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“A Four Star Production” – 80 Years Ago Today

05 Mar

March 4, 1940

Lux Radio Theater Presents: Trade Winds

Hosted by Cecil B. De Mille

Starring Errol Flynn, Joan Bennett, Mary Astor and Ralph Bellamy

“The Gangplank is Down Curtain Call” during which Errol invites all to the March 16 premier of Virginia City:

The Full Show:

2012 Review on Amazon:

“TRADE WINDS is a real piece of Hollywood history – produced and narrated by no less than Cecil B. DeMille, this radio play stars some of the biggest heavyweights on the silver screen circa 1940, working before a live audience in the Lux Radio Theater. A detective story operating on the plane of light comedy, it features clever writing and laugh-out-loud performances, and manages to undercut the sappiest of its moments with stingingly sarcastic humor. Fans of Errol Flynn, or of Old Time Radio in general, will revel in this tale of love, murder, betrayal and personal growth, as told by a group of master-actors.

The story is quite simple. Errol Flynn is Sam Wye, a sauve, facetious, womanizing detective out to capture fugitive heiress Kay Karrigan (Joan Bennett), who may or may not be guilty of murder. Wise tracks Karrigan all over the Pacific, but he is not alone in his quest for the $ 100,000 reward put on Karrigan’s head. Working with him and at times, against him, are long-suffering ex-lover Jean Livingstone (Mary Astor), and blockheaded but bulldogish detective Filo Blodgett (Ralph Bellamy). Wye eventually hunts down Karrigan, but just as quickly falls in love with her, leading to a whole avalanche of comedic shennanigans that include numerous double crosses and, rather late in the story, some genuine detective work as Sam desperately tries to save his beloved’s neck from the noose.

The cast is marvelous and the dialogue often priceless. They simply do not write dialogue like they did back then: Bellamy’s mixture of pompous diction with dumb-guy delivery is fantastic, Astor steals many scenes with her sarcastic one-liners, and Flynn is, well, Flynn – suave as Satan and cool as diamonds, yet possessing a heart of (almost) pure gold.”

— Tim


“Hollywood, California. Monday, February 22” (1937)

22 Feb

Evening Herald Express

Radio by Gene Inge

Errol Flynn and Olivia De Havilland in Captain Blood on KNX Radio Theater at 6 p.m.

— Tim


Valentine’s Day with Errol, 1942

14 Feb

— Tim


Errol and Lana Quarrel … and Quarrel … and Quarrel

08 Feb

February 8, 1942

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Go to Radio

Part 2

Part 3

— Tim


“Sounds Exactly Like Errol”

09 Jan

On January 9, 1952

Chicago Daily Tribune TV and Radio Reporter, Tony Remenih, opined:

Casanova “sounds exactly like Errol Flynn.”

“[T]his swashbuckling mademoiselle chaser reads a script loaded with improbable situations, double entendres and what I suppose is Riviera playboy talk.”

With a stimulating tour of Port Antonio and bamboo raft adventure on the Rio Grand!

The Modern Adventures Of Casanova. 1952. The descendent of the famous Italian diplomat is secretly an agent for Interpol, an international crime fighting organization. Christopher Casanova is sent to Jamaica to recover the priceless arm from a statue stolen from the Caribbean Museum in Kingston. It was one of the missing arms of the Venus de Milo!

List of Alleged Episodes:


