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Errol Flynn-inspired cartoon characters

29 Nov

Hi fellow Flynnians!

Aside from being a Flynn fan, I'm also a big Disney fan (and a fan of animation in general). Yesterday I saw Disney's new (50th) animated film “Tangled”. It's a really great retelling/re-imagining of the fairytale of Rapunzel. Anyway, so what does this have to do with Errol Flynn?

Well…the main hero in the film is a guy named Flynn Rider (actual first name Eugene — note the first initial “E”). The Disney filmmakers named him after Errol, and partially modeled his character on Errol and his swashbuckling hero persona. Here's a brief description of Flynn Rider, taken from a promotional magazine for “Tangled”: “The rogue bandit Flynn Rider is daring, and has always relied on his wit, charm and good looks to get out of even the stickiest of situations.”

Also, here's a quote about the character from one reviewer of the movie: “He's named Flynn by the way, and may remind parents, or grandparents, of a similar hero, circa 1937's 'The Prince and the Pauper'.”

And, to top it off, in the film Flynn Rider tells Rapunzel that he took his name from a legendary swashbuckler by the name of Flynnigan Rider — a man who was daring, heroic, good with the ladies, rich, and could do anything and go anywhere in the world. Sound familiar? :-)

So, this is the 2nd time (if you count their animated version of Robin Hood) that Disney has created an Errol Flynn-inspired animated character. I also know of 3 other Errol-inspired animated characters: The heroic archer-poet called Bow and the hero pirate called Sea Hawk — both from the 1980's animated TV series “She-Ra: Princess of Power”, and the heroic swashbuckling mouse Reepicheep — a computer-animated character in the Disney live-action “Narnia” films.

Anyone else know of any others?

— Rachel


“Charge Of The Light Brigade” Lake Sherwood #2

29 Nov

Another from the Lake Sherwood location. Unfortunately, a large portion of the basin has been filled in (see attached overhead photo), making a “Now” view far less appealing than it might have been had the lake remained as it was in 1936.

— Robert


“Charge Of The Light Brigade” Lake Sherwood

29 Nov

From my recent entrée to a private area of Lake Sherwood–finally, after 25 years! As you can see, it's quite overgrown, preventing a clear view as in the film still. Still magical, though.

— Robert


Download of Rare Films

26 Nov

I just discovered this site were you can download, among others, “The Strange Auction”, “In the Wake of the Bounty”, “Santa Fe Trail” and others things related to Errol:…


— Inga

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Happy Thanksgiving Errol Flynn Fans!

25 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!

Special thanks to SUZY for this gif!

— David DeWitt

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Jan R. van der Vliet tells me…

23 Nov

Jan R van der Vliet wrote to me recently, in part:

 I have this logo embroidered on almost all of my shirts, I tell you it is a great topic of
The second file is of Errol in the 50s which his
original logo, so one can never say I pinched it, I just innovated on it!

I think it looks great!

— David DeWitt

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CoCo Flynn?

19 Nov

Here is a bit of a strange thing!

Is the name Coco Flynn familiar to you? The “granddaughter of Errol Flynn”, according to herself has been attending Flynn events in Hollywood for about a year and the press apparently takes her at her word for the authenticity of her claims but Rory Flynn does not! Rory tells us this woman has been exploiting her father's name and attending events honoring Errol Flynn or related to her family members such the Hollywood Premier of the film the “Road to Freedom” about Sean Flynn's career as a photographer in Vietnam…

Despite being told to stop by Rory, Coco Flynn persists she is related to Errol and is apparently having a high old time in Hollywood!

If Rory shows up in Hollywood at the same event some time, I hope this chick knows where the nearest exit is…

Coco Flynn?

— David DeWitt


'New Errol Flynn Movie Classics On DVD'

17 Nov

Warner Brothers is releasing five Errol Flynn movie classics to DVD for the first time.

These can be ordered at the website:…

The titles being released are:

“Green Light” (1937)

“Footsteps In The Dark” (1942)

“Cry Wolf” (1947)

“Never Say Goodbye”  (1947)

“That Forsyte Woman” (1949)


These are DVD's 'On Demand' and are selling for $19.96 each.

You can order all of the above except for “Cry Wolf” as one set from WB for the bargain price of $47.88.

