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Yes – he was a He-Man!

26 Apr

A very nice article about Errol!


— Tina


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Look at this…

19 Apr

— Inga


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More from the Mailbag! Martha O’Driscoll & Errol Flynn USO tour!

18 Apr

In the mailbag, also, today:

Greetings Dave,

My name is Russell Ries Jr. from Nashville, TN. I collect old photographs & WWII-related items. I recently purchased an entire collection of photos taken by one soldier during WWII. Apparently the guy was with the Army Corps of Engineers and was stationed in some place cold where all they did was build roads. So most of the photos aren’t really all that interesting.

However, within the stack I did find this photo of a beautiful couple:


Martha O'Driscoll & Errol Flynn (circa 1943?) entertain in Alaska during a USO Tour

Martha O’Driscoll & Errol Flynn (circa 1943?) entertain in Alaska during a USO Tour


Thanks, Russell!

— David DeWitt


From the Mailbag: Gentelman Jim Original Posters!

17 Apr

As you know, we get some very interesting mail at the EFB: today, I am sharing with you emails from Belinda Holloway in Tasmania (I have combined two emails into one and reproduce them here with her kind permission):

Hi David!

I have an original framed poster of Errol Flynn and Alexis Smith in “Gentleman Jim” which was printed in Sydney. It measures 36 cm x 76 cm and is in good original condition. I am intending to sell it soon on eBay for starting price of $2,800 but would like to offer it first to Errol Flynn lovers in Tasmania – would like it to stay here! If anyone is interested I can email photos.

belindah2011 (at)….au

I attach some photos of the poster.  It came from a collection of about 30 movie posters which I bought in 1997 at auction in Hobart. It is glued to a backboard, and framed in glass.  I re-sold most of them (I still have three others – other Hollywood stars)) at Christie’s in Melbourne and apparantly Fox Studios bought them for the opening of their new studios. I am happy to post worldwide.   By the way my best friend Anne’s father Don Norman was a friend of Errol Flynn and I believe wrote a small book about him!

I am also a fan of another famous Hollywood Tasmanian silent movie star Louise Lovely, and owned her travelling trunk, which she used  for all her costumes and makeup when she was on location.  I donated it to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in 2008 and it is now displayed in the new re-vamped Museum along with photos and a short piece of the movie “Jewelled Nights” as a part of the display!

I am happy for you to post this email on your blog if you like.

Thanking you!


Belinda Holloway







— David DeWitt


Errol Flynn MC of “Gulf Screen Guild Radio Show” 1939

15 Apr

— David DeWitt


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WordPress Login!

14 Apr

You will see a new security feature when you  log in to WordPress on the EFB. I received an email about this and many of you may have as well – but if you didn’t, this is happening because WordPress is tired of all the hacking attempts. So you will see a box pop up, and it assigns you a random username and password. Put the username into the first field and do the math problem for use as the password. Once you have submitted both WordPress generated username and password you will be presented with the usual WordPress login screen! Use your normal username and password to log in to The Errol Flynn Blog!

— David DeWitt


Heir debonaire

12 Apr


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I came across this picture in a japanese film book about Peter O`Toole. It`s from the film “My favorite year”,  which you may be well familiar with and I have yet to see. From my point of view this other great actor got Errol`s facial expression down to a T.

— shangheinz



06 Apr

Today 43 years ago, Sean Flynn, son of Errol along with his friend and fellow combat photojournalist Dana Stone while covering the war in Vietnam rode their bikes along a road in Cambodia, were captured by factions of the NVA and Khmer Rouge and were never heard from again. While their remains have never been found there still remains hope that someday there will be a definite answer to the question, “whatever happened to Sean Flynn?”–A. R.




April 2013 issue of the Rock-itt Magazine!

06 Apr

Hi Rock-itt Readers!
The April issue of The Rock-itt magazine is online and ready for you to enjoy. Please click on the link below to go straight to all northern beaches music, entertainment, sport and animal rights.
The Rock-itt magazine

— David DeWitt

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