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Errol Flynn’s Generosity

29 Jan

The letter is a bit blurry but there is a transcription.

Love his generosity



— Selene Hutchison-Zuffi


Tributes to the Troops

31 May

Memorial Day, 2021

Because of poor health, Errol’s multiple attempts to serve in uniform were not accepted by the Armed Forces, so he supported America and the Allies in numerous other ways, beginning with his anti-Nazi tour of South America, his numerous appearances for the Red Cross and on war bond tours, and his anti-Axis war films – from Sea Hawk to Objective Burma.

Errol also supported the troops and Allies very significantly as a star on USO tours, including north to Alaska in WWII, and west to Korea during the Korean War.

North to Alaska, 1943

West to Korea, 1953

— Tim


Fists, Bottles and Chairs

16 May

May 17, 1938
Los Angeles Examiner


Havana, May 17. Errol Flynn, Hollywood film actor, received the thanks today of an unidentified American he saved from serious injury during a fight in a night club here last night.

Fists, bottles and chairs were flying when Flynn intervened. The American who was involved escaped with a broken nose. Flynn was not hurt.

He was accompanied by his wife, who refused to take the matter seriously.

May 17, 1938
Evening Herald Express


“I think this all so funny”, quoth Lili Damita, stage and screen beauty, who was a spectator while fists and bottles flew in a free-for-all-fight at the Eden Concert Night Club with Errol Flynn taking a prominent part in the fighting.

The fight started last night when one of the members of Flynn’s party got into an argument with a man at a nearby table. A minute later, chairs and bottles began to fly.

Flynn, who often plays rough and tumble parts in the movies, joined in with two or three effective punches at those who got in his way. The only casualty was an unidentified American who received a broken nose and a cut eye. Flynn and the others were unhurt and continued their party.

The Eden Concert Night Club was regarded as one of the world’s most “spectacular” and “phenomenally popular” night clubs in the world. Located in the center of town between Sloppy Joe’s and the Hotel Plaza, it evolved in 1939 into the also world-renowned Tropicana Club.

— Tim


Thank You, Comrade [S.O.B.]!

12 Apr

Photo below published April 11, 1937:

“Errol Flynn is pictured in a photography accompanying an ABC article lauding Hollywood actors and cinematographers for collecting money in support of Republican Spain (ABC, April 11, 1937, p. 4-5)”

Thank you, Comrade [S.O.B]!

“At a lunch with high-ranking military officers, one of them talked about “the heartfelt emotions and happiness the Spanish people felt that their hero of the screen and upholder of justice, Errol Flynn, was with them. The Spanish people would never forget this … I sat there in amazement, trying not to show surprise to be cast in such a role.” (Errol Flynn, “My Wicked, Wicked Ways.” New York: Cooper Square Press: Distributed by National Book Network, 2003. Orig. pub. in 1959, p. 230. Flynn eventually found out why he was being given the royal treatment and why people had such high expectations about his visit. On his last day in Spain his driver asked him when he was going to donate the money that he and his Hollywood friends had raised. It was then, according to Flynn’s autobiography, that Erben explained that the best way to go places was to say they were bringing $1 million dollars to help the cause. Again, according to Flynn, Erben said that all he wanted was a chance to work as a doctor, performing surgeries. “The only way I could do it and get by in style here was to use you.” To which Flynn responded, “Thank you, Comrade [S.O.B.]!” (Ibid., p. 235)”

Quoted from:…

— Tim


Errol Killed in Spain

01 Apr

April, 1937


— Tim


Diary of an Actor-Adventurer as a Young Man

26 Mar

“Beautiful spring day, warm sunshine, country beautiful. How can people fight a war in this lovely weather? Four hours train journey from here the most savage cruel patricidal war is being waged.”

So begins Errol’s Spanish Civil War Diary, eighty-four years ago today, on March 26, 1937.

Further, Errol wrote:

“Everyone is armed – some with large knives plus revolvers, but all with revolvers. The train is stopped. Plane has been heard – we are crowded with young loyalists all armed and with oddest assortment of uniforms.”

Christies wrote:

“Into the environment of violence and constant strife between fascists led by the iron-fisted Franco on the one side, and republicans and communists on the other, goes the intrepid Errol Flynn.”

Christies’ description of the diary:

“Autographed manuscript, various locations in Spain, 26th March, 1937, through at least April 2, in pencil. 74 pages, averaging at least 20 lines per page, 4 x 6 1/2 inches, bound in dark green leather over paper covers, strongly written and very legible; in very fine condition.”

— Tim


A Novel Idea

24 Mar

March 23, 2021

Errol to the Rescue

“The Movie Adventures Of Eva Jordan” by Jan Hill.


