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Black and White Flynn

16 Apr


No point in trying to colorize this.

— twinarchers



03 Oct

This is a little poem (and not quite PC) I… respect stories and facts about Burma during the war.  I have copied the introduction (in italics).

Whilst on holiday in Cyprus last month, we met Bert Peers who turned out to be quite a character!  He entertained us for many hours with his poems and extracts from Kipling, etc.  One in particular took our fancy, “Errol Flynn and me” – so much so that he sent us a copy because of my Burma connection.  I have checked with Bert, and he is to quote:- “quite happy for you to spread his poem but wants to point out that he wrote it as a skit after seeing the film ‘Burma Victory’ (sic) ‘Objective Burma’ which apparently anyone who was there during the War absolutely hated.”

I thought Objective Burma was great!


-just Errol Flynn – and me.

The war in Europe was ending in the winter of ‘44

I thought that I had done my bit but the Air Force wanted more;

They said that now the Jerries had been beaten well and true,

It’s time the Japs were taught just what a Yorkshire lad can do;

And so they then decided before the battle could begin

They’d send for reinforcements – me and Errol Flynn.


They sent us off to Chittagong and on to Cox’ Bazaar,

We flew right down from Ramree, it wasn’t very far,

They said that we should both report to Burma GHQ

As the brass hats at the centre really hadn’t got a clue,

So they then decided we should help out General Slim

And so we went to meet him – me and Errol Flynn.


‘At last’, said Bill we’ve got a chance now that you lads have arrived,

We’ll give the Japs a shake up, a mighty big surprise;

We’ll chase the blighters all the way from Magwe down to Prome

Those little yellow perils will wish they had stayed at home

So come on lads get cracking if battle you would win

We only needed you to come – you and Errol Flynn

 So we chased them all the morning, – we were feeling very warm;

We chased through the evening, through night until the dawn,

We chased them through the jungle ‘till we came to old Pegu,

And the Japanese commander just knew not what to do

His Generals suggested that they might as well give in

When they were told that what they faced was me and Errol Flynn. 

A few snags we encountered as we advanced all that day,

A Nip armoured division we swept out of our way

Some Geisha girls the Japs then sent to try to halt our push,

And some 40,000 Japanese were trampled in the rush

And who was in the forefront with a beatific grin

None other than yours truly, yes me and Errol Flynn. 

Those Geisha girls were lovely, and we really made them swoon

They said that they would wait for us when we finally reached Rangoon

So we pressed on forward our just reward to take

We had Banana money and my mother’s Christmas cake

To take advantage of those girls, it really was a sin

But we were hard, the two of us – me and Errol Flynn. 

At last the Japs surrendered, you could see they’d had enough,

They had run the length of Burma, and were feeling pretty rough;

Mountbatten took their swords from them, for that really was his due

And looked around to see who he would present them to

And then he smiled; ‘They go to those who have set Burma free’

And so he gave those Nippon swords to Errol Flynn and me.


— Maria


Karl Marx, Errol Flynn, Mahatma Ghandi – In That (Very Questionable) Order

30 May




What’s the deal with the E-man’s ‘stache in this link??

— Tim


Errol Is Out Of Purgatory!

30 May

Wow it’s been years and I forgot about this woman but here she is again and a link to her website. Enjoy and be happy about it.…


— twinarchers


Errol Flynn in Jamaica

29 Feb

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— David DeWitt


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16 Aug

— Shamrock


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16 Aug

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