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Meeting the Prez

17 May

Dear Flynnstones,

this rare pic shows Errol meeting Ronald Reagan, who before becoming a B-movie star, started out as a radio commentator. We all know where he ended up.

Both look like at a casting for “Casablanca“. Neither got the part, and so didn’t Hedy Lamarr. What a classic that could have been.

They probably are promoting one of their movies. RR was reminiscing quite often about the good times they had together on the Warner Bros lot. He proudly pointed out towards another Flynnmate, Paul McWilliams (from Objective Burma), that he was not in one, but in two movies with Errol. Paul and the Prez shared the same birthday and his gift card had contained a photo of their respective co-star.



— shangheinz


Hollywood Sweethearts

14 Apr

Dear Flynnstones,

who agrees with me that this picture captures the chemistry of Errolivia to an almost feelable degree?


— shangheinz


Son of Tell

25 Feb









Dear Flynnstones,

until recently very little was known about child actor Guido Martufi, who played Errol‘s son Jimmy/Gemmy in “The Story of William Tell“.

Little Guido won over Jack Cardiff in a casting, which saw him competing against Flynn‘s real life son Sean.

At 12 years he recently had completed “I Vitelloni“, the Fellini film prior to “La Strada“.

As it turns out this child prodigy had already done a tour to Hollywood before, starring in “Westward the Women“ by “Beau Geste“-director Willam A. Wellman and in Fred Zinnemann‘s “Teresa“.

He would go on after the missed appleshot to act in Selznick‘s remake of  “Farewell to the Arms“ and appear in some comedies of Totó, the Italian Charlie Chaplin.

Then at age 20 he would abruptly stop and never act again.

In an Italian interview in 1999 he promised a biography by an American film journalist, which by the sheer size of his work would have made for the slimmest book east of the English Kamasutra.







— shangheinz


Tap Fence

20 Nov

Dear Flynnstones,

even while crossing swords the tandem of Errolivia was a congenial duo. Much like Ginger and Fred the ballet of Blood looks beautiful.




— shangheinz


Liv and Niv plus some Div‘

19 Oct

Dear Flynnstones,


— shangheinz


A Wider Shade of Hale

07 Sep

Dear Flynnstones,

as this picture shows, Rufus Edward Mackahan could have held his own as Robin Hood. Billed Alan Hale, he instead got to play Little John in film on three occasions and for the respective generations. A whale of hails to Errol’s most trusted side-, back- and frontkick.


— shangheinz


Errol Radio Show with Mauch Twins Billy & Bobby!

24 Jan

— David DeWitt


Maid Marion Olivia de Havilland

17 Jan

— David DeWitt


Errol likes his women…ripe

01 Jul

Dear Flynnmates, for some actresses filming with Errol Flynn equals a life insurance.

Maureen O`Hara lived for 95 years, Lady Livvie even saw 104 and recently Mrs. Waltraut Haas celebrated her 94th birthday.

The co-co-star from his unfinished Will Tell epic overcame a stunt-worthy fall down her staircase and plans on a big party once the corona`s box is closed again.

Errol still vividly is on her mind in her new autobiography “But now I  tell it…”

When he fell ill during the ill fated shoot, she cooked him chicken soup.

But when approached by King Farouk for a liaison in exchange for funding the film, she left the post production scene in a hurry.

She has no regrets of not making it to Hollywood (“I wouldn`t have wanted my nose shortened, anyway”), since she had a fabulous career in Europe starring alongside local greats Peter Alexander, Jopi Heesters and Curd Juergens.

I raise a glass of apple wine to her.



— shangheinz


Four Score Years Ago — Errol Goes A Partying — —Part 3

25 May

Three weeks or so after the birth of Sean on May 31 …

June 18, 1941

Hollywood Citizens News

Father’s Day Inspire Family Dinner Party

Father’s Day found Julie Bishop, Warner Brothers actress, entertaining her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Brown, for the evening st Bill Jordan’s Bar of Music.

Other notables glimpsed were Vaughn Paul and his bride, Deanna Durbin. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Howard (Andrea Leeds), Wayne Morris and Patricia Stewart, Carole Landis and Kenny Morgan, Wynn Rocamora, Ida Koverman, and Nils Asther, Joe Pasternak and Johnny Hyde. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Bren, Mitzi Green and Whitney Wear, Errol Flynn and Hardie Albright.

Julie Bishop

Bill Jordan’s Bar of Music, Home of Dueling Pianos

— Tim