Just saw a photo of Errol Flynn laying dead on a gurney posted to this blog!

24 May

My friends – I was checking out the link posted by someone to the blog in response to an article posted by John Teitlov regarding Flynn’s autopsy records.  I check links to make sure they are not spam if the system has not flagged it. This comment got through which usually means the commenter has had other comments approved but since John’s articles are number one in popularity for spammers I followed the link –

We have discussed this on the blog and have agreed to keep any photo of Errol dead off these pages; as I clicked on this commentator’s link a photo began to appear and there was Errol laying dead on a gurney! I quickly stopped the download but the damage is done as far as I am concerned. I have carefully avoided photos like this for DECADES not wanting to see Flynn in this state, ever in my life… I would think that someone contemplating such a link would have thought about the feelings of the readers of this blog before posting something like this. John gave his email address to be used to contact him in his post but the commenter decided to leave the link for ANYBODY to view which was rather thoughtless!

I have deleted the comment, of course.

I will put a notice on the FAQ’s page about not posting such photos if it will help!

I hope none of you saw this link before I did – I know that viewing a photo like this is a personal choice and many researchers feel it is just part of their research and they can handle it on that basis. For me, it is not something I ever wanted to see preferring to keep his image alive in my mind and so I am very disappointed by this.

— David DeWitt

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  1. timerider

    May 26, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    Sorry gang, but I have a natural curiosity and may be a little morbid at times. LOL! I saw photos of the slab but Errol left a young looking body that was not really decimated by 80 years of time as was my dad’s. Errol may have had the guts of an 80 year old but he still looked like 45-50 for his times. Most actors have the luxury of leaving behind the movies and photos of their youth that gives them immortality in the flesh at least. I want to remember my Dad as he was in the first 40 years of his life and not the dying 80 year old that lost 100 lbs to emphysema and was just a shadow of the man he once was.I want to remember Errol Leslie the same.