“Cry Wolf” can be ordered individually or as part of a Barbara Stanwyck set for $59.85 along with:

         “The Secret Bride” (1933)

         “The Woman In Red” (1935)

         “B.F.'s Daughter” (1949)

         “Man With A Cloak” (1953)


Also VCI Entertainment has released a new, restored version of Errol Flynn's last movie “Cuban Rebel Girls” (1959) on a double-feature DVD with “Prehistoric Women”.

The other Flynn movies contain some of his best screen work and are all fun to watch.   On the other hand “Cuban Rebel Girls” reminds us just low Flynn's film career had sunk to at the time he made it.   He is obviously in very bad health and in the closing scene looks like a walking zombie.   It's easily the worst 'swan song' or farewell film on any Hollywood movie great.  In fact it's even worse than Bela Lugosi's last movie “Plan 9 From Outer Space” (1959). 

Come to think of it, Lou Costello's last movie “The 30 Foot Bride Of Cndy Rock” was also released in 1959.    It was without his straight man Bud Abbott and is both unfunny and terrible but “Cuban Rebel Girls” makes it look like “Gone With The Wind”!

Best Wishes

Ralph Schiller

— Ralph Schiller


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Errol Flynn's Cufflinks

13 Nov

You may have seen this auction item on ebay? Errol Flynn's Monogrammed 14K Button with Provenance it has ended without a buyer but may be back! The description adds another layer of understanding to the things going on in Vancouver, BC in the days before and after Flynn died of a massive heart attack in the condo-apartment at 1310 Burnaby St. It tells a tale:

“Single 14 K gold (tested) monogrammed button which belonged to the late Hollywood movie actor Errol Flynn with a four page letter of provenance, acquired in 1959. Provenance is a four page letter written and signed before her death in 2008 by the late Mrs. Joan Keenlyside, wife of the late Judge Harold Keenlyside, O.C. of the British Columbia Supreme Court of Justice, who died in 2001. Judge and Mrs. Keenlyside were personal friends of Mr. & Mrs. George Caldough (Mr. Caldough was a Vancouver, B.C. stock promoter) who she refers to as “Mr. & Mrs. C” in this letter. This letter of provenance and the 14 K gold monogrammed in script “EF” button belonging to Errol Flynn was passed down to her son. The button measures 9/16″ in diameter and weighs 3.7 grams. Each page of the letter measures 8″ x 5 5/16″. The four page letter reads:

“In 1959 Errol Flynn was a house guest of Mr. & Mrs. C (Mr. C. promoter / entrepreneur / stockbroker) at their luxury home (rented) in West Vancouver, British Columbia. At the time his whole preoccupation was with selling his luxury yacht which was moored in the Bahamas. He made no secret of the fact that he was broke and all depended on this sale – necessitating long phone calls at all times of day & night. He and Mr. & Mrs. C were guests at a large cocktail party in Vancouver, B.C. on the day of his death. He excused himself as he was not feeling well & moved into a nearby guest room, lay down & subsequently died. After all was over the C's returned to their home in West Vancouver. Unbeknownst by their friends and aquaintances they also were flat broke & were looking to Errol Flynn to perhaps help them launch a new fancy restaurant they were thinking of launching in high income West Vancouver. Mrs. C told me they were aghast and she went to the room where Errol Flynn had slept & opened the clothes closet and all that was there was a threadbare blazer a few buttons hanging loosely. She said to her husband: quote ” we will never recover those telephone bills – what shall we do?” She decided perhaps something could be recovered on the apparently few gold buttons left on the jacket. She clipped them off – 2 large buttons on the front – 2 small buttons, one on each cuff where obviously 2 more had been at one time. Each one inscribed with his signature “EF”. I met Mrs. C at a dinner party in Vancouver and it was soon after the above events. She told myself and anyone else close by the above course of events where upon I said would be interested in one of the smaller buttons for my gold charm bracelet which she had admired each time we met. She acquiesced immediately & on mentioning the whole thing to my husband across the room – he said sure “make her an offer”. She immediately accepted and said she would bring it to me at our next meeting – a luncheon at the West. Vancr. Tennis Club. This came about & we exchanged the button & the cheque & that was the end of it. I have the understanding that they are both deceased, after this many years. Joan L. Keenlyside.”

— David DeWitt


Mallorca Episode

13 Nov

Hi Aresia,

I attach sagain some pics of Errol in Malloca, the stone pic of can catalá and other of Hotel Bon Sol, you can see also in my last post , hope you can enjoy


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