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A “Thinly-Veiled” Film on Flynn

31 Dec

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American Scholar Praises Flynn

30 Dec

According to Doyle:…


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In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

29 Dec

Tammy, Tammy, Tammy is gone.

How terribly, terribly sad. One of the last true greats from Hollywood’s Golden Age has died, only a day after her daughter, also a film legend.

Around the time of her playing Tammy, there was discussion of Debbie Reynolds costarring with Errol, following his own great success in The Sun Also Rises. This was all circa the time Liz ran off with the Louse, leaving the unsinkable Debbie with two Fisher toddlers, Todd and Carrie. Carrie, of course, achieved immortality of her own starring in Star Wars with spacebuckler Hans Solo, a character inspired by Errol himself. Except for Harrison, they are all now in a galaxy far, far away. Godspeed to all of them.

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Mulholland Farm?

27 Dec

What say you?

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The Search for Sean Flynn & Dana Stone Ends …

25 Dec

I was contacted by Dave Hope this afternoon with some startling information: Sean Flynn and Dana Stone were executed within hours of their capture at dusk on April 6th, 1970. And he knows where they are buried.


To understand the full story you must read the full history of the event that took their lives, and the notes Dave provides. Click the image above for Dave’s detailed Facebook account. And the image below for his detailed notes.


Dave Hope tells me when the dry season comes around again he and his team will go to the location they have found for a very detailed examination of the burial area. This search has been an unending one for Rory Flynn and her family and Dave Hope has been tirelessly and patiently pursuing answers that have eluded others, most notably Tim Page, for decades.

Thank you Dave for your dedication and determination to get to the end of this decade’s long mystery …


Dave Hope points to the area where Sean Flynn & Dana Stone were executed just a few kilometers from where they were captured.

— David DeWitt


Errol Flynn Movie

25 Dec

I just noticed Silver River is finally being released(1/31/17) on DVD thru WB Archive Collection. Its one of only a couple that WB hadn’t released on DVD. Merry Christmas to all Merry Men and Women!!!  the web address is:…

— Bob Schaffer


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24 Dec


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24 Dec


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

Christmas is a holy time, but also the high time for sensual sightings.
Some see Santa, while I see Errol.
But have no fear of this ghost post.
All I want from you is to deposit the pictures here, which assumingly show our Hollywood hero, but actually depict a lookalike/wannabe/preposterous imposter.

A very merry errol time,

— shangheinz


What’s the Connection to Errol?

22 Dec


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A Good Hunt

21 Dec

The Man Whose Poem Inspired Amanda McBroom’s “Errol Flynn” and Whose Daughter Built a Mansion on Old Mulholland Farm…


The Mansion Helen Hunt Built on Old Mulholland Farm After Justin Timberhead & Jessica Biel Lived In:

Justin Timberlake's and Jessica Biel's Love Nest


— Tim


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