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Lost Image Plugin!

During an updating of plugins I lost the image embedding plugin most of us have been using. And I’ve spent hours trying to find it again. Since this plugin uses mostly images posted on other sites we lost all of those images. That’s the problem with linking to images hosted elsewhere, they can be taken down, or something like this,… (more…)

Errol in Packard

Steve and I had lunch at the Kentish Hotel where all the Errol pics are anyway we saw this pic of Errol in his Packard . Sorry about the reflection on glass. His wife did say when he had time he would like to share some of his pics with ours. Love genene — tassie devil

Bow and arrow skill

[embedyt][/embedyt] — daringthorpe


[embedyt][/embedyt] — daringthorpe

Who Am I?

And who am I to Errol, so I say? P.S. I’m closely associated with photographs and celebrities, often seen at events with the rich and famous. — Tim

Stuntmen, stand-ins and stooges III

Dear fellow Flynn fans, Jock Mahony was the go- to- fallguy for any leap of faith. He made a name for himself within the stunt community and a top 1000 $ by jumping down a staircase from a standing position in “The Adventures of Don Juan”. Born in Chicago of 1919 Jacques O’Mahoney excelled at swimming, basketball, and football at the University of Iowa.… (more…)

How to Add Photos to Posts!

These are the steps to add Photos to your Posts if you are an Author on this blog like the one above. On the Add New Post page, add your title to your new post. Click the Add Media button on your toolbar. Click Upload files in the Media Library. Click Select Files. Select Source from your device. Select an… (more…)

A New “Errol Flynn”

“Errol Flynn” From Amanda Broom to Donnie Britts, via Billy Bob Thornton – A Beautiful Song, with both Loving & Heartbreaking Lyrics:…… — Tim

“New Errol Flynn DVD Release!”

Olive Films has released for pre-order one of Errol Flynn’s most obscure and under-rated films ‘The Adventures Of Captain Fabian’ (1951). The film was expensively produced by Republic Pictures and shot overseas in Paris, France. Frankly it’s a dark, gothic story starring Vincent Price and Micheline Presle (the director William Marshal’s wife) as an evil couple in grand old New… (more…)

Sea and Hill hunting II

Dear fellow Flynn fans, here are some subtle subtitles to the filmsy footage:…… The archer Jerry Hill remembers his uncle Howard. Errol Flynn’s favorite sailing boat was called, Sirocco. He had another called ZACA. It had a flag on it that had a picture of a fighting game rooster with the boats name below the picture. When he would sail out of Balboa,… (more…)