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Four Score Years Ago — Errol Goes a Partying — — Part 1

April 23, 1941 Hollywood Parade Los Angeles Times By Ella Wickersham Once again the door of the picturesque garden house of the Beverly Hills Hotel to receive a notable and festive medley of filmlanders,with Edmund Goulding in the hosting role and Doris Duke Cromwell enjoying the honor spot. Apropos of the parties Doris has tossed for Eddie’s delectation at her… (more…)

Most Exciting Costume Play of This or Any Other Era

The Adventures of Robin Hood; Released May 14, 1938 Quotes from Louella O. Parsons’ glowing review of The Adventures of Robin Hood The Adventures of Robin Hood is the most exciting costume play of this or any other era. Cunningly combining melodrama, romance, and colorful adventure, it romps along at Twentieth Century speed, making us forget we are seeing legendary… (more…)

The Misadventure of William Tell — A Silent Film… — Tim

Raoul Walsh Attends Showing of Gentleman Jim in Manhattan

Raoul Walsh Attends a Retrospective of His Films at MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, April – July, 1974. Out of approximately seven dozen of his films shown, he chose to attend only Gentleman Jim. Actor … Director … Friend of Flynn … … — Tim

Gentleman Flynn

GENTLEMAN FLYNN THE FRONT ROW NEW YORKER MAGAZINE | 2011 Transcript of “Richard Brody on Raoul Walsh’s “Gentleman Jim” (See Video in red link above.) [Gentleman Jim’s manager, Billy Delaney/William Frawley] Hey, what’s the idea Choynski, where’s your boxing gloves? [Joe Choynski’s Manager] He lost ’em, that’s what he did, He lost ’em [Referee] Yeah, well he can’t fight with… (more…)

Ides of March, 1933 — Errol’s First Public Screening

March 15, 1933 Sydney Morning Herald EXPEDITIONARY FILMS LTD. “BOUNTY” PICTURE LAUNCHED!! To-day, at the Prince Edward Theatre, the film, “In the Wake of the Bounty,” which Mr. Charles Chauvel produced recently, with Tahiti and Pitcairn Islands as the principal backgrounds, will be given its first public screenings. At the Australia Hotel yesterday, the directors of Expeditionary Films Ltd., under… (more…)

Not for Nothing

February 29, 1940 Sidney Skolsky Watching Them Make Pictures If you wait long enough on a Michael Curtiz set, you’re bound to hear a Curtizism. The other afternoon on the set of The Sea Hawk I had a long wait. In fact for the first time I thought reliable Mike was going to fail me. Director Curtiz had Errol play… (more…)

Cameraman & Referee: Best Assignment He Ever Had

On February 26, 2006, the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) presented its Lifetime Achievement Award to Richard Kline. a prestigious honor presented annually to an individual who has made exceptional and enduring contributions to the art of filmmaking. Richard Kline was born on Nov. 15, 1926, into a Los Angeles family that included three prominent ASC cinematographers: his father, Benjamin… (more…)

On to the Empty Horses

February 19. 1936 Elizabeth Yeaman Hollywood Citizen News The directorial stock of Michael Curtiz has soared many points once the release of Captain Blood, which he directed with the previously unknown star, Errol Flynn. Curtiz was so successful in making Flynn a star that Warners now have assigned him again in The Charge of the Light Brigade. … — Tim

Operation Burma!

USA Release on February 17, 1945 Rory on Op Burma & the Baron: … The Operation Burma! Trailer … — Tim