Episode 1 – Premiere – 3 January 1952 – set in Venice Italy
Episode 2 – “The Phony Count” – 10 January 1952 – Casanova saves a woman from a phony count
Episode 3 – “Family Vendetta” – 17 January 1952 – Casanova visits Venice and deals with the Marchetties, enemies of the Casanovas
Episode 4–24 January 1952 – while skiing in Switzerland, Casanova helps play cupid for a younger couple
Episode 5–31 January 1952
Episode 6–7 February 1952
Episode 7–14 February 1952 – Casanova helps on Valentine’s Day
Episode 8–21 February 1952
Episode 9–28 February 1952
Episode 10–6 March 1952
Episode 11–13 March 1952
Episode 12–20 March 1952
Episode 13–27 March 1952 – Casanova tracks down a dope smuggling ring in Paris
Episode 14 – “The Bride of the Rain God” – 3 April 1952 – Casanova investigates a cursed relic from the Mayan civilisation responsible for killing people
Episode 15–10 April 1952 – Casanova investigates a pair of con artists on the French riviera
Episode 16–17 April 1952 – Casanova smashes a gold smuggling syndicate
Episode 17 – “The Black Dowry Pearls” – 24 April 1952 – Casanova goes to Venice to retrieve some pearls from Phillip II
Episode 18–1 May 1952
Episode 19–8 May 1952
Episode 20–15 May 1952 – Casanova goes to Egypt to stop a drug smuggling ring
Episode 21 – “The Missing Arm of Venus de Milo” – 22 May 1952 – Christopher Casanova is sent to Jamaica to recover the missing arm of the Venus de Milo.
Episode 22–29 May 1952
Episode 23–5 June 1952
Episode 24–12 June 1952
Episode 25–19 June 1952
Episode 26–26 June 1952 – Casanova investigates the murder of a beauty in Paris


Episode 27 – first of season two – 2 October 1952
Episode 28 – “The Sumatra Adventure” – 9 October 1952
Episode 29–16 October 1952
Episode 30–23 October 1952
Episode 31 – “The Gold Brick Swindle” – 30 October 1952 – Casanova goes to Karachi
Episode 32–6 November 1952
Episode 33–13 November 1952
Episode 34–20 November 1952
Episode 35 – “The Star of Thessaly” – 27 November 1952 – Casanova guards an old Greek millionaire who is visiting Paris with a diamond
Episode 36–4 December 1952
Episode 37–11 December 1952
Episode 38
Episode 39

— Tim


On the Ninth Day of Christmas 🎁x9

03 Jan

Errol was in LIFE and on the radio………
Helping Cecil De Mille and Joan Blondell to beautify America, one face at a time………

Above is a copy of the full page ad in Life Magazine, January 2, 1939, framed by “The Past on a Plate”. There was a story about Dawn Patrol in tge same edition.

— Tim


Allergic to Ladies ——— Danny Clarke Acquitted!

23 Nov

November 24, 1942

The Screen Theater Guild

Errol Flynn – Nan Grey – Alan Hale – Jane Wyman

— Tim


The Name’s Flynn, Errol Flynn — June 7, 1937

07 Jun

British Agent Errol Flynn – The Original Bond?

Listening to Flynn introduce himself at 6:11 to Frances Farmer as “Locke, Steve Locke” leads one to wonder whether Ian Fleming heard and was influenced by Errol’s British Agent performance.

— Tim


Cecil B. DeMille Presents Errol Flynn & Martha Scott — May 26, 1941

26 May

Very enjoyable broadcast, with the very talented Martha Scott, Mother of Moses in one of Cecil B’s other productions.

— Tim


More from Mexico — Errol Helps the Red Cross

05 May

While we’re down Mexico way on Cinco de Mayo, here’s a photo of Hedda Hopper, Errol, and Faye [future daughter-in-law of FDR and “First Lady of television”] Emerson boarding a flight to Mexico City for a Red Cross benefit premier showing of Yankee Doodle Dandy at the Palacio de Bella Artes in May of 1942. The premiere would be broadcast over WMCA Radio, with members of the cast interviewed by “The Perfect Ingenue”, Helen Twelvetrees.

Palacio del Bella Artes

The Palacio de Bellas Artes is known as the “Cathedral of Art in Mexico”. Construction began again in 1932 and was completed in 1934. The building is best known for its murals by Diego Rivera, Siqueiros and others, as well as the many exhibitions and theatrical performances its hosts, including the Ballet Folklórico de México.

— Tim