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The day when Hollywood came to Dodge City, KS

31 Jul

I found this article about when Errol, cast, and others came to premiere the movie “Dodge City” in Dodge City, KS in 1939:

DODGE CITY, Kansas — The year 1939 is considered by most experts to be the greatest year in the history of movies. There were such classics as “Gone with the Wind”, “Wizard of Oz” and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” along with many others. There were also a number of very good movies, one of which helped to make Dodge City, Kansas, the focal point of the midwest and much of the country for a couple of days in April of 1939.

The movie was “Dodge City”, starring Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHavilland. Dodge City and the state of Kansas lobbied hard to convince Warner Brothers to open the movie in the town for which it was named. Jack Warner agreed and it led to one of the biggest days in Kansas history. At the time, it was only the second movie opening ever held outside Hollywood.

Warner Brothers went all out, sending a trainload of studio stars, including Flynn, to Kansas for the opening.

Noel Ary is former director of the Kansas Heritage Center in Dodge City and 88- year-old Luis Sanchez is a former mayor who was there that day as a 15 year old.

Ary talks of the unprecedented spotlight shone on Dodge City: “It attracted the attention of people from all over the country. All the major New York newspapers were represented by reporters.”

In addition to that, NBC Radio did five live broadcasts from Dodge City over that weekend, and Life Magazine put together a lengthy picture spread circulated around the country.

When the train rolled in, among the thousands at the Dodge City depot was 15-year-old Luis Sanchez, who talked his way onto the train to meet movie stars and get autographs.

“I hadn’t seen any movie stars”, says Sanchez, “and I figured here’s a trainload of them. Now’s the chance. You better take advantage of it.”

Among the stars on hand were such names as John Payne, John Garfield, Jane Wyman, Ann Sheridan and a man who would become to many the greatest movie star of all: Humphrey Bogart.

But that was in the future. In 1939, none of those names was even close to Errol Flynn (Miss DeHavilland could not make the trip). To understand how big Flynn was in 1939 just think George Clooney and Brad Pitt, combined. Flynn was simply one of the top handful of movie stars in the world.

“He was a swashbuckler. He was a good looking guy, he was tall and he played the part well,” says Ary. “He fit everybody’s dream, he really did. He played the part of hero and ladies’ man the way you thought it should be played.”

Following the greeting at the train station, complete with a live, nationwide broadcast, there was a one mile parade with thousands of people lining the streets. It included all the stars who were there, governors of three states, floats and a marching band.  The parade ended at the new stadium just south of downtown where there was a rodeo and more.

“They had a wedding”, says Sanchez. “And Errol Flynn was the best man and Ann Sheridan was the maid of honor. The place was packed. It was packed.”

And as much as anything, that was the story of the day: the crowds. No one can say for sure, but most agree that about one-hundred thousand people showed up in a town of ten thousand. Pictures and film of that day showed wall-to-wall people at the train station, the parade route and the stadium. For one day, it made Dodge City the second largest city in the state of Kansas.

That night, at three local theatres, the Dodge, the Cozy and the Crown, the movie premiered. It was a story of cattle drives, railroads, romance and cleaning up a rowdy town. It bore little resemblance to the actual history of Dodge City, but it’s fair to say no one complained. Had they been handing out Oscars in Dodge City on that day, the movie would have swept the awards.

The Dodge theatre still stands, refurbished but empty, standing now as mute testimony to a day when Hollywood came to Dodge City.

“Hollywood did well by Dodge City”, says Ary. “We’re gonna talk about it for a long time, at least as long as somebody remembers it. And we’d like to make sure nobody forgets.”

This is the link to this station’s website:…


— Mary Ann


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Errol, Olivia and the movie with the radio adaptation, “Green Light”

31 Jul

Here is an article I have found and it is about the movie, “Green Light” and the radio adaptation of it also.  It also tells about Olivia and her involvement in the radio adaptation of the movie.  Here is the link to the site………



— Mary Ann


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In Search of Errol Flynn Coffee Mug!

31 Jul

Check it out on eBay!

— David DeWitt

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Docklines Newsletter of the Errol Flynn Marina August 2012

29 Jul

Please find your copy of the Errol Flynn Marina’s newsletter, “Docklines” at the link below:

August Doclines


Dale B. Westin

General Manager

Errol Flynn Marina

Box 188 Ken Wright Drive

Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica


Phones: 876- 993-3209; 876-715-6044

Fax: 876-715-6033 SKYPE: Westin8

Cellular: 876-832-4765…

— David DeWitt


Italian Posters

25 Jul

A selection of Italian posters, most created by artist Luigi Martinati. Any favourites?


[flagallery gid=20 name=Gallery]

— Inga


We Welcome New Author Carl Faulkner to The Errol Flynn Blog!

