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Errol Flynn’s Mulholland House 1942, Moving In!

29 Aug

Errol moves into his newly constructed home in early 1942. There are a few different dates from different sources, but February seems to be the most  accurate. Also listed is the actual size based on the dimensions shown on the architect’s preliminary drawings. (Please excuse the quality of the plans.) Also added is a total cost based on today’s economic values.

— Topper


John Barrymore’s Bella Vista Estate, Trophy Room in 1940!

12 Aug

The Mail Bag brings us this rare program of a visit to John Barrymore’s Trophy Room thanks to Karl Holmberg!

Thanks, Karl!

— David DeWitt


Top’s Trivia! Errol Flynn Cameos!

20 Jul

There has always been great speculation about Flynn’s three supposed cameos: 1944 ,he was “seen” as a walk-on in Lady From Shanghai.

In 1946, he, and Alexis Smith, “did a cameo” in the film Always Together,and in 1951, while in France, he was “in the crowd” in Pardon My French.

These three un-credited examples will continue to baffle Flynn fans.

But…without a cameo appearance … Flynn has been referred to directly in another
picture. I present a single screengrab from the 1952, Crosby and Hope comedy, Road to Bali. To appreciate the reference, may I suggest, finding the film (was on YouTube) and watching
it from 17:05 minutes into the film to approximately 17:55 minutes. It all makes silly sense.


— Topper


Mail Bag! Errol Flynn’s Hobart with Russ Schnioffsky! Part 7!

20 Jul

The Mail Bag brings more of Russ Schnioffsky’s wonder trip to Errol Flynn’s Hobart, Tasmania! It is our Part 7!

Russ writes:

The Friends’ School, Commercial Rd, North Hobart.

Foundered  in 1887, The Friends’ School is one of the largest Quaker schools in the world. Errol was enrolled in 1920 and had to demonstrate his boxing skills in various fights, probably with some fellow boarders (see photo below). He was allegedly expelled (or asked to leave the school) for climbing into the girls dormitory after dark. As a boarder he would occasionally sleep on the upstairs rear veranda which would have been a mighty cold location for a Hobart wintry night.

The Friends School Nowadays
Boarders – Boys, 1920
Errol, aged about 11
Assembly Hall, 1915
Friends’ School
The school may have looked a little like this when Errol was enrolled
Historical marker in front of the school entrance No mention of one particular famous ex-student
Close up of historical marker

— David DeWitt


Mail Bagg! Sean Flynn (Rio) Appears in New Promo for “Zoey 102” in New York!

06 Jul

As many know Rory Flynn’s son Sean Flynn (Rio) starred as a teen in the hit show ZOEY 101 with an ensemble cast. Now he an adult and stars in the new update version of the show with the original cast that will begin streaming July 27. Here is a promo that appeared against the side of a building in NYC sent to us by Rory Flynn.

Thanks, Rory!

— David DeWitt


Death of a Cameraman

27 May

Dear Flynnstones,

amongst the myriad of myths surrounding the sinister shooting of “The Lady from Shanghai“, one also concerns our Errol.

No, not the one about his clandestine cameo. I think  we settled the score once and for all here:

Lord from Shanghai- Errol after all?

It is about Flynn turning Wolf Larsen and wanting to give a young dead cameraman a sea burial.

Read all about it:…

Despite the heat, coolness prevailed.






— shangheinz


His Name iz Curtiz. Michael Curtiz.

16 May

Dear Flynnstones,

the Filmarchiv Austria is showing a retrospective of director Michael Curtiz, née Kertesz, during the months of May and June.

Very appropriately it takes place in one of the oldest and most beautiful venues of movie theatres in Vienna- the METRO KINO.

What makes this event so special for every Flynnophile is, not only will the obvious choices of his best works like “The Adventures of Robin Hood“, “Dodge City“ and “Captain Blood“ be presented, but also the early silent flicks starring Lili Damita are shown on the big screen.

It will be my privilege to lip read to you impressions of little Tiger Lil’ in movies like “Fiaker No. 13“ (Horse Carriage No. 13) and “Das Spielzeug von Paris“ (The Toy of Paris). I expect them to fully convey the divaesque quality, which made Errol think: “That is the star I am going to marry..“

Also in program are “Sodom und Gomorrah“, the monumental movie that got Curt to Hollywood, “The Sea Wolf“, a film tailor made for Flynn, but realized with Edward G. Robinson instead and the inevitable classic “Casablanca“ with local boy Paul Henreid second to the right.

