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Errol Takes a Dive

27 Jun

I had the great fortune this evening to meet with my cousin Bob, whose father, my Uncle Gene, was the man who told me back in the early Seventies about Errol Flynn giving him and his shipmates in San Diego a show they’d never forget.

Here are the details, all (again) verified tonight. Uncle Gene was in San Diego with his ship (the USS Duluth, I believe) twice, once in ’45, on its way to fight in the South Pacific, and again returning from the war, either in ’45 or ’46. During one of the ship’s cruises through San Diego Harbor, they passed Errol in a boat (possibly the Sirocco, but, for some reason, it is believed he was actually on a Navy ship of some type.) The sailors were mightily impressed to see Flynn, and gave some big cheers. Errol, in turn, gave them a big smile & wave, then – to their extreme delight – stepped away from a Naval officer he was apparently speaking with, took off his shirt and shoes and dove off the ship! My Uncle Gene – a very no-nonsense guy, who embellished less than anyone I’ve ever known (if ever at all) – said it was an absolutely incredibly impressive dive, to which everybody hooped & hollered – and talked about the rest of their tour (and surely beyond.)

That was the Errol Flynn that so impressed my Mom & Dad’s generation, men and women alike.

Here’s what San Diego Harbor looked like in those days. Errol’s dive most likely took place right between downtown and the North Island Naval Air Station on Coronado, which can be seen in both the second & third images, and where he filmed Dive Bomber. Errol often stayed in San Diego, from where he would also travel to Mexico. The fourth photo is of Errol signing autographs for sailors on North Island (Coronado)




— Gentleman Tim


News about Last of Robin Hood

24 Jun

from Robert…

Enjoy! And don’t forget to go to the cinema!

(And pledge for a German version…)

In case the above link does not work:…

— Inga


Dancing on The Zaca: “Keep Playing That Song”

24 Jun

Errol Inspires the Great Andy Hamilton Out of a Coma to Play This Flynnian Calypso Jazz Treasure :

Andy Hamilton Silvershine:…

Here are accounts of his “extraordinary vision” of Errol “dancing on the Zaca”:……




His legacy continues:…

— Gentleman Tim

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No Two-Bit Boat is This

22 Jun




— Gentleman Tim


On this special day … let us remember young Errol in his own words …

20 Jun

“Looking at myself subjectively, I see myself, secretly, as a rather swell guy. Sure, I make allowances for myself. I find excuses for all the things I have done which I ought not to have done and vice versa. I can make the amends honorable (to myself) for all my sins. But outwardly, I can only see myself as a rather ludicrous poseur getting away with, simply, murder. How else can I explain my success up to now?

“I confess, I don’t take life seriously. I take life, if you ask me, as a very enjoyable joke. The most worthwhile things in life to me are its laughs. But because I choose to treat it as a joke doesn’t mean that I am not aware of the other side. I am also aware of the people who don’t take it as a joke because their self-importance overstuffs them. You see, I simply don’t believe that we are important, any of us. And an unimportant person can sit in the gallery and laugh his fool head off and have the hell of a time doing it. We only weep, don’t we, over tremendously important things? So, if everything, ourselves included, is unimportant, it remains to laugh.

Errol = Robin

“But I must confess that I am an extremely happy person despite my awareness of unhappiness. I am happy because I live in the realization of this moment. I have no future, nor any plans for a future. I don’t want to know where I am going to be or what I am going to be doing a year from now. I loathe routine. I detest clocks. I have absolutely no conception of time, and don’t want to have.

“I am fortunate in realizing that I am young. A lot of people don’t savor their youth while they have it. They appreciate it only after it’s over. I know that I am young now. I know that this is the time. I know that right here and now I am most keenly capable of zestful enjoyments, vivid excitements. I’m having them. I get everything I can out of each present moment.

capable of zestful enjoyments

“I think I can say, too, that I am uninterestingly without neuroses, inhibitions, or complexes. Even the best-selling inferiority complex is lacking in me. I’m not afraid of old age or death, much as I value youth and life. I’ll deal with them when they come up, not before.”

“I have the trait, childish, no doubt, of wanting to do anything I’m told not to do.”

“For the life of me, I don’t understand why a quiet, reserved person like myself should be involved in the news so much.”

a quiet, reserved person

“Life is not complete to me without a dog. I don’t know just what this companionship of man and dog really means. I’ve never analyzed it. I just know that I’m miserable if I don’t have my hound around. Maybe it’s because he depends on me for all of his good times. Maybe it’s because he so confidently expects that I will live up to his idea of me.

Thank you Errol.  You are indeed one-of-a-kind!


— errolsfan1130


Happy Birthday Errol!

19 Jun

Born June 20, 1909 [Posted Tasmanian Time]


Queen Alexandra Hospital
Battery Point, Hobart
Tasmania, Australia


Errol Flynn Reserve
(Formerly Short Beach)
Battery Point, Sandy Bay


— Gentleman Tim


Now That Dress Down Day is Over – It’s Dress UP Day!

17 Jun

Now That Dress Down Day is Over,  It’s  Dress Up Day – Starring Errol’s Girl.  As Always, All Invited & Encouraged to Participate!

How About Maid Marion?  Ain’t She Sweet!   See How She Dressed Up … For Our Guy Errol  (As Opposed to That Other Guy – of Gisbourne)

Which of Her Outfits were Your Favorites? Which Do You Think Errol Liked Best?…



10. Errol and Olivia "Robin Hood" 1938



— Gentleman Tim


Lili, Errol and a ship with two actors.

17 Jun

I went on Youtube inspired by the Lili film and found the short we have all seen on Catalina Island in color. Fast forwarded it and the shot with Cary Grant and Randolph Scott they have a ship on their table at about 4:20 in and I think its the same ship someone posted here weeks ago thinking it was a prop. Well I guess it is in a way. What do you guys think?

— twinarchers


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A Kitty Packard Pictorial of Errol Flynn

16 Jun

Hello Flynn Fans!
I thought I post this link as it is a very nice write-up about Errol.…

— Tina


We Are Robin’s Cohort…

16 Jun

We Are Robin’s Cohort!


A Blog Is A Community.


A Blog Is A Community!


Are We a User-Generated Fan Site for All Errol’s Fans?


Our Motto:  Never Let Errol Down!


Never Let Robin Down!


— errolsfan1130

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