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EF Honorary Pallbearers

19 Oct

Greetings –

It has been interesting to read the accounts of EF's passing in the archives of the LA Times these past few days. Today's edition has a reproduction of the photo of EF's remains arriving in LA by train, accompanied by Buster Wiles. In one of the many articles, it quotes Patrice Wymore listing the names of the honorary pallbearers to be present during the funeral service.

Most of those listed are easily identified and their association with EF is known: Michael Curtiz … Victor Fleming … Robert Ford … Gene Fowler … Jerry Giesler … Justin Golenbock … Paul Henreid … John Huston … Dennis Morgan … Jack Oakie … Pat O'Brien … Mike Romanoff … Mickey Rooney … Red Skelton … Raoul Walsh … Guinn Williams … Buster Wiles … Dick Hyland [LA Times columnist].

A handful of names were unrecognizable to me and I was wondering if anyone knew of their relationship with EF. One would assume that these folks were connected to him in a significant way, given the prominence of the names above. The names listed were: George Boyar … Paul Buttles … Jim McKinnon … John Perona … Don Petty … Stephen Raphael.

My wife believes that Mr Perona was a well-known restauranteur of the day. Robert Ford is — I presume — the attorney who assisted in representing Flynn during the statuatory rape trial. However, Lincoln Hurst once told me that EF ended up owing Ford a substantial amount of money [so the tale goes] and that Ford actually brought suit against EF for payment. Perhaps they had reconciled prior to EF's passing?

Many thanks in advance of any and all efforts.

Best wishes – Rick

— Rick


Errol in Sheet Music – Uncertain Glory, Santa Fe Trail, Never Say Goodbye, San Antonio

17 Oct

I've bought sheet music that is more than 60 years old–it is so unbelievable.  I never thought of looking for Errol on the piano.  I've found four so far.  Never Say Goodbye (Remember Me); Santa Fe Trail (Along the Santa Fe Trail), San Antonio (Some Sunday Morning) and Uncertain Glory (Marianne).  They all have beautiful front covers and are suitable for framing.

— Kathleen


The Golden Shanty

09 Oct

After reading several books which touched on Flynn's last film and how difficult it was for the director and actors to work with him I was curious to watch The Golden Shanty.  Then I came across the attached review and it motivated me to obtain a copy.  I have to say that I agree with the reviewer.  Watching the interactions and seeing Flynn with that famous grin was well worth the price I paid.  The segment is like watching an old Gunsmoke episode.  Patricia Barry was great.

— Kathleen


News From The Errol Flynn Marina – Port Antonio, Jamaica!

02 Oct

Dale B. Westin, General Manager of the Errol Flynn Marina in Port Antonio, Jamaica sends us a copy of “Docklines” – the newsletter of the Errol Flynn Marina for October 2009! Take a look at the full newsletter (Word doc) via the link below…

In part, it reads:

FLYNN IN AGAIN IN NOVEMBER – It’s being billed as the “event of the year” and will benefit the very deserving Port Antonio Marching Band.  It also marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Screen Legend Errol Flynn plus the 50th year since his death. On Saturday, Nov. 14, some 500 guests will descend on the Errol Flynn Marina’s Cruise Pier to dance to the music of the 50’s and 60’s and reminisce about the days that Flynn brought such an extreme degree of notoriety to the region.  The evening will kick off with a parking area demonstration by the Marching Band followed by a cocktail hour from 7 to 8 p.m. featuring selected wine, cheeses and hors d’oeuvres provided by several of the evening’s sponsors.  The cocktail hour will feature the keyboard artistry of Peter Stoddart and the jazz/blues voice of Trish Chamberlain.  From 8 p.m. until everyone gets tired, Sonny Bradshaw’s “Big Band” will be presenting famous tunes of the era.  There will also be a few elegant ballroom dancing demonstrations during the evening.  Mrs. Patrice Wymore Flynn, Errol’s widow who resides near Port Antonio, is patron of the evening and her grandson, Luke Flynn will also be in attendance.  Luke bears an amazing likeness to his famous grandfather and is also an actor in various action films.  During the course of the evening, there will be a giant screen behind the band featuring a continuous series of photos over Flynn’s 50-year lifetime.  Only 500 tickets will be sold for the event .  Tickets are $5,000 Jamaican dollars each (About $57 USD) and are available at Stewart Auto Sales in Kingston or at the Errol Flynn Marina in Port Antonio. For additional information call 876-477-6914.  Beneficiaries of the evening, the Port Antonio Marching Band, is in dire need of both equipment and uniforms.  The band presently has a waiting list of more than 60 local youth seeking to join the group.


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— David DeWitt


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