05 Feb 2007

This blog is dedicated to studying the Mystery & Mystique of the late film actor Errol Flynn who was much more complicated than most people who knew and worked with him realized—more, perhaps, than he realized himself… With someone as unique as Errol, there is much to express and discuss, to discover, to think about, and reveal…

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Feb 15, 2012

Please refer to the Comment Guideline category. No bickering, no personal attacks, no discussion of religion or politics unless it is Flynn’s politics, or lack thereof … Respect for differing opinions and points of view, etc. Please read it.

One of the things said was that we must treat each other in a civil way, and any arguments are to be reported to the Admin via the Reoort Comment on nk. No bickering between members is allowed on the be g pages.

In the past, I have respected people’s good sense, and asked them to remove or edit their comments to better refect the blog’s policy of treating each other with respect. If people can’t do that, then I will delete these kinds of comments without discussion. If there are continued comments of the same nature, I will moderate future comments and posts until I’m satisfied they won’t continue. People can argue points, but they can’t shame each other on these pages or start personal arguments in public. If someone has had their comment deleted, they can use the Report Comment link to find out why. After one warning, offenders will become moderated.

I have a lot patience under normal conditions but it has worn thin over the years. I will never edit what someone wrote unless asked to by the author privately for presentation on the blog. I will center photos, or alter incongruent fonts, etc. … I will now, however, edit or delete comments to reflect the blog’s policies, and these policies must be respected.

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— David DeWitt

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