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Mailbag! Sadakichi Hartman Remembered!

31 Aug

Thanks Bob Peckinpaugh!


— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Sean Flynn’s Flute!

30 Aug


Thanks to Karl Holmberg!

— David DeWitt


Farewell To Would-Be Errol Flynn Swashbuckler, Gene Wilder

30 Aug

scene from film


‘Gene Wilder with sidekick Marty Feldman is ready to take on all opponents!’

Movie comedian Gene Wilder died yesterday at age 83.  He left behind a legacy of 26 films including two swashbucklers.    The first is the forgotten comedy classic ‘Start The Revolution Without Me” (1970) where he delightfully co-starred with Donald Sutherland as two pairs of mixed-up, identical twins in the French Revolution of 1789.  One pair the wealthy, arrogant Aristocrats the Corsican Brothers, and the other,  two cowardly Paris paupers.  This beautifully shot costume, period film even has Orson Welles as an on-camera narrator.  The second is the hilarious “The Adventure Of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother” (1974) with Wilder as the great detective’s jealous and insecure kid brother, Sigerson.  This forgotten Holmes case has climatic duels with one between rapidly traveling coaches in the London fog, and a climatic rooftop swordfight to the death between Sigi Holmes and his brother’s arch-enemy Professor Moriarty played by Leo McKern.   Thanks Mr. Wilder and God bless you.  Ralph Schiller

— rswilltell


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TKO in Tasmania

30 Aug

An hour north of Hobart, in historic Oatlands, is this treasure of a Bakery/Café, custom-made for Fans of Flynn:…

tko kentish-hotel

tko interior

tko lights

TKO Inside 2

TKO Inside 3

TKO Inside 1

— Tim


Errol & Olivia in Oklahoma!

28 Aug

At the National Cowboy & Western Culture Museum on September 14th.

Western Movie Matinee: They Died With Their Boots On

Oh, what a beautiful museum!


— Tim



27 Aug


— Tim


A Call for Clerihews

26 Aug

For you know who!


Information on and examples of Clerihews;……

Here’s my attempt:

Errol Flynn
Was In Like Flynn
Captain Blood and Robin Hood
Casanovin’ like no other could

— Tim


Errol Behind JW’s Bar — “Glorious In White Tie” — “New Year’s Eve, 1939 or 1940”

25 Aug

Jack Warner's Bar

The House That Jack Built……

— Tim


Objective, Baldwin Lake!

24 Aug

Read, see, and listen to the history and fate of Baldwin Lake, where much of Objective, Burma! was filmed:…

Objective in Color Errol in Swamp

In his day, as Errol put it in the trailer below, it was “Up the Burmese Creek without a paddle.” Today, no paddle is necessary.…

— Tim


Hola Españoles Hablando Entusiastas de Flynn

23 Aug

Errol Flynn-Mini 1…

— Tim