“Mildred Pierce“ (Joan Crawford), “King Creole“ (Elvis Presley), “Yankee Doodle Dandy“ (James Cagney), “Young Man with a Horn“ (Kirk Douglas) and “Angles with Dirty Faces“ (Humphrey Bogart) amongst others round up an intriguing selection of an outstanding oeuvre.

One could say, the Hungarian Hun has come home.

Welcome to Viennawood, my laddies,





— shangheinz


The Earl of Erroll

13 Apr

Dear Flynnstones,

the 1987 movie “White Mischief” based on a true crime story from Kenya in 1940 bears more than one reference to our Hollywood hero.

Not only would Flynn have been perfect for the lead of Josslyn Victor Hay, the 22nd Earl of Erroll, who in the film was portraited by actor Charles Dance, but the antics of the Happy Valley aristocrates can both be seen as mirroring Hollywood royality as well as mimmicking Errol in Northampton.

Flynnmate Trevor Howard picks up (mostly bottles and guns), where he left off in “Roots of Heaven” in one of his last roles-his excessive drinking almost got him fired.

Gorgeous Greta Scacchi, scarcly clad due to the fine weather, in type resembles Pat Wymore.

But it is a real life angle tying the unsolved murder mystery to our Man Flynn.

Matter of fact, in the book of the same title from James Fox, Freddie McEvoy is described as a person of interest in an investigation of the police in South France.

A pearl collier, which plays a special, if not the key role in the whole affair had been stolen from a car.

The heist appears as some sort of a steal and lease back scheme with Suicide Freddie in the midst of things.

In my book this is what really cost Joss his life later on…maybe even Freddie`s.

McEvoy and Errol had planned to take a safari trip together in that area, but the big game hunt was cancelled, because the shooting of “The Adventures of Don Juan” hadn`t finished in time.

“Hail to the Mischief!”,




— shangheinz


Don’t Mansion it…

28 Mar

Dear Flynnstones,

socialite Countess Dorothy DiFrasso (here strolling with another millionaire heiress, a fox fur wearing Barbara Hutton) lent her Bel Air estate to Freddie McEvoy. Take a peak at the mansion, where Errol Flynn mingled with Betty Hansen and see the blue room, which caused much gloom.

Then and Now – 345 St. Pierre Road



— shangheinz


Whale-iam Tell

13 Mar

Dear Flynnstones,

the Mummy Man is back again. Brendan Fraser won the Academy Award for best actor yesterday at the Oscars. He gave a “Whale” of a performance in the namesake movie. Back in 2008 his then name in lights was attached to a project Errol failed to finish: William Tell .

Are some movies doomed from the start? Flynn`s “The Story of William Tell” and Orson Welles`”Don Quijote” were persued for years, but never materialized, due to mostly monetary problems. Terry Gilliam picked up the mule where OW had left off and got lost in la Mancha. Erstwhile.

The adventures of Swiss hero William Tell had already hit the movie screen in the 1930s starring Conrad Veit. Then in 1948 again, this time in Italy, Gino Cervi known from the “Don Camillo & Peppone” series took aim at the apple. In 1960 Switzerland took it up on themselves to immoviealize Will Tell on the big screen- Wilhelm Tell/Burgen in Flammen (“Castles in flammes”) was released.

In 2011 finally William Tell: The Legend 3D (alternate: Crossbow) was announced to be filmed in Altdorf and Romania. Alongside Fraser we would see Anne Paquin (“The Piano”) as his wife Hedwig, Dakota Goyo (“Real Steel”) as his son Walter and German actor Til Schweiger would become Gessler the Hat, the Austrian baddie. Nick Hurran (“Sherlock”) was to direct at first, then Eric Brevig (“Journey to the Center of the Earth”) took over the helm-et. The script came from Scott Reynolds. Tagline of the movie: Farmer. Family Man. Hero. Outlaw.

When in 2013 no arrow had been fired, Brendan sued the producer and saw himself stripped of the lead in favor of another avid archer, Hawkeye Avenger-actor Jeremy Renner. “Hunger Games” director Gary Ross wanted to end the head splitting and start splitting apples. Audiences were left hungry. Again.

Maybe with the new found pouch, ahm punch, B. Fraser will get to do W. Tell at last. A golden statue will get you things prior not available.

Even the appleshot Robin Hood missed.




— shangheinz

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