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Errol Flynn Movie Themes on Amazon!

20 Jul

Debby Phielix sends us this news! There is a couple of sets of Errol Flynn theme music available on Amazon!

Thanks, Debby!

— David DeWitt


Errol Flynn on the Cover – 1945!

13 Jul

— Topper


Errol Flynn Portraits!

04 Jul

Mail Bag from our Topper MacKay!

More Portraits …

1935 was a busy year for Flynn in front of the cameras. Not only was this his fourth portrait session of the year (shown here) but it was shot in the fall, during the filming of Captain Blood … along with some other activities!


— David DeWitt


Errol Flynn On Screen, Stage & Cartoons?

27 Jun

During Flynn’s career at Warner Brothers he probably appeared in every type of feature, featurette and short subject possible. But little is mentioned of his career in cartoons. Here are three of them where references, or more, are made about Errol.

— Topper


Errol Flynn Covers the World!

20 Jun

Just taking a break from the countless magazine covers Flynn did in the U.S., so
here is a miniature collection of a foreign few from 1951.

— Topper


Collectible Poster of Spanish Version of Robin Hood!

08 Jun

We like to promo items of friends of the blog from time to time and here is a great opportunity to buy a very collectible Spanish version of the 1938 Robin Hood poster featuring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland!

From Carola Nicethings on Facebook:


To raise money for our rescue dogs, cats and birds, and the high costs of their care and medical bills, we sell a variety of personal items, all good quality and reasonable prices.

This is a collectable vintage poster of the Spanish version of the 1938 movie Robin Hood with Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland.

Measurements are 70 cm wide x 100 cm high, with a black metal frame, plexiglass front and sturdy cardboard backing.

To collect in Alhaurín El Grande, 1 km north-west of the polígono La Rosa main road entrance.

Also willing to send the poster by Registered Mail to you, without the frame and the poster folded.

Please see my other items, and I also sell a large variety of potted plants!

Carola Nicethings

— David DeWitt


Portraits, Portraits, Portraits! Errol Flynn at Warner Bros!

06 Jun

The most portraits officially taken of Errol Flynn were during his time with Warmer Bros., of course, also known as glamour shots. These are pictures specifically shot  just of Flynn. No other persons, no movie stills, no candids or special events. These were marked with E.F. and a number (e.g. E.F.308).

His career in the U.S. photo studios began with E.F.1 at WB in late November/early December of 1934, shot by Scotty Welbourne, and ended with E.F.608 at WB on December 17, 1957.

Here is a sample of a WB shoot from Dec.20-23, 1938 by photographer, Bert Longworth.



— Topper


Errol Flynn’s Cruise of the Zaca & Deep Sea Fishing!

30 May

When Flynn took his expedition cruise down the Mexico coast in August of 1946, there were two short subjects made through Warner Bros. that were released years later after all the legalities about the films were resolved.

The Cruise of the Zaca premiered on November 26, 1952 at the Embassytheatres in New York City and continued around the country for months.

The other film, Deep Sea Fishing, was also scheduled for theatrical release about the same time.

But that never happened. The film was released earlier, only on television, on June 8, 1952. I have also included the newspaper clipping of the premiere.

Have fun …

— Topper


A Few Firsts for Flynn!

22 May

Topper MacKay provides a first installment of some looks inside his two volume book on dear ‘ol Errol: “Errol Flynn, Movie Star” …


The following  excerpts speak for themselves as they appeared in the book . The first U.S. magazine cover. January 31, 1936. The first overseas cover.  April 12, 1936. There may have been a dispute about the first one overseas, since the French magazine Cinemonde included a free paper supplement in their regular issue of Feb, 20, 1936. It did not appear on the magazine’sactual cover for that issue. Here is the flyer that was added though I am submitting it for reference only and did not include this insert in the book.

And the first U.S. magazine article with an Errol Flynn byline. August 9, 1936.





— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! What Errol Flynn Books Have You Read?

08 Jan

Our great friend Jan van der Vliet shows us his bookshelf today and asks What Errol Flynn books have you read?

Thanks, Jan …

— David DeWitt

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