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Requiem for a Cavalier

12 May

An “Extended Version” of Tony Thomas’s “Sound Picture” interview of and tribute to Errol was posted yesterday on YouTube.Fascinating to hear Errol talk about his life at such length Here it is, from his youth in Tasmania to his days just prior to filming Roots of Heaven.

— Tim


Road to Mulholland

24 Apr

On Sunday, February 13, 1949, Flynn Flung a Party Up at the Farm on Mulholland.

See, Flynn Flings a Party on the EFB

On the list of luminaries invited to that A-list soiree was the fum and gorgeous Dorothy Lamour. Here she is that party, just her and Errol.

It’s been said that Errol and Dorothy dated. They certainly appear to have enjoyed each other’s company very much and could have been an extremely attractive couple. Circa their being together in ’49, Dorothy recorded ‘Moonlight Becomes You’, a sensational song that became an instant classic when Bing Crosby sang it to her years earlier in Road to Morocco.

Seen in a different light, the title ‘Moonlight Becomes You’ could also be interpreted as ironically applying to the rape trial turning point in Errol’s life, though I’m sure Dorothy never had that in mind. …Here she is singing the song that (rightfully) helped make her famous. (I know I’ve had a major crush on her since the day I first her in that Hope-Crosby classic.) Background vocals by the great Crew Chiefs, known mostly for singing during the War with the Glenn Miller Orchestra.


Errol was going through a very difficult time in his marriage with Nora, one that sadly resulted in divorce. Nora was a beautiful and desirable woman, so much so that Dick Hames and John Ireland were both trying to win her affections in 1949. So much so that one of the world’s greatest songwriters – Jimmy Van Heusen – also fell in love with her, making his feelings known for all time in the ‘But Beautiful’ – a now-standard jazz gem which Bing also sang to Dorothy in a Road picture – the Road to Rio! – And which was also sung at Nora’s funeral ❤.

Here’s the beautiful ‘But Beautiful’, written for Nora, sang here to Dorothy Lamour:

— Tim


Errol and Lana Quarrel … and Quarrel … and Quarrel

08 Feb

February 8, 1942

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Go to Radio

Part 2

Part 3

— Tim


“Sounds Exactly Like Errol”

09 Jan

On January 9, 1952

Chicago Daily Tribune TV and Radio Reporter, Tony Remenih, opined:

Casanova “sounds exactly like Errol Flynn.”

“[T]his swashbuckling mademoiselle chaser reads a script loaded with improbable situations, double entendres and what I suppose is Riviera playboy talk.”

With a stimulating tour of Port Antonio and bamboo raft adventure on the Rio Grand!

The Modern Adventures Of Casanova. 1952. The descendent of the famous Italian diplomat is secretly an agent for Interpol, an international crime fighting organization. Christopher Casanova is sent to Jamaica to recover the priceless arm from a statue stolen from the Caribbean Museum in Kingston. It was one of the missing arms of the Venus de Milo!

List of Alleged Episodes:


Episode 1 – Premiere – 3 January 1952 – set in Venice Italy
Episode 2 – “The Phony Count” – 10 January 1952 – Casanova saves a woman from a phony count
Episode 3 – “Family Vendetta” – 17 January 1952 – Casanova visits Venice and deals with the Marchetties, enemies of the Casanovas
Episode 4–24 January 1952 – while skiing in Switzerland, Casanova helps play cupid for a younger couple
Episode 5–31 January 1952
Episode 6–7 February 1952
Episode 7–14 February 1952 – Casanova helps on Valentine’s Day
Episode 8–21 February 1952
Episode 9–28 February 1952
Episode 10–6 March 1952
Episode 11–13 March 1952
Episode 12–20 March 1952
Episode 13–27 March 1952 – Casanova tracks down a dope smuggling ring in Paris
Episode 14 – “The Bride of the Rain God” – 3 April 1952 – Casanova investigates a cursed relic from the Mayan civilisation responsible for killing people
Episode 15–10 April 1952 – Casanova investigates a pair of con artists on the French riviera
Episode 16–17 April 1952 – Casanova smashes a gold smuggling syndicate
Episode 17 – “The Black Dowry Pearls” – 24 April 1952 – Casanova goes to Venice to retrieve some pearls from Phillip II
Episode 18–1 May 1952
Episode 19–8 May 1952
Episode 20–15 May 1952 – Casanova goes to Egypt to stop a drug smuggling ring
Episode 21 – “The Missing Arm of Venus de Milo” – 22 May 1952 – Christopher Casanova is sent to Jamaica to recover the missing arm of the Venus de Milo.
Episode 22–29 May 1952
Episode 23–5 June 1952
Episode 24–12 June 1952
Episode 25–19 June 1952
Episode 26–26 June 1952 – Casanova investigates the murder of a beauty in Paris


