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Belgian Movie Posters

[flagallery gid=17 name=Gallery]   Here are some Belgian Movie Posters. Which one do you like best? How do you like them in general? If you have some more, please add them. Thanks! — Inga

Beverly Aadland not having fun!

— David DeWitt

Errol Flynn – Rare poster from Spain, “The Sisters”

— Jim Turiello

ERROL FLYNN-A Life In Pictures (1909-1959)

Robert Florczak’s Centennial Celebration Video — David DeWitt

— David DeWitt

A birthday greeting to our administrator

While I was searching for the rules of this blog I happened to notice the section labeled admin and saw that your birthday was yesterday. So may I wish you, David a belated a happy birthday and tell you what a wonderful job you are doing. And to wish you many more happy years!–A. R. — ILIKEFLYNN

Hi here are some pics I have not seen before. Genene.

— tassie devil

The Essentials: 5 Of Michael Curtiz’s Greatest Films, On The 50th Anniversary Of His Death

    With the arrival of the auteur theory, filmmakers like Michael Curtiz no longer get as much sway among the current generation of directors. Curtiz (born Kertész Kaminer Manó in Hungary in 1886), was a journeyman, a man who flourished in the studio system after being picked out by Jack Warner for his Austrian Biblical epic “Moon of Israel” in 1924. He stayed at the… (more…)

You’re Invited!

April16th! Date:   Thu, 12 Apr 2012 23:01:47 -0400 (EDT) Hi folks, Please come to our Biograph night at the Mary Pickford Studio this coming Monday. I think I can guarantee that you won’t have seen more than two of the seven shorts we’re showing, if that! Live music by Robert Israel. Help us save the Institute!!!! Donations accepted!!! The… (more…)

We Welcome New Author Jim Turiello!

I am pleased to announce New Author Jim Turiello to The Errol Flynn Blog! Jim, we look forward to your thoughts and posts! Welcome aboard!                                                Photo provided by Jim Turiello — David DeWitt