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Quizzing out of the Year

30 Dec

Here's an easy one in case you have had one drink too many on the last day of the year:

Which Spanish national hero can be seen in “Adventures of Don Juan”? And when and where can he be seen?

Note: it is neither Don Juan nor Leporello.

Good luck and Happy New Year to All.

— Inga


By Jack Warner: “Lets remember him for the good years!”

28 Dec

As I am combing my records for the information of the bronze statue on Errol's grave I came across of the full sentence Jack Warner spoke and how right he was!

In the famous words of Jack
                     Lets remember him for the good years!

“When you see a meteor stab the sky, or a bomb explode, or a fire sweep
across a dry hillside, the picture is vivid and remains in your mind. So
it was with Errol….he was all the heroes in one magnificent, sexy,
animal package….he showered an audience with sparks when he laughed,
when he fought, or when he loved. I just wish we had someone around
today half as good as Flynn.”

— Tina


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To add to the IE9 Mystery!

28 Dec

I was on the IE9 browser in response to Tom McNulty's email that no browser he has tried yet shows him any articles or photos of the EFB – and absently right clicked in the big grey blank space of the article page I was on and noticed I had Bing translator available so for kicks as Errol might say, I clicked on translate this page and damned if it didn't result in that page's articles and photos appearing! English was auto-detected for the page and translated into English, as well… if you view the two pages side by side, the first window shows the blank page until the translator finishes turning it into English, too! What is going on here is so weird… Just sayin'…

— David DeWitt


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Clearing the Air – Sean Flynn Mystery

27 Dec

May-21-2010 06:11

Clearing the Air for Missing Photojournalist Sean Flynn's Family

Read this comprehensive Report at…

— David DeWitt


Errol's Grave is visited by a friend of mine!

25 Dec
An email I received today from someone in Los Angeles who I have known with great affection for several years.
Suzy refers to me as Mr. DeWitt despite our years of friendship when she adds my name to photos! She has been a wonderful pen-pal…

She writes:

We were visiting my parents' graves today. Afterwards we visited Errol Flynn's.

His grave looked deserted when I got there, no Christmas wreaths, no poinsettias.
I laid today's newspaper on his grave so you would know the pictures were freshly taken from today
by me. I put 3 tiny cheesy decorations on his grave, that is all I had with me…

Suzy is one of my dearest friends…

— David DeWitt


Kitchen Tile from Errol Flynn's Navy Island House, Jamaica

23 Dec
Authentic Kitchen Tile from Errol Flynn's house on Navy Island, Jamaica!

This seller's other items!

— David DeWitt


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Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!

21 Dec

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a wonderful Hanukkah,


a great Holiday of the Season you celebrate and a happy, healthy New Year!
Peace on earth and good will to all! Tina

— Tina


Dale Westin Greets Visitors to The Errol Flynn Marina!

19 Dec

— David DeWitt


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I can't see any posts so I have to start a add on to the morgue discussion

19 Dec

Did you read the autopsy report?  If you read it then is that any different than viewing a morgue photo?  I felt very sorry for Patrice and EF to have his very personal health findings detailed and even published in a book.  I am curious about the photo but not desperately searching the web for it.  If it were here I would view it.  I personally will always remember him as he looked in Captain Blood, Sea Hawk, Robin Hood and up until his early 40's.  Could the morgue photo be any worse than the airport photo?  I can only momentarily look at that one!

— Kathleen


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The Errol Flynn Blog Widget for your Webpages!

18 Dec

There is a new widget available for your webpages called The Errol Flynn Blog Widget from Widgetbox… you can copy this widget to your blog or webpage and enjoy instant access to all of our content!

Get a look at it: The Errol Flynn Widget!

— David DeWitt