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“Funniest Joke Ever”

10 Oct

The “Funniest Joke Ever” comes from the radio program “Duffy’s Tavern”, as heard on February 16, 1951:…
(Please note that the March 9 show date on this site is incorrect)…

The set-up:

(Archie, a common man who runs Duffy’s Tavern for the never-heard Duffy, has startled all present by announcing that he is writing an opera).

Miss Duffy:

Archie, whaddya call this opera?


I’m glad you reminded me. I ain’t got a title yet. Lemme see… I need something that’s classy, and at the same time has broad appeal…

Miss Duffy:

Why don’t you call it Errol Flynn?


Please, Miss Duffy. With me this is serious business.

Miss Duffy:

With me you think it’s a joke?


Quiet, please. I’m trying to create.

— Gentleman Tim


“Hiya, Toots”

02 Jul

— Songwritin’ Like Flynn —

Hollywood Citizen News – December 5, 1940

by Zuma Palmer

Errol Flynn, Benny Rubin and Cliff Nazarro will make up the Music Hall guest list at 6 over KFI. Flynn has written a song called “Hiya’ Toots,” which he will sing. “Remember Me” and “We Three” will be sung by Connie Boswell. “Ferryboat Serenade,” “You are the One,” and “Trade Winds” by Bing Crosby.


— Gentleman Tim


Green Light for Errol & Olivia

03 Jun

Louella O. Parsons – Los Angeles Examiner
June 1, 1936

One of the directorial plums of the year has fallen right
into the lap of Frank Borzage. He will direct The Green Light
by Lloyd C. Douglas, author of The Magnificent Obsession,
which was one of last year’s big pictures. The production date
is July 6, so, of course, Warner Brothers won’t wait for
Leslie Howard, who remains in England for months and months.
But my guess is that Errol Flynn,who is being built bigger
and bigger by Warners, will have the lead.

Jimmy Starr – Los Angeles Evening Herald Express
June 2, 1936

…Tremendously enthusiastic over the forthcoming
production of Green Light, the Lloyd C. Douglas novel,
Cosmopolitan Productions, releasing through Warner Brothers,
has decided to again team those new raves, Olivia De Havilland
and Errol Flynn, under the direction of Frank Borzage. This
will be Errol’s first chance to appear in modern dress since
his sensational rise to cinematic fame. He will star in his
own story, The White Rajah, following this picture.

They never made it to the Silver Screen with Green Light, but it was blue skies on radio airwaves with this:

“From Hollywood California, the Lux Radio Theater Presents Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHavilland in Green Light”…

— Gentleman Tim


Flynn, Errol Flynn

02 Feb

Roots of Fleming?


Locke, Steve Locke

Listen at ~ 6:10, when British Agent Errol Flynn introduces himself to Stalinist Colonist Frances Farmer


Flynn plays European playboy Interpol Agent Chris Casanova

Recorded by Flynn when he was living in Jamaica … at the same time as Ian Fleming…


— Gentleman Tim


A Day in the Life – June 7, 1937

07 Jun


Co-Starring Frances Farmer

Presented by Cecil B. DeMille


— Gentleman Tim


Errol at Harvard

28 May

On the Radio – At the Science Center




— Gentleman Tim


Lady Esther Presents Errol Flynn in Gentleman Jim

23 Nov

From vintage fashion to vintage cosmetics.

Almost completely forgotten today, (“The House of) Lady Esther” was one of the most popular cosmetic corporations in America during Errol’s Hollywood heydey. Here’s there story:…


And here’s the February 14, 1944, Lady Esther’s Screen Guild Players Presentation of Gentleman Jim, featuring Errol Flynn, Alexis Smith, Ward Bond and Grant Withers:

— Gentleman Tim


Mailbag! The Adventures of Casanova!

04 Oct

A recent posting brings this Mailbag item from fron close friend Karl Holmberg, Flynn Detective from way back …

A photo Tim posted led me to a minor discovery- the radio log for The Modern Adventures of Casanova. (Don’t remember seeing this before.) It lists 39 shows (titled, briefly described, or blank) but I’m still pretty sure only one was broadcast (and thus survived: Missing Arms of Venus de Milo) as I only found just the one in the radio program listings of the newspaper (NYT) for the time period it was intended (1-3-52 to 1-8-53).

