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Errol Flynn Bloopers

17 Jan

— Tina


How to insert a text link into your post!

22 Oct

Turn those long ugly urls into text links!

— David DeWitt


Dodge City Trailer

29 Sep

A wonderful presentation of the premiere of “DODGE CITY” on April 1, 1939 in Dodge City Kansas
75 Years 1939 – 2014.

— Tina


ERROL FLYNN-A Life In Pictures (1909-1959)

25 Apr

Robert Florczak’s Centennial Celebration Video

— David DeWitt


Cuban Rebel Girls

01 Apr

— David DeWitt


From Errol’s era in Hobart

22 Mar

This Youtube video is dated 1913 to 1930 and really shows what Hobart was like when Errol was a boy. Who knows if in the background of this footage there wanders the young scalawag ‘Errol’ himself, or his Mom and Dad? – thanks to Chris Driscoll!

— David DeWitt


Where have we seen this Question Mark?

06 Mar

Via Allegra Curtis

— David DeWitt


Nannette Frabray talks about Errol Flynn!

29 Feb

Special thanks to Bob Peckinpaugh!

— David DeWitt


A bit of Video from Tasmania!

24 Feb

— David DeWitt


Mallorca Video

04 Nov

Remember the video with our friend Ventura about Errol's time on the island of Mallorca? And the work Mamen and Tina were doing to translate it into English? I have finally fnished adding subtitles to it. Sorry it took me so long, but it was a bit of work. Also, Mamen worked hard to translate the other parts which are not about Errol. Thanks to her and Tina again!

I have created a new youtube channel to host the video. I had to split it up to be able to upload it. I thought that it'd be a good idea to have an own channel for the blog, so that also other videos can be uploaded. You can contact me for the password if you want to upload something.

Hope you enjoy.

P.S. All the parts are now online on our new channel:…


— Inga

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