

Davy Crockett

Genghis Khan

Andrew Jackson

Lord Nelson

General John Pershing

Teddy Roosevelt

George Washington

— Gentleman Tim


A Deuce of Bruces Quiz

04 May

Two notable Bruces have identical connections to this date, May 3. Who were they?

The first knew Errol in three decades.

The second knew him in two.

— Gentleman Tim


The Wrong Combination Quiz

10 Apr

If the below image could be described as “The Right Combination”, what ad could be called The Wrong Combination?


Errol and

Smokin’ Like Flynn

In an ad published that same year

Involving a film very different than Dodge City

— Gentleman Tim


All Aboard to Dodge City

01 Apr

April 1, 1939

How many celebrity passengers can you name?

— Gentleman Tim