19 Jul

Not often, but sometimes a subscriber becomes an instant Author on The Errol Flynn Blog because of some unique offering! This has happened a few time and happily, it has happened again! Carl Faulkner reached us with some interesting material and I was so impressed I made him the Author Offer on the spot and he has graciously accepted! Carl, we look forward to you comments and future posts!

— David DeWitt


A subscriber sends EF Info and becomes our Newest Author!

19 Jul

I received some fascinating information from a new subscriber recently and it was SO fascinating that I offered Carl Faulkner an Author Invitation on the spot! That announcement will be made next! He sends us this:

Hello David,

Please find attached some information relating to Errol which I have come across. I don’t know if they already on the website – but I hope you find them interesting.

1.     EF Passenger entry on the Queen Mary (New York – London 1949)

2.     EF’s Father and Mother passenger entry SS Matina (Jamaica – Liverpool 1957)

3.    Passenger entry of SS Berima arriving at London from Tasmania via South Africa in 1920 (EF 11 years old) . Interestingly, in addition to his mother, father and sister there is also an Elizabeth Flynn (aged 57). It also seems to indicate EF travelled earlier to England than is currently known?

4.     Passenger entry SS Ballarat – Theodore Flynn (Sydney – London 1923)

5.     Passenger entry SS Manistee – EF’s mother and father  – (Jamaica –Liverpool 1954)

6.       Passenger entry SS Normandie Theodore Flynn (Southampton UK – USA 1939)

7.       Second part of above naming EF as next-of-kin.

8.      Electoral register giving EF’s parents address in London 1958 (79a Belsize Park Gardens)

Also see photo of house to – perhaps EF visited this house as described in your article – www.theerrolflynnblog….com/2007/02/25/father-tells-of-visit/

9.   Passenger entry SS Ile De France EF’s mother and father (New York – Southampton 1929)

10.  Newspaper article regarding estate of EF (1964)


Carl Faulkner

— David DeWitt

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Posting to the Front Page!

09 Jul

After talking to Support back and forth over the issues some have had over posts that did not appear on the front of the blog – the best we can come up with is that all posts intended for the FRONT PAGE of the blog should be published by NOT TICKING any category in the Category trees.

After the post has been published the Publish button becomes an Update button and you will see that Main Page at the top of the category tree is automatically ticked. Now, if Main Page is not at the top of your category tree it is because the list of available categories CHANGES according to your recent activity. WordPress automatically puts any post made onto the Front Page of the blog by default and we have tried to prevent this using a plugin so that it is possible to put content by subject matter into various categories archives.

Why do we have a Main Page category? This was created when the blog was moved to wordpress. It is our old main page at the other blog. I do not want to delete this category because it contains all of our oarchived posts from the front page of the other blog! Years of content…

So thinking you are posting to the front of the blog by ticking Main Page (as I had previously instructed) is incorrect!

However, it seems that half the time this DOES result in your post being on the front page hence a lot of confusion!

The plugin that chooses what content from the categories goes to the front of the blog includes “main page” and I allowed that category to appear on the front of the blog thinking  that if we all tick main page our content there will go to the front of the blog and there will be no missing content – but that is not really working in every case!

Volker had a recent issue in which his article not only wasn’t seen on the front of the blog but wasn’t even listed in Recent Posts! This is why I contacted support (who hosted the blog) who kindly gave me all the information they could. Otherwise, I have to contact the plugin designer to see what is going on. But then I discovered that if you do NOT tick “main page” your post will go to the front of the blog as well as to the “main page” category for some unknown reason only understandable by coders!

If we all get into the new habit of not choosing “main page” as a publishing choice when we first publish our article our posts should all appear on the front of the blog!

This means you must publish your article without choosing ANY category at all – then when the Publish button becomes the Update button add in the categories you want the article to be seen in and click Update! It is a two step process!

If you only chose a category before you first publish the article will only be seen in the categories you ticked. And may not appear on the front of the blog. Main Page is supposed to be allowed to appear on the front of the blog so it often does, apparently. But to guarantee your article will go to the front of the blog do “the Errol Flynn Two – Step” and you should be guaranteed of success!

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear Errol was having one of his jokes on us!

—- let’s all give this a try!


— David DeWitt


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The following usernames need updated email addresses!

09 Jul

Keven McAleer
ralph Schiller
treveor Hill

Please contact Admin to update your email addresses and passwords – thanks, d~

— David DeWitt


Errol’s “Mon Film” Mag Cover

08 Jul










Here is another one of Errol’s “Mon Film” Mag Covers but, unfortunately I can’t find the date of when this issue of this magazine came out. Could someone help me with this.

— Mary Ann

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