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Barrymore Tights Painting by John Decker!

22 Sep

“Subject of painting, John Barrymore was the kingpin of Hollywood’s Bad Boy Club, “The Bundy Drive Boys.” His legendary exploits along with cronies Errol Flynn, W. C. Fields, and Hollywood’s madcap artist, John Decker, are detailed in the book, “Hollywood’s Hellfire Club,” 2007, Feral House Publishing. This painting is by Decker who portrays Barrymore putting on his tights before a stage performance. Painting is Oil on Board, 22″X28″ housed in a non-vintage frame, with overall outer dimensions of 29 1/2″X 35 1/2″.”



— David DeWitt


One Ship Sails …

10 Sep

— David DeWitt


A Look at Things from Ada Klock …

08 Sep

Tip o’the hat to Karl Holmberg …

— David DeWitt


Errol Flynn in Mallorca …

26 Aug

Errol Flynn in Mallorca

Errol Flynn’s house in Mallorca named El Moli …

— David DeWitt


A very ZACA looking ship, 1932 …

22 Aug

— David DeWitt


Barrymore’s Last Party

21 Aug

August 20, 2020

— Gentleman Tim


Beverly Aadland on Joe Pyne Show!

02 Aug

Joe Pyne was basically a shock jock and a despicable guy …

— David DeWitt


Sadly, Olivia de Havilland has Passed Aged 104 …

26 Jul

Olivia de Havilland, ‘Gone With the Wind’ Star, Dies at 104

— David DeWitt


Behind the Green Light

06 Jul

“You’ve done it, Newell, you’ve found a vaccine.”

Before Covid-19, there was Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Before Dr. Anthony Fauci, there was Dr. Errol, I mean Newell, Paige.

“In the 1937 movie Green Light, Hollywood heartthrob Errol Flynn plays a doctor investigating a devastating new ailment plaguing a remote town in Montana. The story of a heroic doctor infecting himself with the disease to find a cure is fictional, but it’s based in truth. In the early 1900s, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, a deadly tick-borne disease, was erupting. No one knew exactly what caused it or how to cure it.”

— Gentleman Tim


Pat Wymore Sing and Dance 1951 …

29 Jun

— David DeWitt