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About Jack Marino

    Jack Marino Warrior Filmmaker JACK MARINO     Jack Marino is originally from Everett Massachusetts. This typical working class city at that time was made up of mostly Sicilians, Irish Roman Catholic Democrats, who by the way – were all conservatives. He and all his friends were the children of World War II veterans; it is from this… (more…)

About Spamming Blogs, and Traffic Building

Hallo, Chums! I must thank Tina for spotting several spam comments and letting me know about them recently… spamming a blog is frowned upon by most bloggers or website Admins and doing so will usually get your backlink deleted at discovery. Many times the commet made is generic or some attempt small attempt to make sense in the statement is there… (more…)

I feel cheated!

WTH . . . Netflix had Uncertain Glory, Northern Pursuit and Edge of Darkness available as of August 3.  Now they are sitting in limbo as unavailable.  Just like Linc's book which Amazon now says will be available in October.  One can hope . . . — Kathleen

Derek Dubery please contact Admin?

Derek, I would like to ask you a question!   David Amin/TheErrolFlynnBlog — David DeWitt

“Article on 'Rocky Mountain' In Current Issue 'Films Of The Golden Age'”

The brand new current issue of “Films Of The Golden Age” has a long article on the making of Errol Flynn's western “Rocky Mountain” (1950).   It contains many photographs taken on the set of the film and an extensive interview with actor Dick Jones who played the baby-faced Confederate soldier with the cute dog. I found it to be fascinating… (more…)

I nearly missed the July Rockitt Magazine!

Almost too late hut here tis…the July Rockitt Magazine online!….au   — David DeWitt

Scenes from the Screenplay 'The Fables of Flynn'

Hi, as an avid admirer of the Legendary film actor Errol Flynn I was surprised to find this most amazing blog, which is dedicated to him. I have spent the last six years researching and writing a screenplay based on Errol Flynn's life. a challenge that has been draining, frustrating and overall rewarding. The challenge was how to write a… (more…)

August 7th – 24 hour marathon of Errol's movies on TCM

Hello Everyone!I wonder if anybody on this Blog knows if August 7th is a special date in Errol's life or carrier for TCM to put on this 24 hour marathon of his movies? They will show 11 movies. Gentleman Jim Robin Hood Virginia City Uncertain Glory Edge of Darkness San Antonio The Sea Hawk Don Juan The Prince and the… (more…)


Received an email from Ken Roueche: Good Afternoon:   My latest book has just arrived from the printer.  PORTLAND: THE OTHER JAMAICA chronicles the stories from many of the dreamers, schemers and crusaders who, over the past 400 years, have left their imprint on this most remarkable parish.  Included are over 45 images, including the works of local artists and… (more…)

TCM Spotlight: Errol Flynn Adventures

According to my monthly TCM guide: New release from Turner Classic Movies and Warner Home Video: Errol Flynn (Adventures) All 5 Films Stunningly Restored! Desperate Journey,Edge of Darkness, Northern Pursuit, Uncertain Glory, and Objective, Burma!…… or 1-888-4-Movies Also there's a 24 hour summer under the stars tribute to Errol Flynn, August 7/10. Just thought I would share this. :)… (more…)