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Hollywood Home Movies

25 Aug

Hollywood Home Movies: Treasures from the Academy Film Archive

A program of rarely seen home movie segments from some of the 20th century’s biggest stars such as Jimmy Stewart, Betty Grable, Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland.

Old Town Music Hall, 140 Richmond St., El Segundo, (310) 322-2592. Aug. 26, 2:30 p.m. $10. No credit cards.……

— Gentleman Tim


Mail Bag! French Curtiz Bio & Film Book!

16 Apr

Dear Sir,

For all those who love Curtiz and read French, I found this book. He presents an excellent biography and analyzes each of his films including his pre-Hollywood production.
Best – Erik Anzi
Thanks, Erik!

— David DeWitt


Pirate Party on Catalina Isle! First Appearance!

30 Aug

All Flynn followers are familiar with the brief appearance of Errol and Lily in Pirate Party on Catalina Island, but there was always a little confusion about when this quiet little short subject appeared. To help quell any more questions, here is a clip from the Los Angeles Times newspaper of Feb. 12, 1936, page 11.


It premiered with the Charlie Chaplin film Modern Times.



— Ada Klock


Flynn, Kennedy & Miss Congo???

15 Dec

Was there a connection???

As Flynn in Florida research continues I quite unexpectedly came across this reported connection between Errol and one of Joe Kennedy’s early films. … leading one to wonder what happened to the rest of Errol’s reportedly “huge collection of silent films”? Any or all also at MoMA?……



— Gentleman Tim


Mailbag! New! Restored Version of Santa fe Trail!

17 Aug
Our chum Karl Holmberg writes in:…


People who positively review (on Amazon) don’t appear to be Flynnophiles, nor film buffs in general but…
STILL~ it ain’t cheap!

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— David DeWitt


30 Top Errol Flynn Films with Posters & Ratings!

13 Aug

Hey David….A friend of mine from London….did a Top 30 rated Errol Flynn You Tube video….figured you would enjoy it. Lots of great Flynn posters in the video.

Hope all is well!


Cogerson Movie Score

Thanks so much!

— David DeWitt



14 Feb

Awarded Oscar for Best Costume Design, Color to Leah Rhodes, Travilla, and Marjorie Best. The costumes are especially beautiful in Technicolor. – Celebrating the Academy Awards. This film was made due to the popularity of Flynn’s recent reissues of ”CAPTAIN BLOOD” (1935) ”THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD” (1938) and ”THE SEA HAWK” (1940) in 1947.


— Kevin Wedman


“A Knockout of a Show”

24 Nov

Gentleman Jim Still Making News:

Errol Lands Another Accolade: One of Hollywood’s All Time Greatest Boxing Films & Performances:…


Boxing - Beery Champ

boxing - kid galahad

Boxing - Rocky

Boxing - Raging Bull

— Gentleman Tim


Westerns Fighting Caravans 1931

05 Jun

I found this movie of Lili Damita and Gary Cooper from 1931 – Errol still in New Guinea – and I thought you maybe would like to see this movie.
Here it is:

— Tina


Errol Flynn Westerns Collection!

09 Aug

Order the Errol Flynn Westerns Collection right here from
the Errol Flynn Blog!

Errol Flynn Westerns Collection (Montana / Rocky Mountain / San Antonio / Virginia City)

— David DeWitt