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Overboard Like Flynn — April 7

08 Apr

Who was he?

– He deliberately looked a lot like Flynn.

– He was to be thrown overboard from the Bounty

– He received a last-minute gubernatorial pardon

Two imsges immediately below added 6pm Thursday. April 8:

— Gentleman Tim



22 Mar

Dear Flynnmates,

always on the outlook for Flynn material, I bought me a(n old) man`s magazine. No, not for the interview. It features an article about Errol`s best man Freddie McEvoy`s untimely demise. The adress where I got it from struck me to some extent. Can it be it came from the estate of the man of River deep-mountain high fame and Second-degree murder infame?

Spector or spectator- who with a NY connection knows if we got the real Phil here?


— shangheinz


Bogie Draws Flynn

13 Feb

February 13, 1938

Screen and Radio Weekly

The illustrious Mr. Bogart draws the illustrated Mr. Flynn – with mean George Brent wielding a whip, and who appears may be Arno out front. (Cropped out of the drawing are Bogie with a slingshot and Wayne Morris in a sailor outfit.)

— Gentleman Tim


What Would Errol Think!?

12 Feb

February 12, 2010

What Would Errol Think!?

“Think of Errol Flynn in “The Dawn Patrol,’’ a tale of brave but doomed aviators flying their kite-like crafts in World War I – “roaring into each blood-red dawn . . . with death on their wings.””

“When the Germans drop a downed pilot’s goggles over stiff-upper-lipped British lines, a character says: “A very gallant gentleman died this afternoon. . .”

“[Today] it’s a far cry from Errol Flynn in his Sopwith Camel.”

— Gentleman Tim


Elvis’s Mom (Not)

02 Feb

Did Joan Fontaine despise Olivia?

— Gentleman Tim


Mail Bag! Kevin McAleer reads out of ERROL FLYNN – AN EPIC LIFE – PalmArtPress, Berlin

29 Dec

Thanks, Kevin …

— David DeWitt


A Flynn Film Quiz

23 Dec

To which film of Errol’s is the below image relevant and why?

— Gentleman Tim


From the Aussie to the Kiwis, Barbi and Beyond — November 20, 2020

20 Nov

Errol’s Hideaway in Chico

Speaking of Chico …

— Gentleman Tim


Gentleman Jim Hotel Room ….

13 Nov

Click the image to read …

— David DeWitt


Beatrice Hudson Ammidown

13 Nov

While researching Errol like I do every day, I found a small snippet from a newspaper of September 1940 in which Errol is linked to Beatrice Ammidown, pocket venus. I started to further research her. She was a society model born in 1915 from New York. She married Henry P Ammidown in 1934. They had a daughter in 1938. In 1939 she started a relationship with Errol. She finalized the divorce in 1940. They were “out” in January 1940 and the press thought she was going to be soon his wife. By September 1940 still together after a break. Nothing after that. She married a rich Greek shipping mogul in 1942.

— Selene Hutchison-Zuffi