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Errol Flynn from December 1948 to December 1949

‘ADVENTURES of DON JUAN’ opens in theatres through the  holidays and Errol begins working for MGM on his next picture, while living at his Mulholland home.  There he hosts a dinner party and invites more than 300 guests. There are 2 bars and 3 bands which began at 8:00 p.m., and ended about 6:00 a.m. the next morning. Enjoy! — Topper

Errol Flynn in California End of October, 1940 to Beginning December!

Negotiating, filming, dining, radio programming, merchandising,   and clowning around for publicity pictures there is never a dull moment …even while being sued!  Enjoy … — Topper

Errol Flynn”s Last Three Months of 1941, November/December

From wrapping up filming on his latest adventure picture, to traveling coast to coast and back again for; radio appearances…magazine and newspaper articles … going to the ballet or a premiere…dinners and shows … or becoming an honorary Indian, all of this and more, in only two months. Enjoy, — Topper

Errol Flynn goes to Mexico at the End of March, 1957!

With his renewed fame and popularity this year, Flynn is busy with radio, television and movie offers…on his way to Mexico for his next film, The Sun Also Rises.   Enjoy! — Topper

An Errol Flynn Birthday Celebration of 115 years!

I am pleased to send along the first page of my book, along with the last page, to celebrate the most fun 50 years I have researched. Have an enjoyable day…with lots of happy memories. Enjoy …   — David DeWitt

Happy Birthday Errol

Last year I visited the beautiful island of Capri. There I bought a book about Capri in movies. Many movies were filmed there and many stars visited and still visit the island. Our dear Errol was one of them. Here is the picture of him that was in the book. I don’t know when it was taken but in the… (more…)

An Errol Flynn Giggle!

In researching Errol Flynn’s 50 years over the last 50 years, I sometimes became very confused by the different times and dates printed by the myriad of sources. So, I decided that there needs to be something to help out! May I present … Enjoy … — Topper

Tidbits of Errol Flynn in Newspapers June 1936!

  — Topper

Here and There with some 1935 Errol Flynn News Bites!

A few rarely seen tidbits from the newspapers and magazines from Flynn’s pre-star days. Enjoy! — Topper

Greetings from your new Author!

Hello Flynnatics, I would like to introduce myself to you all. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, and still live there. 4 years ago I discovered Errol through a video on YouTube.  It was an English TV program of 30 minutes in which my favorite British actor Nathaniel Parker played a one man piece and was (ofcourse) Errol.… (more…)

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