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Flynn and Coop Bought Coupes – Rode Bikes, Too

20 May

May 20, 1953 – What Errol Flynn knows Gary Cooper already knows a very long time!: And therefore Gary Cooper did not buy only one but three Mercedes cars of the type 300 and 300S in the Mercedes works in Stuttgart-Untertuerkheim. He took just with himself a sedan car, the 300S cabriolet is to belong to his wife and the third Mercedes 300 is for a movie picture society.



— Gentleman Tim


Errol at Elstree

16 May…

Errol in his Frazer Nash Targa Florio at Elstree Film Studios during filming of “The Master of Ballantrae”

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Pushin’ Like Flynn — Four Score and 100 Yards Ago

06 May

An EFB Four Score News Report*

Los Angeles Evening Herald Express

Harrison Carroll – May 7, 1937

If photographers had been outside the Club Marti the other midnight they could have shot an even more unusual shot of a Hollywood star. Errol Flynn discovered that his tiny English car was out of gas. On a dare from a friend he hoisted up the automatile by its rear end and pushed it wheelbarrow fashion to a gas station 100 yards away.

* As always, all credit and thanks to King Karl Kognoscenti Holmberg for the records making these EFB News Reports possible. Mille Grazie, Karl!

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Errol’s Alleged Connections to Lincoln and the Italian Renaissance

04 Jun

No, not that Lincoln!

No, not that that Italian Renaissance!!


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In should`ve been Flynn 6

18 Dec

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

early on Errol and Gary Cooper were the go- to- guys for any given heartthrob history film in the traumfabrik. Proposed roles went back and forth. Marco Polo was one those announced future Fynn flicks.
I can easily picture our Hollywood hero galopping down Silk Street, ahm Road all the way to Kublai Khan’s court bringing back to the Western hemisphere spaghetti and paper money.
See for yourselves this magical travelogue movie here:…

In 1953 both cavs bought the same Mercedes model in Germany within a few months’ time and then would have the same famous diva as co- pilot. Dolce Vita Anita would purchase a Benz Coupe’ later herself and have Freddie McEvoy playboy friend Gianni Agnelli riding shotgun.
While Coop regrouped with High Noon in the Fifties, Flynn declined first before finishing strong with “The sun also rises” and “Roots of heaven”. An invisible bond linked them in death as in life, since these two fine leading men died within a short period of time.


— shangheinz


That’s the Way He Rolled

04 Dec

That's the Way He Rolled

Errol at Linden

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Errol Flynn car in Automobile Driving Museum El Segundo, California

20 Nov

I looked for Errol´s car and I found this. This photo of the Automobile Driving Museum is courtesy of TripAdvisor…


— Don Jan