CURIOUSLY, the 5/22/52 Venus episode is what survives and yet a review on 1/9/52 appeared for the program (which would have been timed to the first episode ’s viewing of 1/3/52) “AGING LOTHARIO NOT SO GAY AS RADIO CASANOVA: He Sounds Exactly Like an Errol Flynn REMENIH, ANTON, Chicago Daily Tribune”.

I have provided, below, this so-called radio log:

The Modern Adventures of Casanova is a 1952 radio show starring Errol Flynn. Flynn played a modern day descendent of Casanova who actually works for Interpol.

Episode 1 – premiere – 3 January 1952 – set in Venice Italy

Episode 2 – “The Phony Count” – 10 January 1952 – Casanova saves a woman from a phony count

Episode 3 – “Family Vendetta” – 17 January 1952 – Casanova visits Venice and deals with the Marchetties, enemies of the Casanovas

Episode 4–24 January 1952 – while skiing in Switzerland, Casanova helps play cupid for a younger couple

Episode 5–31 January 1952

Episode 6–7 February 1952

Episode 7–14 February 1952 – Casanova helps on Valentine’s Day

Episode 8–21 February 1952

Episode 9–28 February 1952

Episode 10–6 March 1952

Episode 11–13 March 1952

Episode 12–20 March 1952

Episode 13–27 March 1952 – Casanova tracks down a dope smuggling ring in Paris

Episode 14 – “The Bride of the Rain God” – 3 April 1952 – Casanova investigates a cursed relic from the Mayan civilisation responsible for killing people

Episode 15–10 April 1952 – Casanova investigates a pair of con artists on the French riviera

Episode 16–17 April 1952 – Casanova smashes a gold smuggling syndicate

Episode 17 – “The Black Dowry Pearls” – 24 April 1952 – Casanova goes to Venice to retrieve some pearls from Phillip II

Episode 18–1 May 1952

Episode 19–8 May 1952

Episode 20–15 May 1952 – Casanova goes to Egypt to stop a drug smuggling ring

Episode 21 – “The Missing Arm of Venus de Milo” – 22 May 1952 – Christopher Casanova is sent to Jamaica to recover the missing arm of the Venus de Milo.

Episode 22–29 May 1952

Episode 23–5 June 1952

Episode 24–12 June 1952

Episode 25–19 June 1952

Episode 26–26 June 1952 – Casanova investigates the murder of a beauty in Paris

Episode 27 – first of season two – 2 October 1952

Episode 28 – “The Sumatra Adventure” – 9 October 1952

Episode 29–16 October 1952

Episode 30–23 October 1952

Episode 31 – “The Gold Brick Swindle” – 30 October 1952 – Casanova goes to Karachi

Episode 32–6 November 1952

Episode 33–13 November 1952

Episode 34–20 November 1952

Episode 35 – “The Star of Thessaly” – 27 November 1952 – Casanova guards an old Greek millionaire who is visiting Paris with a diamond

Episode 36–4 December 1952

Episode 37–11 December 1952

Episode 38

Episode 39


The critic from the Chicago Daily Tribune said that “this swashbuckling mademoiselle chaser reads a script loaded with improbable situations, double entendres and what I suppose is Riviera playboy talk.”

^ Viewers Complain About TV Slight to Favorites; Vaughn Monroe May Do Local Show Ames, Walter. Los Angeles Times (1923-Current File) [Los Angeles, Calif] 03 Jan 1952: 28.

^ Film Stars Feeding At the Radio Table By John Crosby The Washington Post (1923-1954); Jan 16, 1952; ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Washington Post (1877-1997) pg. B13

^ MUTUAL GETS NEW SHOWS OUT OF RADIO PACT Chicago Daily Tribune (1923-1963) [Chicago, Ill] 22 Dec 1951: c4.

^ AGING LOTHARIO NOT SO GAY AS RADIO CASANOVA: He Sounds Exactly Like an Errol Flynn REMENIH, ANTON. Chicago Daily Tribune (1923-1963) [Chicago, Ill] 09 Jan 1952: a6.


Episode log at The Digital Deli

Best, Karl

— David DeWitt


Audio Recording, Making of William Tell!

13 Sep

You can get it on Amazon as a digital download for $.99 –


— David DeWitt


A Salt Water Saga – from San Fran to Shanghai

04 Sep




— Gentleman Tim