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Errol’s Van Gogh to be Auctioned!

Our friend Stefan Koldehoff writes to us: Dear David, maybe it’s interesting for you to know that the Van Gogh Painting that Errol Flynn once owned will be offered at Sotheby’s London on 5 February 2014. I am attaching the catalogue text. Best wishes – Stefan Koldehoff. —– VINCENT VAN GOGH 1853 – 1890 L’HOMME EST EN MER oil on… (more…)

December Rock-itt Magazine 2013!

The newest issue of The Rock-itt Magazine with its Flynn serial and Robert Florczak’s column is now online! The Rock-itt Magazine! — David DeWitt

The Adventures of Robin’s Hood

A look at artist renderings of Robin Hood’s hat through the years.  — zacal

From the Errol Flynn Mailbag!

Our Author Jan Vandervliet passes on to us a mailbag item:   Errol Flynn Memorabilia? This is the story that was told to me by an old friend of mine Bill Johnston now deceased. I was given this Bronze deck capstan winch drum by Bill Johnston back in about 1972 he served in the Royal Australian Navy for 35 years… (more…)

We Welcome Author Richard Schulz to The Errol Flynn Blog!

I am pleased to welcome Author Richard Schulz to The Errol Flynn Blog. We look forward to your posts and comments, Rick! — David DeWitt

Who and When Did Errol Kiss Most?

1) Which of His Co-stars Did Errol Kiss the Most? (on-screen, of course, as this is a family-friendly site!) 2) In What Films Did Errol Kiss the Most?? 3) ” ” ” ~ ” ” ” the Least??…… — Tim

Fantasy Flynn Films

At a banquet following the premiere of “The Drum”,(starring Sabu) producer Alexander Korda sat across from Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. and realized his next film would be a remake of “The Thief of Bagdad”. In this new tale, Sabu would play the Thief but not the love interest. Korda wanted a proven leading man and so devised a new role, that… (more…)

The Missing Swashbucklers

From 1940’s “The Sea Hawk” until 1949’s “Adventures of Don Juan”, Errol Flynn did not make a swashbuckler. That’s like saying John Wayne did not make a western for 9 years. Or Laurel & Hardy did not make a comedy. The possibilities for Flynn swashbucklers during those  years are endless. So here’s my first imaginary Flynn swashbuckler; “The Adventures of… (more…)

The Zaca in Germany!

I don’t know if you knew it… but the Zaca has come to Germany. Some time ago, I found a guest book entry on my German website. It claimed that the original parlour of the Zaca is used as interior decoration in a restaurant in Bremerhaven, Germany. My friend Dennis went there a few days ago and wrote a report… (more…)

Dear Santa,

I know I’m starting early this year, Santa.(It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!) But I’ve been asking for this toy for a loooooong time. As you know, Errol Flynn is the greatest action hero of all time. So why haven’t you made him into an ACTION FIGURE?!?(You made George Lazenby into an action figure before Errol Flynn?!?) I ask you every… (more…)