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“Swashbuckling Splendor”

“THE GREATEST SEA ADVENTURE OF ALL TIME GETS UNDERWAY!” (IN COLORADO)…… “Off the Hook Arts celebrates film and music of the 1930’s and 40’s in their Fourth Annual WinterFest week! We’re featuring two great composers that fled Europe, settled in Hollywood and helped bring film to where it is today through their additions to film scores. Join us for… (more…)

The Sea Hawk

In looking for colorized images from The Sea Hawk I found this page which had some surprises one of which was an ad for a toy ship. I gave up not finding any screen caps of the VHS version. Check out the link though.…… — twinarchers

Errol Flynn Punch Outs

World renowned for his punch outs, here are some lesser known ones of Errol:: — Tim

Story with Rory

With a Great Photo and Compliment, from and about Her Presentation at the 2015 TCM Classic Movie Festival…… — Tim

Trailer for The Sea Hawk Rated One of the Greatest

Recently assessed to be one of the rare great film trailers that actually lived up to its promotional superlatives:…… — Tim

Special Announcement! New Errol Flynn Blog Authors!

We have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT today on The Errol Flynn Blog! Two new Author accounts have been created to bring News and Information to our members and readers about exciting events taking place here in the US, and around the world in 2015 to honor Errol Flynn! We Welcome Captain Blood Brotherhood! We Welcome The Sea Hawk Society — David… (more…)