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Beginning with Bettongs

From very early on, Errol exhibited an intense interest and unique talent for entrepreneurial adventure. Inspired by his father, this often involved scientific exploration and experimentation. Cruise of the Zaca is an eminent example. But when and where did young Errol first profitably demonstrate this profound talent and interest? Evidence indicates it was in connection to Professor Flynn’s research into… (more…)

An Homage to Errol

“Wolverton is plainly an homage to the 1930s-1950s Australian actor Errol Flynn. He has Flynn’s flair, his womanising ways (having a hand chopped off would interfere in his removal of corsets, Wolverton quips), a Zorro-esque mask, and even Flynn’s pencil moustache. Only the épée is missing. Wolverton relies upon stealth, wit, and cunning, wise-cracking all the while.” Wolverton, Thief of… (more…)

Seventy Years Ago Safari

Seventy years ago – during, prior to, and following the Thanksgiving holidays of 1947 – Errol was planning a major hunting expedition. With what other person did Errol plan this safari, and in what country was it to take place?? ¤ They planned to include about thirty (30) people. ¤ It was planned to last for about two months. ¤… (more…)

Michael B. Druxman and FLYNN!

The Mail Bag brings us this good news! Michael writes: I just got word that the audio adaptation of FLYNN, my one-person stage play about Errol Flynn, is now available for download on Amazon,…… and, within a day or so, iTunes. Sam Burns brings the screen’s most famous Robin Hood to life in this production, which has been enhanced… (more…)

“It’s Time You Knew”

“From a 1944 book It’s Time You Knew – a sort of Ripley’s ‘Believe it or Not’ book produced by Bulova and, it seems, given to customers in American watch shops.” — Tim

Michael Curtiz: a life in film!

— David DeWitt

Blood Connection

ERROL, PETER, AND THOMAS……… “In London, Thomas Blood, an Irish adventurer better known as “Captain Blood,” was captured attempting to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London. Blood, a Parliamentarian during the English Civil War, was deprived of his estate in Ireland with the restoration of the English monarchy in 1660. In 1663, he put himself… (more…)

A whole new picture

Dear fellow Flynn fans, is anyone familiar with the paintress Gudrun Sibbons? Errol and David Niven respectively are said to have owned some of her paintings. Here`s her bio for starters like me:…… Enjoy, — shangheinz

Museum of Flight & The Dawn Patrol with Errol Flynn!

Eric Tillerson sends us this via the Mail Bag: Down at the Museum of Flight in Renton, Wa., in the WWI section, they have the coat that Errol wore in The Dawn Patrol on what I believe is permanent display, shown next to the Academy Award that the earlier Fairbanks version of the film won. Sadly they spell his name… (more…)

Kissing the Coloured Virgin

“Meet the man who knew and drew Picasso in Paris, Einstein and Churchill in London, and even lived with Errol Flynn in Sydney” “Kerwin Maegraith, caricaturist, journalist and true Aussie larrikin, encountered the most famous people of his time from the 1920’s to the Sixties.”…… “Well, one night Errol came home drunk. The old girl (the landlady) had lit… (more…)