Episode 27 – first of season two – 2 October 1952
Episode 28 – “The Sumatra Adventure” – 9 October 1952
Episode 29–16 October 1952
Episode 30–23 October 1952
Episode 31 – “The Gold Brick Swindle” – 30 October 1952 – Casanova goes to Karachi
Episode 32–6 November 1952
Episode 33–13 November 1952
Episode 34–20 November 1952
Episode 35 – “The Star of Thessaly” – 27 November 1952 – Casanova guards an old Greek millionaire who is visiting Paris with a diamond
Episode 36–4 December 1952
Episode 37–11 December 1952
Episode 38
Episode 39

— Tim


Tribute to T. T. Flynn, Ph.D.

24 Oct

October 11, 1883 – October 24, 1968

Tasmania’s First Professor of Biology…

Thank you very much to Philip for his previous posting of the audio above on the EFB.

— Tim


Errol Flynn—Voyager Quiz

14 Oct

A Tribute to Errol – Eternal Voyager – June 20, 1909 to Infinity

What is the indirect connection between “The Golden Record” that went into space with Voyager in 1977
and Errol’s death in Vancouver, 1959? (Focus on the brilliantly-played music)

— Tim


Warner Bros. West Coast Premiers of The Adventures of Robin Hood

12 May

The Adventures of Robin Hood opened almost simultaneously at both Warner Bros. Downtown (Seventh and Hill) and Warner Bros. Hollywood (on Hollywood Boulevard at Wilcox.) Here is an ad for the openings that ran on May 12 in the Los Angeles Daily Mirror.

The Adventures of Robin Hood at the Warner Bros. Downtown Theatre

The Adventures of Robin Hood at Warner Bros. Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard

— Tim


Baron the Bengal Lancer — April 10, 1939

10 Apr

Lives of a Bengal Lancer

Presented by Cecil B. DeMille

Starring Errol Flynn, C. Aubrey Smith, Bruce Aherne, and Jackie Cooper

Lux Radio Theater
Air Date: April 10, 1939

“A thrilling story of the Her Majesty’s Lancers who bring peace and order to a far flung corner of India, suggested by the book of Francis Yeats-Brown.”

“The intermission guest is General Hugh Johnson, Member of FDR’s Brain Trust, director of the National Recovery Administration, columnist, and soldier under General Pershing. He spoke from Washington D. C.”

At the broadcast’s conclusion, Errol gives a big thanks to his fans throughout the U.S., with especial gratitude and praise for those who attended the Dodge City World Premier nine days earlier, on April 1, 1939.

Inspired by Lives of the Bengal Lancers with Gary Cooper, the film that inspired Warnet Brothers to produce The Charge of the Light Brigade.

— Tim


Valentine’s Day 1942

14 Feb

P.S. Useless trivia – Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg was born on the day of this broadcast, February 14,1942.

— Tim


Errol Flynn as Nathan Hale*

08 Oct

I only regret that he had but one show on Hale to leave, and it was not on film.

More of the amazing talent in Errol’s orbit and world:

October 10, 1941

Zuma Palmer
Hollywood Citizen News

Errol Flynn on the Kate Smith Hour from KNX at 9 will play the part of Nathan Hale in “Heritage,” an original drama by Jean Holloway. Johnny Burke as “The Original Draftee” and the Three Pitchmen will be other features. Miss Smith will close her program with “We’re All Americans.”

JOHNNY BURKE – One of the greatest writers of popular song lyrics in history. (With a later, second Flynn connection through the song for Nora, “But Beautiful”.)…

THE THREE PITCHMEN – A Popular Novelty Musical Trio

KATE SMITH – Closed her show with Flynn with the crowd-rousing “WE’RE ALL AMERICANS”

Here’s one of great Kate’s contemporaneous versions of We’re All Americans (All True Blue), followed by three other spectacular songs that were “sang in the name of victory” for WWII.

* Not to be confused with Alan Hale

— Tim

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