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Rory Flynn Interview with Harvey Brownsteen!

Thanks to Debby Phielix ……   — David DeWitt

Rory Flynn Coronado Film Festival 2021!

Rory Flynn with actor Richard Dryfus and his wife Stella for Rory’s speaking engagement (joined on stage by Richard) for a showing of CRUISE OF THE ZACA at the Coronado Hotel … Thanks, Rory! — David DeWitt

Rory Flynn Restores John Decker Portrait!

Rory Flynn, daughter of Errol Flynn announces on the blog today that she has fully restored the famous John Decker portrait of her father: During my childhood this portrait always hung at Mulholland Farm in my father’s den … the artist was John Decker most famous for his portraits and characterizations of Hollywood celebrities Katherine Hepburn, Buster Keaton, John Barrymore, Jimmy… (more…)

“An Unscrupulous Writer”

On July 11, 1981, UPI reported that Rory and Deirdre sued low-life Chuck Higham, correctly describing him as: “An unscrupulous writer with gross imagination given to extravagant charges, deceit and defamation of deceased persons as his modus operandi of authorship.” “A skilled and practiced character assassin who used the law preventing libel suits of relatives of a deceased person to… (more…)

Kiddin´kiddos of Hollywood heroes…… Dear fellow Flynn fans, memories are made of this, when the children of LOU COSTELLO, ERROL FLYNN, CLARK GABLE,TYRONE POWER,CHICO MARX & JOHNNY WEISSMULLER reminisce. Enjoy, — shangheinz

Story with Rory

With a Great Photo and Compliment, from and about Her Presentation at the 2015 TCM Classic Movie Festival…… — Tim

Who Wrote This?

Today and tomorrow will be the Flynn place to be, Flynncluding at the Coronado Library, which is hosting some of the many great events at the Coronado Island Film Festival. As did Errol himself, numerous Flynn Crowd celebrities used to visit Coronado. One notable Flynnsider who lived on the island wrote the following tribute to the Coronado Library. Who was… (more…)

Marilyn Monroe Music Videos

This being the inaugural weekend of the Coronado Island Film Festival, here a couple of timely music video tributes to Errol’s friend, Marilyn: Now and Then from the Hotel Del Coronado, Errol’s old stomping grounds: Marilyn! — Tim

Coronado Island Film Festival – One Week Away

Next Weekend: January 15-18, 2016 On Coronado, California — Early Hollywood Playground & “The Birthplace of Naval Aviation” Meet & Greet with Sean & Rory!!…… [See pages 80 & 81 for Rory & Sean’s Tribute to Errol] — Tim

CIFF – T Minus 2

The Coronado Island Film Festival, January 15-18 Featuring Errol, Rory & Sean Flynn Hosted by Leonard Maltin — Tim