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New Years with Errol — Ring in with Flynn

31 Dec

New Years with Nora And Ida:…

Errol and Nora

On the A++ Guest List at one or more of Jack & Mary Benny’s legendarily lavish New Years Eve Parties:
Lucy lived right next to the Benny’s, on Roxbury…


— Tim


James Turiello, Marylin Monroe & Errol Flynn!

29 Dec

We’re always happy to hear from our absent Author’s and news of what they are doing! James Turiello writes that he has a new book about Marylin Monroe coming out with a chapter about Errol Flynn:


A picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes that’s true. However in the case of Marilyn Monroe it was always the relevant. Each and every photograph or piece of artwork depicting her image was unrivaled in its beauty. The movies Marilyn starred in are all unique simply because she was in them. From her first image on the big screen as a mere walk on extra to the last image she gave us from her unreleased movie, Marilyn glowed. This book will take you on a special journey along with Marilyn as she always gave 100% to her legions of fans all the while without knowing how great a movie star she truly was. The journey is filled with facts and nuances that will help to convince you if you are not already convinced that Marilyn’s body of work in motion pictures must be recognized with an Oscar.The journey will uncover how Marilyn approached the challenges of her profession and those actors and actresses that share her quest. The journey is filled with hundreds of photographs, artwork and images from around the world, some which you will see for the very first time. There is even a section of Marilyn on postage stamps from not only the United States but from far away places that she never visited. Also included is a complete filmography which includes the cast an reviews. When the journey is over you will be convinced that Marilyn most definitely deserves her Oscar.

  The book even has a chapter about Errol Flynn and how he too was completely overlooked by Hollywood in regard to the Oscar. In 2012 the author released Errol Flynn:

The Quest for an Oscar, and has been campaigning to somehow get The Academy to honor Errol and Marilyn when they open the Academy Award museum in the near future. This idea of the museum was suggested by the author several years ago but they said it wasn’t feasible. It is important that all of Errol’s fans contact them regarding your desire to have him recognized. 

James Turiello will appear on Jack Marino’s Warrior Filmmaker Show Jan 10, 2015.

— David DeWitt


In should`ve been Flynn 7

29 Dec

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

here is another one that got away- a Flynntastic project anyway:…
It took almost twenty years after Errol`s untimely death to see the screen lights.
A full review about this all star cast potential Flynn vehicle resides here:…
If your computer is a trooper you can watch the movie here for free:… or Die (1977)
Unfortunately mine deserted me.


— shangheinz


The Ten Most Sensational Women Errol Met

28 Dec

As of November 1941

Who were They!?!

Screenland 1941-11

— Tim


Dear Santa, My Dear Fellow

27 Dec

Errol Writes Santa


— Tim


The Federal Grinch Who Stole Sirocco — (Almost)

27 Dec

Chicago Tribune, Christmas Week, 1937……


Hollywood, Cal., Dec. 26.– [Special] –

Errol Flynn, screen star, may lose his
trim sailing yacht, Sirocco, because he
is a native of Australia and an alien.

The Sirocco, which Flynn purchased in
Boston last March for $23,000, is well
over sixty feet in length and is listed
at thirty-one cross tons, which is well
over the size which, under a federal statute,
an alien is permitted to own in this country.

“Although Errol has his intention to
become an American citizen, it doesn’t
alter his position,” said his attorney,
O. R. Cummins. “He made an honest
mistake and is willing to abide by
whatever action the government takes.”

A guard for the United States marshal
has taken possession of the Sirocco
at its anchorage in the west basin at San Pedro harbor.

The government will start legal proceedings this week.


— Tim


Countdown to Coronado

26 Dec

Three Weekends Away…



Closeup on Flynn


— Tim


Beginnin’ Like Flynn — Eighty Years Ago — Christmas 1935

25 Dec

Eightieth Anniversary of Captain Blood. Released Christmas Week, 1935.

— Tim


Errol on the Ivories /// White Christmas

25 Dec



— Tim


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Merry Christmas Season to All!

24 Dec




— Tim


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