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Mail Bag! Podcast Praises Errol Flynn in They Died with Their Boots On!

Mail Bag brings us this from Debby Phielix … Hi David, This might be something for the blog. It praises Errol as the best screen Custer and is about They Died With Their Boots On. It is an interesting podcast, I think. They Died with Their Boots On with Gregory J. W. Urwin van Based on a True Story  Luister… (more…)

Sean(Rio) Flynn in ZOEY 102 Now Streaming!

You can watch now at Paramount + Roku Channel and YouTube streaming services! — David DeWitt

Errol Flynn On the Cover! 1959

Errol, still enjoying his popularity around the world with a picture taken during the filming of The Roots of Heaven January 10, 1959. — Topper

Errol Flynn vs Fidler Fracas and the Follow-Up! 1941

On September 20th, 1941, Errol Flynn and columnist Jimmie Fidler got into a scuffle at the Mocambo night spot. The incident made some small headlines the next day along with a lot of gossip and speculation. Perhaps one of the best coverages of the story appeared on this page of the Movie-Radio Guide of the 27th. There were more events… (more…)

Top’s Trivia! Errol Flynn Cameos!

There has always been great speculation about Flynn’s three supposed cameos: 1944 ,he was “seen” as a walk-on in Lady From Shanghai. In 1946, he, and Alexis Smith, “did a cameo” in the film Always Together,and in 1951, while in France, he was “in the crowd” in Pardon My French. These three un-credited examples will continue to baffle Flynn fans.… (more…)

Errol Flynn Movie Themes on Amazon!

Debby Phielix sends us this news! There is a couple of sets of Errol Flynn theme music available on Amazon! Thanks, Debby! — David DeWitt

Mail Bag! Errol Flynn’s Hobart with Russ Schnioffsky! Part 7!

The Mail Bag brings more of Russ Schnioffsky’s wonder trip to Errol Flynn’s Hobart, Tasmania! It is our Part 7! Russ writes: The Friends’ School, Commercial Rd, North Hobart. Foundered  in 1887, The Friends’ School is one of the largest Quaker schools in the world. Errol was enrolled in 1920 and had to demonstrate his boxing skills in various fights,… (more…)

Sean Flynn Original Movie Zoey102 Promo in NYC now Live!

Rory Flynn sends us this nighttime view of of the huge promo picture for her son’s original movie “Zoey 102” based on the teen series Sean Flynn starred in as a you man called Zoey 101. The kids are all grown up now, and the show’s giant following has been waiting for this update literally for years! This promo on… (more…)

Monday Tidbits! Errol Flynn Portraits and Film – 1936!

In between the filming of two  feature films, Charge of the Light Brigade and  Green Light, during the week of July 6th 1936, Errol is in the photo studio for portrait session by Warner Bros. expert still photographer, Elmer Fryer. — Topper

Mail Bag! Rare Peggy Satterlee Photo!

The Mail Bag brings a rare photo of Peggy Satterlee from Debby Phielix … Thanks, Debby! — David DeWitt