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Australian News of September 1970!

30 Oct

Hello Everybody – after being missing for a long time!

A friend of mine found this on the Internet and forwarded it to me.  I thought I share it with you, you just might enjoy it.  Old news from Australia of  September 1970 – The Australian Women’s Weekly (1933 – 1982)

You have to scroll down a little to the RED SHOE and there below the shoe is the article:

“Errol Flynn’s daughter grows up!”  A nice article from a long time ago!  What a pity for this wonderful looking child!…


— Tina


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Sean Flynn

23 Oct

I just viewed a movie Bad Blood Hatfields and McCoys. I thought I was ordering the Kevin Costner/Bill Paxton version. But, although the movie was not all that great, I was pleasantly surprised to see Sean Flynn appearing as a Hatfield. I really enjoyed his character and thought I saw a bit of Errol here and there. The reviews were horrible on Netflix (mainly comparing it to History Channel) so I hope he keeps on trying to find the perfect role.

— Kathleen


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Errol, Fidel, and the Cuban Revolution

20 Oct


I have found this article about Errol with Fidel Castro called: “Film Star with a cause” and here is the link to it…..…

Errol with Fidel and his soldiers in 1959.

— Mary Ann


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New Hub Page for Errol Flynn!

19 Oct

Errol Flynn Movies-Best to Worst-With Box Office Results-Reviews-Awards


Errol Flynn has 63 acting credits. This hub will look at 50 of his movies. The other 13 acting credits are either bit parts or tv parts and are not included. There will be a Top Ten Box Office table, a Top Ten Critic and Audience table and a Cogerson Movie Score table that will rank all 50 of his movies from Best(Robin Hood) to Worst (Cuban Rebel Girls). And at the end there will be 10 interesting facts about Errol Flynn.

Read this Hub!

Special thanks to Bruce Rogers!

— David DeWitt


Errol Flynn: Peter Blood vs Robin Hood

17 Oct

This survey has been sent to us from Garry in Melbourne so we have posted it here for your perusal

Steve and Genene


Take the Survey!


— tassie devil


Roots of Heaven Candid!

16 Oct

Errol Relaxing between shots during filming of Roots of Heaven

— David DeWitt


53 years ago today…

14 Oct

— Inga


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Kevin Kline set to play Errol Flynn!

11 Oct


Oscar winner Kevin Kline is attached to play screen legend Errol Flynn in “The Last of Robin Hood,” an indie pic set up at Killer Films that “Quinceanera” helmers Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland will direct from their own original screenplay.

Pic, which is based on Flynn’s last days before he died of a heart attack at age 50, follows his relationship with 17 year-old Beverly Aadland, an actress who was allegedly seduced by Flynn when she was only 15 years-old and eventually grew to love the “Adventures of Robin Hood” star. She also co-starred in Flynn’s last film “Cuban Rebel Girls.”

Read about it online in Variety!

Special thanks to Karl Holmberg



— David DeWitt


October 2012 Docklines is Available!

03 Oct

Attached please find your copy of the Errol Flynn Marina Newsletter, “Docklines” for October, 2012

Dale B. Westin

General Manager

Errol Flynn Marina

Box 188 Ken Wright Drive

Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica


Phones: 876- 993-3209; 876-715-6044

Fax: 876-715-6033 SKYPE: Westin8

Cellular: 876-832-4765…

— David DeWitt

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