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Robin Hood 1922! Douglas Fairbanks!

04 Oct

— David DeWitt


Rory Flynn Interview with Harvey Brownsteen!

21 Feb

Thanks to Debby Phielix …


— David DeWitt


Cannes, Errol Flynn interview in French!

25 Jul

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Window Pane – Errol Flynn!

03 Jul

From the Mail Bag today …


This is for the Errol Flynn blog, as fans of the actor my band Window Pane made a song and a video about him, maybe you want to see it! Here is the link:

Hope you like it! Cheers!!


Thanks so much!

— David DeWitt


Reagan’s most difficult dialogue … Mailbag!

29 Jul

Our dear friend Karl Holmberg writes to us:

… from Desparate Journey, 1942, and this is the film he was referencing during a news reporter’s question:

Gorbachev was a media celebrity in the United States, and the crowds cheered when he jumped out of his limousine and shook hands with people on the street. Reagan was out of the limelight, and it didn’t seem to bother him. Asked by a reporter whether he felt overshadowed by Gorbachev, Reagan replied: ‘I don’t resent his popularity. Good Lord, I once co-starred * with Errol Flynn.’
* meaning that the credit read: “starring Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan




Thanks, Karl!

— David DeWitt


What Do Alice Cooper and Errol Flynn Have In Common?

20 Mar

Just click on the link to find out.  I know we have a lot of Alice fans here so here goes…..

— twinarchers


Flynn and Stone

07 Dec

“Forever Enshrined, Young and Alive

From The Reel Banditos new album, “Indochina, Expanded”…

— Tim


Beverly Aadland singing “All Shook Up” with Groucho!

29 Jul

— David DeWitt


Amanda McBroon sings “Errol Flynn” …

29 Jul


— David DeWitt


Barbara Cook sings “Errol Flynn” …

29 Jul


— David DeWitt