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Mail Bag! Marvelous Kirt Doke Errol Flynn Paintings!

31 Jul

Rory Flynn received an email from Kirk Doke and he has kindly allowed us to publish it here on the blog:

Dear Rory,

Congratulations on the publication your new book.  I purchased a copy of The Baron a couple of years ago and I enjoyed reading it very, very much.  Thank you for all of the hard work that you have conducted on your father’s behalf.  All Flynn fans are deeply indebted to you for your remarkable passion.

I read on the EF blog today that the Decker portrait of Errol Flynn was recently restored.  That is great news and I hope you enjoy the work very much.  Your father’s interest in art has always fascinated me.

Please find attached images of Errol Flynn that I have painted.  I am contacting you via a secure educational email system and this is not a solicitation.

For the last 35 years I have taught and exhibited art.  Before academia called, I was fortunate to work for a year in a movie memorabilia store in Greenwich Village.  It was there that I started collecting Errol Flynn items.

Five years ago, I retired from full time teaching and transitioned to part time, which now allows me more time to paint.  My goal is to produce a couple EF paintings per year, with ten now being close to exhibition form.  I enjoy touching them up now and then.

The main focus has been the swashbuckling movies and I am moving into the war and westerns next. The works are painted in acrylic on canvas and all paintings are 30″ x 48.”

I wish to keep the series intact, and they will not be offered commercially.

In a few years I will be contacting regional art centers and museums to exhibit a retrospective of my career and I plan to exhibit them at that time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy my work.

Very Best,

Kirt G. Doke
M.A., M.A., M.F.A.
Adjunct Professor Art
Saginaw Chippewa Tribal College

Mt. Pleasant, MI


— David DeWitt


Showdown by Errol Flynn!

17 Jun

The West Australian Newspaper

Saturday, October 12, 1946

At work on SHOWDOWN with his editorial assistant …

The dedication he wrote to his parents reveals he was not happy with the final result … perhaps warding off criticism of his work?

The book went on to be republished in paperback many times. It is now a collector’s item and if you have a copy, hang onto it!



— David DeWitt


A Trophy for Travilla

04 May

Western Union – May 4, 1948

“[Billie] “Travilla” arrived in Hollywood in 1941 and won an Academy Award for his designs in Adventures of Don Juan starring Errol Flynn. He is credited as the costume designer of over 90 films and television productions — nine of which starred Marilyn Monroe. He may be best known for creating Monroe’s iconic Seven Year Itch white halter dress which was forever associated with both of them. (See below)”

The scene that the not thrill Joe DiMaggio. Dress by Travilla.

— Tim


Tax Time

15 Apr

April 15th being the traditional last day for filing income tax forms, here are Errol’s from 1953

Quoting WorthPoint:

“Errol Flynn signed tax payers copy of his 1953 Federal Income Tax return form 1040 with supporting schedules. This incredible document has significant content as the schedules gives us a glimpse into the life and finances of Errol Flynn during this period. It refers to his wife and lists his dependent children as well as his address in Italy. The included schedules also refer to the profit and loss on his investments such as his Titchfield Hotel , Navy Island , cattle, plantation and his acting expenses . He also deducts $ 20,666 for theft by his business manager. He reports a large sum of income from sale of stock of Thompson Productions as well as sale of his plane.”

— Tim


LOOK 🎯 Errol Kissing Olivia

13 Apr

LOOK Magazine – April 12, 1938
The Adventures of Robin Hood


– The Rockefeller Women, wives of the John D. Rockefeller clan, the former Blanchette Hooker, Mary Clark and Mary French.

– Blind persons learn how to row at European school for the blind.

– Confidentially column includes Francisca Gall, Yehudi Menuhin, Barbara Huckins, May McAvoy, Will H. Hays, Lora Marlo, Sidney Skolsky, Anthony Averill, Mary Margaret McBride, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., David and Joseph Maddox and two unrelated men named Joseph John Toth.

– Auto driver Wilbur Shaw in an ad for Camel cigarettes.

– Photographic manipulations proved pictures do tell lies, samples by photographers Henry Clay Gipson, Bill Ries, and A.J. Sockoloskie.

– A photo study of who collects taxes and where they go in Peoria, Illinois; carpenter Homer M. Lynn and family buy shoes from Harry Frankel, groceries from John Frasco, discuss taxes with city assessor Dan Goggin. Other businesses include Hiram Walker, Rock Island railroad, Caterpillar Tractor, young Russell Deal at the Pea Ridge School, Marjorie Frye at the Proctor Recreation Center, Tildon Cecil at the relief office.

– A magician saws a woman in half using Horace Goldin’s trick.

– Boycott against Japan.

– Dorothy Wender Heizer of Essex Falls, New Jersey creates the world’s most expensive dolls.

– Passion play in Oberammergau, Germany.

– Is Paulette Goddard your choice for Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind”?

– U.S. Navy builds biggest aircraft carrier, the Yorktown, illustration by Logan Reavis.

– The table manners of Mable Tanners.

– The camera trains diver Herta Schieche of Berlin.

– Hollywood off guard, Carole Lombard, Ginger Rogers, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Marlene Dietrich, Gary Cooper.

– Climbing the pyramid of Gizeh is a workout.

– Movie tricks, including Henry Fonda.

– The private life of Louisiana’s governor Richard Leche.

– Flash Gordon returns to Earth.

– Bill Klem, the umpire who never made a mistake.

-Girl archers at Long Branch Junior College in California.

– Ruth Law, first woman stunt flyer.

– 60-year-old Grace Logan of Los Angeles is skilled at jujitsu.

— Tim


Mail Bag! Eddie Sotto & Captain Blood Call Sheets!

06 Apr

I enjoyed the Laguna Beach then and now pictures you posted. Very nice. Years ago, I came across to complete production records for that film, even down to who the sword fighting doubles were on the beach and when they lost the sun. Very interesting stuff,
You can pretty much go day by day and scene by scene and even shot by shot of that film and know what time people came and left. A bit of a rabbit hole! But it’s a complete record of a classic film.




— David DeWitt


Diary of an Actor-Adventurer as a Young Man

26 Mar

“Beautiful spring day, warm sunshine, country beautiful. How can people fight a war in this lovely weather? Four hours train journey from here the most savage cruel patricidal war is being waged.”

So begins Errol’s Spanish Civil War Diary, eighty-four years ago today, on March 26, 1937.

Further, Errol wrote:

“Everyone is armed – some with large knives plus revolvers, but all with revolvers. The train is stopped. Plane has been heard – we are crowded with young loyalists all armed and with oddest assortment of uniforms.”

Christies wrote:

“Into the environment of violence and constant strife between fascists led by the iron-fisted Franco on the one side, and republicans and communists on the other, goes the intrepid Errol Flynn.”

Christies’ description of the diary:

“Autographed manuscript, various locations in Spain, 26th March, 1937, through at least April 2, in pencil. 74 pages, averaging at least 20 lines per page, 4 x 6 1/2 inches, bound in dark green leather over paper covers, strongly written and very legible; in very fine condition.”

— Tim


A Check for Woody’s

06 Jan

– aka Woody and Eddy’s, a longtime favorite restaurant in Pasadena…

January 5, 1945

— Tim


Frankenstein vs. Captain Blood

11 Dec

Read the rest of this entry »

— Tim


Future Warner Bros Star, Errol Flynn … 1935!

21 Nov

One month before the Warner Brothers release of Captain Blood on December 19, 1935 …

— David DeWitt

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