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William Tell Script

30 Oct

Mr Fegerl wishes to share the attached pages from the William Tell script with you. They basically trace the tragic role of Maria, played by Austrian actress Waltraut Haas. Please note: Mr Fegerl is not in possession of the entire script. Hope you enjoy.

P.S. I scanned and corrected the pages, sorry if I overlooked any mistakes. There is one hand-written correction which I marked with a different writing.

— Inga


Are you aware of this?

30 Oct…

— Tina


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Some spooky fun

29 Oct

Fun reading…

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Errol's seventh home! 1923 – 1924

28 Oct

I hope Inga you give me permission
to use your picture,
is such a nice picture and
so much better than the one I have!
Inga took this picture
end of September, a few weeks ago
when vis
and Errol's schools. I hope you read her great post!

On this address 99-101 Castelnau,
today in the London Borough of Richmond
upon Thames, London SW13 9 and in Errol's time in the London Borough of
Barnes stood the private boarding school named
“South West London

Errol attended this school
from October 1923 to June 1924 at the age of fourteen and fifteen
returning to Hobart in June of 1924 w
father.  His mother w
Rosemary spent those years in Paris.

In regards to the times Errol spent at
school there seems to be somewhat a confusion in the attendance
record as Errol was apparently close to two years at this school,
maybe somebody has better record of his exact timing.

“South West London
was a minor
public school that has long since disappeared. The school was s
numbers 99-101 Castelnau, which is today a road of many regency villas as seen in the above picture.

— Tina


Errol's sixth home from the age of 10 years and 8 months! From February 1920 to September 1923.

26 Oct

Quite impressive isn't
It is the “Friends' School! With
Errol was
enrolled into this exclusive private boarding school  February 20, 1920. 

Sydney with her mother living at that time on 54 Carabella Street with
new born baby s
address at
wonder if

the knowledge where t
address is
art, maybe a University

Father Flynn

ikely h
no o
choice but
to enroll
Errol into
boarding school.

It seems Errol remained in this school, unless somebody has other
information until September 1923 at which time he accompanied his father
to England where he then was enrolled as a boarder in October 1923 into
the South West London College at 99-101 Castelnau in the borough of
Hammersmith – today Richmond.

to this
school Errol attended in the year 1919 the
Albuera Street
Picture in the comment section!
During this time in Friend's school Errol also visited Sidney to see his mother most likely during school holidays. Two pictures of the area of Carabella Street are in the comment section.

— Tina


We Welcome New Author Nick Thomas to The Errol Flynn Blog!

25 Oct

I am happy to announce that Nick Thomas has joined us as our Newest Author on the Errol Flynn Blog! Nick, Welcome aboard and we look forward to your articles and comments on the blog very much!


— David DeWitt


Errol’s fifth home until age 10 yrs. and 8 month? 1919-1920

25 Oct


1919 must have been a year of upheaval for the Flynn family.
They gave up their beautiful home on 296 Davey Street (Holebrook Place) and moved to 60 Duke Street. Mrs. Flynn was expecting her second child and moved to Sydney to her mother in Kirribilli, a suburb of Sydney. Norah Rosemary Flynn was born in Kirribilli at her grandmother’s house on December 2, 1919.

— Tina


Errol’s third home until age ten! 1917-1919

25 Oct

I wanted to edit my post and lost all the information – I am sorry for the loss –  and now I have to recreate it all!

Theodor purchased this home in 1917 and lived there until 1919, the street’s name was then called Holebrook Place but today’s address is 296 Davey Street. At this time it appears that Errol was enrolled partly in Hutchins School, Sandy Bay and Battery Point Model School.
Errol at Hutchins School 1916 and 1917!
The Hutchins School was established in 1846 at Hobart in memory of The Venerable William Hutchins, first Archdeacon of Van Diemen’s Land.  It has a proud history as one of Australia’s oldest private schools for boys, with alumni distinguished in all fields of endeavour – including judges, bishops, leaders of industry, military heroes, musicians, artists, sportsmen and
our Star – Errol Flynn!

Battery Point Model School …… on Albuera Street 1918 and 1919!
Actually there is some incorrect information around about this school, which is as follows:
Errol actually never went to the Battery Point Model School as the Model School was converted into the “Albuera Street State School”. Two different addresses!  The Model School existed in Battery Point from August 1883 to August 1913 it outgrew itself being designed for only 450
students, yet had risen to 922 and
the need for a new
building had become obvious, which became the
Albuera Street State School and in which Errol was enrolled in February 1918 and stayed to 1919.

Many authors claim that Errol was expelled from all schools, I think this is not an accurate statement. In defense of Errol I would say his parents moved very frequently and with it changed Errol’s schools maybe too.

— Tina


Errol's second home until age seven! 1914-1916

25 Oct

After 52 Warwick Street the family moved to 10
Darcy Street for part of 1914 to 1916.

Errol lived here
until he had the incident with the little
neighbor's girl Nerida and where he run away from home at age seven and
was missing for two days. It was here while living in this house that
he started school and in July 1916 he was enrolled at
the Franklin House School. 
Apparently compulsory school age was at age seven and a school year
started in July.  I am unable to find a picture of
the Franklin House School.

— Tina


Errol's very first home until age five! 1909-1914

25 Oct

Some references call the house “Villa Mildura” on 52 Warwick Street,
others just “Mildura”, but the house has that name to this day.  They
are semidetached elegant homes, it is not clear how many, but Prof.
Theodore Thomson Flynn rented Villa Mildura in April 1909 shortly after
his and his wife's arrival in Hobart. Come June of the same year Errol
inspected his very first home and he stayed there until 1914 as proven
by Errol himself.  Stated by Bob Casey that apparently a few years ago
at a renovation of Mildura, which must have been around 2004 as Bob
Casey's book was published 2008 and states there that the owner found
edged into the concrete floor under a carpet “Errol Flynn 1914.” Five
year old Errol could print his name very well – picture page 109 – a
very clever kid! Obviously he must have sensed already then that he
better proves his whereabouts!

— Tina