“As she sits daydreaming in her seventh-grade classroom one September afternoon in 1937, Eva Jordan finds a curious note from her friend Ned. He hints that a Hollywood crew is about to descend upon their small northern California town to make a movie about Robin Hood, the legendary medieval archer who robbed the rich to help the poor. Eva, who has not yet been allowed by her parents to attend a movie, suspects Ned is joking or has his facts wrong. But within a short few weeks, she is watching the filming of The Adventures of Robin Hood. She realizes that Ned, who has suddenly and confusingly become more than a friend, is changing, is growing up, as she is, even though he still sometimes acts like a “dumb boy.” The two pal around Chico together more and more as the autumn days unfold, and together they try out as “extras” in the movie-and to their surprise, are chosen. Meanwhile, their much-admired teacher has started talking at length about a civil war raging in Spain. He explains that the socialist forces, who are mostly poor, are currently fighting the fascist forces, who are mostly rich, and who have illegally seized power. Eva sees parallels to the Robin Hood story, and then suddenly, their teacher is gone, accused by the school board of being a communist. Bewildered and worried, Eva learns that Errol Flynn, who plays Robin Hood in the movie, recently traveled to Spain to see the war firsthand, and returned with a call for peace. Along with their school friends, Eva and Ned devise what they know is a crazy plot to surprise Flynn on the movie set, introduce themselves, and beg for his help in their teacher’s cause by appealing to his “Robin Hood” side. Things don’t go exactly the way they planned, but in the end, chaos returns to order, and Eva and Ned sit happily with their classmates watching the movie they not only saw being filmed, but actually appear in.”

— Tim


Happy Birthday, Mr. Presidents — Featuring FDR, Errol Flynn, and Baby Joe Biden

29 Jan

January 29, 1939

Dinner and a Play with FDR and Errol Flynn

7:45pm – 8:50pm: Dinner at the White House with ER, Household, Errol Flynn, Miss Malvina Thompson, Mrs. Helm

8:50pm – 11:10pm – “Outward Bound” at the National Theater with ER, James Roosevelt, Jr., Errol Flynn, Marguerite A. LeHand , Miss Malvina Thompson, Mrs. Helm, Miss Connochie, Miss Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Hendrik van Loon

“Tonight all of us are going to see: “Outward Bound.” I have no fear about the evening, for I know that the play, as well as the cast, is among the finest in the theatre today. We are deeply appreciative of the generosity of the cast. They have come down from New York City to give this performance at their own expense for the benefit of the Infantile Paralysis Fund.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“All of our guests last night sang “Happy Birthday” to the President just as the clock struck midnight, which was a nice beginning for his birthday. All the young movie stars are here today to help him celebrate his birthday by making the birthday balls a success throughout this city.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

This is a play program for President Roosevelt’s birthday celebration in association with The Playhouse Company and the National Theatre Directors. A command performance of “Outward Bound” by Sutton Vane. Directed by Otto Preminger and staring some of the greats like Laurette Taylor, Florence Reed , Helen Chandler and Vincent Price. Preformed at the National Theatre, Washington, D.C. on Sunday evening, January 29, 1939. — with Errol Flynn as a special guest of the President.


Birthday Boy Biden Born When FDR was President and Errol Flynn Ruled in Hollywood

When Joe Biden was born, World War II raged. Franklin D. Roosevelt was in his third term as president, Errol Flynn was a Hollywood heartthrob, and Glenn Miller was the top recording artist in the country.

— Tim


Xmas for Xenia in Zurich

07 Jan

The Twelfth Day of Christmas, 1939

Harrison Carroll
LA Evening Herald Express

Those who saw Errol Flynn knock out polo player Alden Roar should have seen him yesterday — talking for six minutes in stumbling French to a sick youngster in a Zurich sanitarium. It gave quite a different slant on the Irish star ….. Easy to picture, too, the thrill of the 12-year old girl at the other end of the line. Her name is Xenia Thorn and she has been in the Swiss sanitarium for two years, victim of a lingering illness.

About a month ago, Kelly Anthony, head of the hospital, wrote Flynn about the girl….saying Flynn was her idol and asking the star to arrange some time after the holidays to make the call. Enclosed was a check to pay for three minutes. Flynn doubled the time, paid the rest himself.

I don’t know the name of the sanitarium, only that it was in Zurich, in 1938. Perhaps Trolley No. 55 passes by it during its zipping around Zurich is this film clip from 1938:

— Tim


Dutch Harbor — 77 Years Ago Today

05 Dec

Amaknak Island, Unalaska, Alaska – December 4, 1943

— Tim