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Errol and Colliers Magazine

30 Sep

Home today with one heck of a headache so I thought I would continue in my search for Flynnthings. I came across this story written by Errol in 1937-…


The article is written over several pages so I had to select the 1st page of the article and then the section that has the last few pages.  Enjoy!

— Maria


Erben Myths – What’s the Truth About Hermann Erben?

29 Sep

There are some contradicting theories and competing contentions regarding Hermann Erben. Most notably, did he or did he not do work or favors for the Nazis?

Personally, I suspect he was an extremely selfish and often immoral man, who even went as far as using his unwitting “friend” Errol in a self-serving scheme to aid the Nazis, in Mexico, Spain, the U.S., and elsewhere. I also believe his endlessly selfish deceit and profound misconduct
gravely hurt Errol, and still severely hurts Errol’s family & legacy. … Despite so, I’m wide open to and strongly encourage all honest evidence and argument to the contrary. Who knows, we may learn something that completely undermines the widely held belief that Erben was no-good.

ANYONE who has evidence Erben did not help the Nazis should state so and identify that evidence here and now. This invitation and encouragement notably extends (but is not limited) to you, Herr Fegerl. From what you say, I gather you were a friend of Herr Erben. So, please do weigh in with whatever evidence you may have concerning these well known and long standing charges against Erben. Here’s your chance, if you can, to prove these charges wrong – something I would welcome. If Erben is being falsely accused, that should be thoroughly documented and condemned. If not,that should also be made known.

Let honest research, analyses, and debate begin.


— Tim


Dodge City Trailer

29 Sep

A wonderful presentation of the premiere of “DODGE CITY” on April 1, 1939 in Dodge City Kansas
75 Years 1939 – 2014.

— Tina


Concerning the Copyright of “Errol Flynn – Dr. Hermann

29 Sep

Respectable authors, publishing houses, movie-, TV- and DVD-producers, recently Turner and Warner Brothers Inc. with their “Adventures of Errol Flynn,” have been respecting my copyright for 29 years now and have transferred royalties without being asked for.


I have always offered photos and data material to smaller publishing houses and private collectors for free as I am glad to see books, etc. published about Errol Flynn. These people have never challenged my rights and have always had the decency to name their source.


For example, only about two years ago I offered photos from my documentation (with a copyright annotation) to blog members via Ms. Inga Klein. The result was that gentlemen of the blog have spread copies of these photos on the internet. Last week, Ms. Klein made me aware of an entry with comments by a “Gentleman (?!)” Tim on the blog (which I have long not been visiting anymore).


This will be my first and last post for the blog now.


If a “serious” Flynn collector does not know my documentation – so be it. However, if he does not know the outstanding, scientific books by Tony Thomas, Thomas McNulty, or Robert Matzen, which include references and photos from my documentation, and if he has such a biased and hateful opinion of Dr. Erben, which reflects negatively on Errol Flynn’s friendship and respect of Dr. Erben, and if he thus shows such lack of expert knowledge – then his entry is not worth a direct answer from me.


I can only hope for the blog that it will, one day, receive new, factual, seriously researched material with scientific content from this Gentleman.


Josef Fegerl, Vienna

— Inga

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An Anniversary Quiz!

29 Sep

There is a big anniversary this year! What is the anniversary and what did John Snyder say about it in 2012.

— Tina


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A good Errol Quiz!

28 Sep

Errol had Family, Relatives, Friends galore and of course many acquaintances as we all know!
But who was Mike? That is the big question!

— Tina


Sugarfoot Meets Gentleman Jim??

27 Sep

Did Warner Brothers use “stock footage” from Gentlemsn Jim in shows like ‘Sugarfoot”?…



— Tim


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New Category!

25 Sep

I’ve added a new category called Member Chat where any post completely unrelated to Errol Flynn like Genene’s about her new television system can be posted and commented on. These postings will not appear on the front page of the blog. As a reminder, you can tick other categories besides the default Main Page of the blog that your post can fit into, one or more, to help fill out the blog, and making exploring the categories more fruitful for readers before you publish. You can go update your older posts to include other categories, too. Or, you can untick Main Page, and post just to one or more other categories. Your post won’t show up on the Main Page but will be listed on the sidebar, in the new articles/posts area.

— David DeWitt


Look at our home cinema

25 Sep

Steve has always wanted a cinema at home to watch NFL plus motor sports. Here is some pics of it. Love Genene.Cinema SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

— tassie devil


Errol and Patrice

24 Sep

Errol Flynn Wedding

In searching for information on Anthony Quinn I came across a web-site for Edward Quinn with a photo of Errol and Patrice at their civil wedding ceremony in Monaco.  This photo looks familiar to me so if it has already been posted – sorry.  Also- there is a clear watermark across it but I felt that as long as I credit the photographer I should be Ok. If not I won’t be offended if the photo is removed.

Mr. Quinn’s portfolio recalls the Golden days!


— Maria