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Remembering Sean Flynn, son of Errol on what would have been his 71st birthday.–A. R. — ILIKEFLYNN

Reed/McQueen — Flynn!

Maybe a little off-topic but we get to Flynn in the end! An amusing little tale I saw on another forum. The topic was arrogant film stars and Steve McQueen was mentioned and his infamous meeting with Oliver Reed.   If its any consolation, Ollie Reed once threw up on him in a nightclub From the autobiography of George MacDonald… (more…)


David’s outcry made me think! Much as morbid curiosity may go, I too would rather not see Errol that way! So if I may be indulged, I would like to share two of my favorite photos. In the studio publicity shot showing the more mature Errol, he kind of reminds me of my father. (At least how I remember him.)… (more…)


— David DeWitt

Just saw a photo of Errol Flynn laying dead on a gurney posted to this blog!

My friends – I was checking out the link posted by someone to the blog in response to an article posted by John Teitlov regarding Flynn’s autopsy records.  I check links to make sure they are not spam if the system has not flagged it. This comment got through which usually means the commenter has had other comments approved but… (more…)

Tina Nyary

I  have been in touch with our wonderful blog member Tina Nyary who tells me she is the caregiver for a terminally ill family member and all of her time is now taken up with this – and that she is rarely on the computer. She says it is  all right for me to mention this on the blog so… (more…)

French Posters

These should be French posters. What I found surprising was that for several posters, they used portraits (photos) of Errol from the same series. [flagallery gid=19 name=Gallery] — Inga

What happened to Arno??

He looks… as if someone shaved him??? Does anybody know? — Inga

German Movie Posters Gallery

Here are all the German/Austrian movie posters of Errol’s films I could find. What I find interesting is that he is sometimes depicted older than he was when the film was made. But this must be due to his popularity in Germany in his later years. Only look at the third Sea Hawk poster (Der Herr der sieben Meere)! Or… (more…)

Captain Blood!

A very good blog called Post Production has a great posting about Captain Blood! Linc Hurst and Tom McNulty are mentioned in the article… Errol Flynn: Captain Blood –   Thanks to Karl Holmberg — David DeWitt