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Dodgin’ Like Flynn

March 31, 1939 Harrison Carroll Evening Herald Express Lili Damita let Errol Flynn go on to the Dodge City preview trip alone. She and Dolores Del Rio are spending time at Palm Springs. Dodgin’ Like Flynn — Tim

The Mostly True Story and “Adventuring Career” of Errol Flynn

March 30, 1938 Sidney Skolsky TINTYPES Hollywood Citizen News (All Photos Added) Errol Flynn is an actor who always tries to act his role, that of a handsome man dashing around in search of adventure. He was that kind of actor before he ever looked at a camera, and he would be that kind of an actor had he never… (more…)

A Plea of Urgency

March 30, 1937 Elizabeth Yeaman Hollywood Citizen News The Warner Brothers are sincerely worried over their failure to locate Errol Flynn, who was hastily summoned back to Hollywood when it was learned he was planning to penetrate war-torn Spain. Errol was in Paris, and last week he told his wife, Lili Damita, he was leaving for Spain. He left, while… (more…)

Captain Blood on the Saddle

March 27, 1939 Evening Herald Express Errol Flynn will bounce along in a $25,000 silver saddle for the rodeo at Dodge City. The history of the Santa Fe Trail is engraved on it. Dodge City’s First Rodeo “A mile long parade featured the actors and elected officials, including the governors of Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico. This was followed by… (more…)

Sword & Crosses??

March 26, 1936 Harrison Carroll Evening Herald Express Interesting that when Errol Flynn leads The Charge of the Light Brigade in the Warner Brothers film he will be carrying a sword that is an actual relic of the charge. It was supplied by a Los Angeles man, George A. Bowman, whose brother got it from a survivor of the battle.… (more…)

Honeymoon, Yes — Marriage, No…… Honeymoon Over Miami Way March 28, 1938 Jimmy Starr Although maritime laws permit a captain to perform a perfectly legal marriage ceremony, it isn’t as easy as it might sound. There are certain official papers that a seaworthy captain must have. Of course, Errol Flynn is the captain of his yacht, but that doesn’t alone give him the right… (more…)

Spongerob Errolpants

Dear fellow Flynn fans, in January of 1947 the National Geographic Magazine published an article called “The Errol Flynn of Sponge Divers”. The Errol of this and the Flynn of that were honorary titles at the time. But in the case of one exceptionally dangerous profession we can well picture our Hollywood hero genuinely taking a liking to the complimentary… (more…)

The Train to Spain ====== Mainly on the Plain

“Beautiful spring day, warm sunshine, country beautiful. How can people fight a war in this lovely weather? Four hours train journey from here the most savage cruel patricidal war is being waged.” First entry in Errol’s Spanish Civil War Diary- March 26, 1937 (83 years ago today) === Excerpts from Robin de los Bosques in the Spanish War See, also:… (more…)

A Pirate’s Role for Flynn

March 26, 1935 Errol Flynn, the husky Irish actor at Warners, gets his second film assignment. He will be see as a pirate with Robert Donat in Captain Blood. He is the first member of a supporting cast selected. Now it is uncertain if Jean Muir will have the feminine lead. … Midsummer Night Players: Ross Alexander & Jean Muir,… (more…)

Sea Scout Scuttled

It’s overboard with the Sea Scout, but a wonderful day in the neighborhood for Fred Rogers and John Glover……… March 23, 1938 Harrison Carroll Evening Herald Express …The two young men who will accompany Errol Flynn on his cruise are John Glover and Fred Rogers, both of New York. — Tim