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About Comments – a Guideline

24 Jun

Allow comments to be made to your posts or nobody will be able to start a comment string about what you wrote. Use the Enable button to allow comments.

You may include images and  links that don’t violate the Terms and Conditions of the blog host,…. Affiliate links in comments will be deleted.

Additionally, any contributor may be banned or blocked after posting anything that in the mind of the Administrator is pornographic, or contains Spam. Spam blocking software is active on this blog but may not catch all material that is posted as or that activates the Spam blocker. It’s also  possible (though rarely) that the title or the wording of your post may trigger the Spam blocker. We’ll deal with it, if it happens. :-)

Use common sense when posting. We are all adults, hopefully, but keep it to a dull roar folks! There is no age limit restricting who is reading this blog, so just be aware that someone of impressionable age may be reading what you post. Also, it is fine to discuss Flynn’s religion or politics but not your own. Such posts or comments will be deleted by the Administrator if they are deemed to cross this line of discussion – thanks for understanding. While each of us may have dearly held feelings about our own religion or politics we are not here to discuss them.



In Addition, no bickering, no personal attacks.

Respect for differing opinions and points of view, etc., are all fundamental to this blog.

We must treat each other in a civil way, and any arguments are to to be first taken up with the blog Admin. There is a Reporting link under each comment. Use that before posting a hastily worded or angry reply.

In the past, I have respected people’s good sense, and asked them to remove or edit their comments to better reflect the blog’s policy of treating each other with respect. Now, I will delete these kinds of comments without discussion. If there are continued comments of the same nature, I will moderate future comments and posts until I’m satisfied they won’t continue. People can argue points, but they can’t shame each other on these pages or start personal arguments in public. If someone has had their comment deleted it is due to a Comment Guideline issue. Nobody wants to read arguments, and heated exchanges. Readers tell me this, and some leave the blog because of it. I have a lot patience under normal conditions but less time to work through these kinds of issues. I will never edit Posts that Authors wrote unless asked to by the author privately for presentation on the blog. I will center photos, or alter incongruent fonts, etc. … I may edit comments to reflect the blog’s policies. If a comment or post is deleted, all the comments, replies, and images will go away, too. Basically, treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

If possible, please host images in the Media Library for use on the blog. But don’t use large file sizes or we will run out of our monthly bandwidth.


David DeWitt

Admin/Creator/The Errol Flynn Blog

— David DeWitt